Saturday, January 7, 2017

Puerto Rican Veteran Kills 5 Wounds 8 in Ft. Lauderdale Airport

Yesterday another mass shooting took place in Florida. Fort Lauderdale airport was attacked by Esteban Santiago who is believed to be of Puerto Rican descent. He was born in New Jersey, raised in Puerto Rico and lived recently in Alaska. He joined the reserves and was sent to Iraq. He also served in the Puerto Rican Army reserve.

According to reports, Santiago went to an FBI office in Alaska asking for help claiming that he heard voices and that the CIA was forcing him to watch videos of ISIS.  The FBI there sent him to a psychiatric hospital which held him for four days and then released him. They also returned his gun. This gun is perhaps the same one used by the perpetrator.  In the end, five were left dead and 12 injured.

At first, CNN showed the photo of this man.  It was later updated.  However, CNN used black and white photos of the suspect which was suspicious.  Were they trying to hide his skin complexion?

Social media as usual exploded with accusations that Santiago is a ISIS sympathizer despite no evidence for this.  Santiago's older brother said that the federal government did not help his brother who sought help. He claims that his little brother came back from Iraq mentally ill after watching children being killed and other horrors. The brother affirms that his family is Christian and that his brother did not convert to Islam and says a scarf seen in a photo was purchased by Esteban while in Iraq and has nothing to do with Islam. However, some blogs are claiming that a MySpace profile belonging to Santiago exists with the name "Aashiq Hammad" and Islamic music calling Allah the one God and Mohammed his messenger. I have not been able to confirm the Myspace profile, so we can possibly dismiss it as fake or possibly a parody account.

Conservatives on Twitter have attempted to use a photo of Esteban wearing a scarf and pointing his finger upwards to claim that he is part of ISIS. I had some fun with them by teasing them with a photo of E.T.

It seems to me that this young kid was neglected as a veteran.  He sought help and never got it.  We cannot condone his actions but try to understand what went on in his head to hopefully prevent this from happening with someone else.  You can see in his eyes that this kid is just not there.  His pupils are dilated showing problems with cognition.  His brain is "hyper," so to speak.  Let us pray for those who lost their lives, the injured and also for Santiago and his family.  God is merciful.

I will update this as I learn more. Stay tuned!


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