Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Farewell Obama Speech

Obama gave his "farewell speech' in Chicago today. In it, he recycled his typical rhetoric which relies on doom, gloom and embellishments of what he considers "achievements."  The crowd present cheered him on; however, at the end, they seemed antsy waiting for him to end. Obama praised the idea of illegal immigration, even comparing it to the immigration of the Irish, Italian and Polish. He forgot to mention that the aforementioned came to the United States legally. They did not cross borders nor came in boats.

Obama also forgot to mention how he divided this nation in such a way that reminds older folks of the 1950's and 60's where races relations were not great.  Today, there is a lot of division. Many African Americans have been empowered to take on a hateful and revengeful tone against Whites and others. They see themselves now like victims, instead of a proud people. Police officers have been on the receiving end of this for the most part. Moreover, under Obama, we have seen an increase in mass shootings and riots. Obama has perpetuated an "us vs them" mentality creating a generation of youth that are pusillanimous crybabies seeking the comfort of "safe zones" as well as coloring books and clay.  

Under Obama, a tyrannical minority has gained so much power that now it is protected more than the rights of others. Christians have been targeted by this group. Sued just for adhering to their religious beliefs.  I can go on and on, but I think voters know, hence why Trump won this election.  Furthermore, Obama has not shown himself to be a patriot. He called the Constitution a mere "piece of parchment."To Americans, that is like calling the Bible just another book instead of God's Word.

Farewell Obama indeed!  Good riddance.  Now it is time to repair America.  










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