Friday, June 14, 2019

Fake Catholic Francis Petrucci Celebrates My Hospital Visit

Many of you know that I have been on and off of here due to medical issues. I am on sabbatical or medical leave after having my first surgery. The surgery and other health problems have caused complications recently. I was hospitalized in March, then twice in June. I then went to the hospital a few more times thereafter.


Many of you have offered your prayers and well wishes. I am extremely grateful for this. However, an individual named Frank Petrucci from the past offered hate instead. I encountered this individual in 2016 on Facebook. Someone added me to the group Atheist vs Theist debates w/o ban. As usual, I refuted atheist content on there and posted my content. The owner of this group was Frank Petrucci who claimed to be a Catholic graduate from Ave Maria University. Well, instead of offering support, Petrucci attacked me which caused the alleged atheists on there to gather to enjoy the spectacle. It became clear to me based on Petrucci's poor understanding of Catholicism and his behavior that he was just another troll looking to tarnish the faith. He used vulgar language, demonstrated hate against women, minorities and homosexuals; all behavior unbecoming of a true Catholic more indicative of a frustrated closeted homosexual. See more at:

After several years, Petrucci reemerged to target me again. This time, he celebrated my hospital stay claiming it to be "justice." This deranged individual made himself my enemy for no reason. He still claims to be a Catholic, but no Catholic behaves like this unless he or she has a mental illness. Petrucci's anti-social behavior indicates there may be a mental illness present. His behavior does not align with Catholic morality. Moreover, since he made himself my enemy, he apparently never read Proverbs 24:17.

Here is the tweet I had posted telling my followers of my hospital visit. Petrucci came out of nowhere and replied.

Petrucci replied with "Yessss!!! JUSTICE SERVED." The tweet left many of my Catholic followers in dismay. What Catholic does this?

It seems that Petrucci is out to get revenge against me after I exposed his fraud on my website. His Facebook profiles are gone along with the group he founded. It seems Facebook removed them due to his hateful and abusive content. I had to ask followers to report his pages in order to protect the faith from is smearing campaign.

As you can see, Petrucci is dressed like a satanist and clearly writes in his Twitter bio that he is a "#HateAgent." I ask fellow Catholics to avoid this disturbed individual, pray for him and his conversion and report his hateful content.  Twitter already removed some of his hateful tweets and locked his account.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sacerdotus taken to Hospital by Ambulance II

I was taken to another local hospital after the complication did not go away.  However, this time I did not stay overnight.  A similar bloody minor surgery was performed. I lost 250 cc of blood, but am doing surprisingly fine.  The doctor was surprised to see me stand up and walk as if nothing happened.  I am in pain, but that will pass.  I am offering it up for everyone. This time I did not stay overnight and was discharged at 3AM.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sacerdotus Rushed to Bronx Hospital Again

Once again, I was taken to a local Bronx hospital after another complication. I stayed in the emergency room for hours and was taken for a scan later one to check my circulation.  The doctor said my blood pressure was high and my potassium level was low. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sacerdotus Hospitalized

I am in the hospital again.  As many of you know, the Lord has blessed me with a new ministry: suffering.  My health has gone array the past 2 years or so and my stubborn self could not ignore it anymore.  Minor surgery was performed which may be too graphic to detail here. In any event, I am fine.

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