Monday, January 30, 2017

Hero Altar Boy

In recent years, any mention of altar boys and priests has unfortunately, been associated with sexual abuse. However, the recent attack on Bishop Manuel A. Cruz will hopefully change that, see:

Bishop Manuel was interviewed by CBS News today. His lips looked a bit swollen with a shiny substance, possibly Vicks rubbing ointment, and he has stitches. He said he is in a lot of pain and believes that the man who attacked him, Charles Miller is mentally ill.

However, he also said something that touched my heart and I think will touch yours. The bishop recalled how the altar boy (pictured here) who was assisting him held him in his arms with such concern and was protecting him. The altar boy, probably thinking the worse (bishop dying), told the bishop, "Don't go father, I'm here" as he cradled the bishop.  The image is just touching.  I posted a screen capture of it below.

This young man truly has Jesus in him. I hope the Lord calls him to the priesthood. We need great souls like this kid. I wish I knew his name and contact to send him a Rosary or set up a gofundme to help him with his studies (college or seminary).  I felt compelled to highlight this hero on my blog as a thank you for being there for a bishop and to hopefully inspire other altar servers out there.

One of my first assignments in the Church was master of ceremonies for a bishop. I was his assistant and went with him everywhere also like a secret service agent.  So as you can imagine, the news of the attack on Bishop Cruz made me cringe.

If you are from the Newark Archdiocese or a friend/relative and know who this altar boy is, please contact me.  Please pray for this beautiful soul.


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