Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Frank Pavone Blocks Sacerdotus

A Controversial Priest Silences a fellow Catholic on Social Media

In a recent episode of online censorship, Father Frank Pavone, the national director of Priests for Life, has blocked a fellow Catholic blogger who goes by the name of Sacerdotus on Twitter. The reason for this blockage seems to be that Sacerdotus had mentioned Pavone's account in a tweet with an article by The Pillar detailing the allegations of sexual misconduct that have been made against Pavone by several former employees and associates of his pro-life organization.

Sacerdotus, who describes himself as a "Catholic philosopher, theologian, scientist, and blogger", had tweeted a link to an article by the National Catholic Reporter that detailed the accusations against Pavone, along with the comment: "Interesting read. I wonder how @frfrankpavone will respond to this." Pavone apparently did not appreciate this reference to the scandal that has been plaguing him for years, and decided to block Sacerdotus from viewing or interacting with his tweets.

This is not the first time that Pavone has resorted to blocking critics or dissenters on social media. He has also blocked several prominent Catholic journalists, theologians, and activists who have questioned his methods, motives, or theology. Some of these include Michael Sean Winters, Mark Shea, Simcha Fisher, and John Gehring. Pavone has also been known to lash out at those who challenge him, calling them names such as "idiots", "morons", and "demonic".

Pavone's behavior on social media raises serious questions about his credibility and integrity as a leader of a Catholic pro-life movement. How can he claim to be a defender of human dignity and life when he treats his fellow Catholics with such disrespect and contempt? How can he expect to persuade others to join his cause when he silences and insults those who disagree with him? How can he preach the Gospel of Life when he ignores or denies the allegations of sexual abuse that have been made against him?

Pavone's actions also reveal a lack of accountability and transparency in his organization. Priests for Life has been under investigation by several dioceses and the Vatican for financial irregularities and mismanagement. Pavone has refused to cooperate with these investigations, claiming that he is not subject to any ecclesiastical authority. He has also refused to disclose how much money he raises and spends, or how he uses it for his personal or professional expenses. He has been accused of using donations for lavish travel, luxury cars, and political campaigns.

Pavone's blocking of Sacerdotus on Twitter is a symptom of a deeper problem: his unwillingness to face the truth and to repent of his sins. He has shown no signs of remorse or repentance for the harm he has caused to the Church, the pro-life movement, and the victims of his alleged abuse. He has shown no signs of humility or obedience to the Church's teachings and laws. He has shown no signs of charity or compassion to his brothers and sisters in Christ.

Pavone's blocking of Sacerdotus on Twitter is also a warning to all Catholics who care about the sanctity of life and the integrity of the Church: beware of false prophets who come in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves (Matthew 7:15). Do not follow them blindly or uncritically. Do not let them deceive you with their rhetoric or charisma. Do not let them silence you with their threats or intimidation. Do not let them divide you with their polarization or extremism.

Instead, follow the example of Sacerdotus and other courageous Catholics who speak the truth in love, who expose the darkness with light, who confront the evil with good. Follow the example of Christ, who is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). Follow the example of Mary, who is the mother of life and the queen of peace. Follow the example of Francis, who is the pope of mercy and the shepherd of souls.

And pray for Pavone and all those who have been hurt by him. Pray that they may find healing and justice. Pray that they may find forgiveness and reconciliation. Pray that they may find hope and joy.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Frank Pavone Accused of Sexual Harassment

Frank Pavone, the former national director of Priests for Life, has been accused of sexual harassment by two women who used to work for him. These allegations add to the list of reasons why Pavone was dismissed from the priesthood by the Vatican in December 2022. In this blog post, I will examine the evidence and testimonies that support these claims, and the response of Pavone and the Diocese of Amarillo, where he was incardinated.

The first woman, who spoke anonymously to The Pillar, said she worked for Priests for Life in Staten Island, New York, from 1999 to 2001. She said Pavone would often touch her hair, put his arms around her while she was at her computer, and make comments about her appearance. She also said he would invite her to his private quarters in the office building, where he would show her his personal belongings and ask her to file paperwork. She said she felt uncomfortable and trapped by his behavior, but did not know how to report it or escape it. She said she eventually left the organization after Pavone tried to kiss her on the lips.

The second woman, Jenn Morson, said she worked for Priests for Life in Amarillo, Texas, from 2005 to 2006. She said Pavone would also touch her hair, hug her tightly, and make remarks about her body. She said he would ask her to accompany him on trips and to his hotel room, where he would offer her alcohol and cigarettes. She said he would also call her late at night and talk about personal matters. She said she felt confused and manipulated by his actions, but did not want to jeopardize her job or the pro-life cause. She said she eventually quit after Pavone became angry with her for not answering his phone calls.

Both women said they complained to the Diocese of Amarillo about Pavone's conduct, but never received any feedback or follow-up. The Pillar reported that the diocese assigned Pavone and other Priests for Life employees to sexual harassment and "safe environment" training in 2010, after it received reports accusing the priest of misconduct toward young female subordinates. However, the diocese has not publicly acknowledged or addressed these allegations, nor has it explained why it issued letters attesting that Pavone was a priest in "good standing" who had "never been involved in an incident which called into question his fitness or suitability to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of his priestly ministry due to alcohol, substance abuse, violation of celibacy, physical abuse, or other causes."

Pavone has denied both sets of allegations, saying they are filled with "numerous inaccuracies, misrepresentations, and mistruths that have already been addressed." He has also claimed that he has been "persecuted" by the Church hierarchy for being "too aggressive" in his pro-life advocacy. He has not provided any evidence or details to support his claims or refute the accusations.

The allegations against Pavone are serious and disturbing. They suggest that he abused his power and position as a priest and a pro-life leader to prey on young women who trusted him and admired him. They also raise questions about the accountability and transparency of the Diocese of Amarillo and the Vatican in handling these cases. The victims deserve justice and healing, and the faithful deserve clarity and truth.

Pavone has been acting strangely since the death of Cardinal O'Connor. He refused to accept assignments to parish work from the late Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York from 2000-2009 and who passed away in 2015.  This led Pavone to move to Texas and be incardinated there where he acted strangely there as well refusing to obey the bishop and even refusing to answer Cardinal Dolan's investigation into the finances and operation of Priests For Life, an organization not officially affiliated with the Catholic Church in any capacity.  He also placed a dead fetus on an altar and aligned himself to MAGA and President Donald Trump in a manner that violates Canon Law which prevents priests from becoming political.  Recently, Pavone blocked our Twitter account after we asked if he saw the reports on him (see: Sacerdotus: Frank Pavone Blocks Sacerdotus).  

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