Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mom Stabs & Sets Son on Fire for being Gay

A bond between a mother and child is probably the most sacred human union possible. The bond begins from within a mother's womb at conception. However, this bond is not always perfect due to fallen human nature.

A mother, Tatiana Lozano Pereira in Sao Paolo, Brazil has confessed to killing her oldest son. Itaberli Lozano's charred remains were found January 7 in a field in Cravinhos. He has been missing since late December, according to the boy's grandmother.

Tatiana Pereira claims that she killed her son because he was gay. She accuses him of bringing drugs and men into a home they shared. Pereira told the police that on December 27, there was a fight between her and Itaberli. He ran away and then came back two days later. She claims that she was upset because he threatened to kill her and took a knife and killed him in self-defense. Afterwards, she says her husband helped dispose of the body of her son. Police investigating the case did not buy her story, finding holes in it. They learned via Itaberli's Facebook that his mom had hired boys to beat him up. He posted his injuries on social media. The police questioned these boys and they revealed more details about what really happened.

Itaberli Lozano was lured home by his mother in an attempt to reconcile. There, she had two men ages 18 and 19 waiting to attack Lozano. They beat him up to teach him a "lesson" and she requested that they finish him off. However, they refused. Upon doing so, Itaberli's mom took a kitchen knife and stabbed the boy. They took the boy to a field and set him ablaze leaving only charred remains of the photogenic young man.

The boy's uncle denounced his sister and defended the honor of the boy saying he did no drugs and was a good kid. Itaberli was known as a polite kid who never quarreled with anyone and had a job.

This news is heartbreaking. How can a mother kill her own son just because he is gay? As a Catholic, I naturally disagree with the homosexual lifestyle; however, this does not mean that I or the Church wants gay people to be beaten or killed. This goes against God, the Church and humanity! We are all sinners. No one is perfect. Gay people are human and deserve our love and respect despite our disagreements. I cannot imagine the horrors this beautiful teenage boy faced. To be beaten up by boys your own mom hired or by men hired to kill him is just evil. Moreover, for a mom to stab and set her own son on fire is sickening and evil.

If you are gay and are reading this. Do not be afraid if your family attacks you. Go and seek help from the police, teachers or clergy. You do not have to be a victim of abuse of any kind.

May young Itaberli Lozano through the mercy of God, rest in peace.




  1. "As a Catholic, I naturally disagree with the homosexual lifestyle..." Nice. For the record, as an ethical compassionate human being with the ability to reason for myself, I obviously disagree with the Catholic lifestyle.

    1. Your comment betrays the idea that you have the ability to reason. Why would any rational person disagree with a lifestyle that promotes love of God and neighbor?


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