Friday, January 27, 2017

March For Life 2017

The March For Life is about to take place in a few hours. We are all excited this year.  So far, in just a matter of day, President Donald J. Trump has issued several executive orders restricting.  He is by far the most pro-life president the United States has had in regard to executive action.  The march this year will have a special feeling.  Vice President Mike Pence will be participating and President Trump will call the march.  I will update this post as more news comes in, stay tuned!


The March For Life was awesome this year. I think there were more people in today's march than ever before. The atmosphere was just one of jubilation and fraternity. For the first time ever, a vice president of the United States spoke to the crowds gathered. Mike Pence told the crowds that life is winning and condemned Roe v Wade as going against the Constitution and the founding principles of the United States, namely, life and liberty. President Donald J. Trump called in and spoke to the crowd as well saying that they have a friend in him and that he fully supports them.

Cardinal Dolan was present and gave the opening prayer. Other leaders from different denonminations were present as well. Soonthereafter, the crowds began marching towards the Supreme Court. The majority of marchers were young and a good number were priests, religious and other religious leaders in their religious garb. There were even atheists and feminists for life marching. It is interesting to note that there were several news media outlets covering the march on ground. This is a first. In previous years, there were hardly any recognizable name-brand media outlets covering the march.

The march was started by Nellie Jane Gray in 1974 in response to Roe v Wade, the decision that made abortion on demand legal in the United States. She was a lawyer and left the profession behind in order to fight against the Roe v Wade decision. She passed away at age 88 in 2012. Nellie Gray was Catholic.

In contrast to last week's "Women's March," the March for Life was nothing but peaceful and clean. There were no displays of vulgarity, no vagina costumes, swearing or threats against the White House. The March For Life was civil and peaceful. Let us continue to pray for an end to abortion and make it possible by voting in politicians who will outlaw it. I truly believe the days of abortion and Roe v Wade are numbered.

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