Sunday, June 30, 2013

LGBT and Pride - Exposé I

Today many cities around the United States and the world will be having "Pride" celebrations.  These celebrations are a mix of sexually toned political marches aimed at bringing attention to the LGBT agenda.

Often in these marches, there are vile displays of sexual acts, nudity and other indecent things. Religious beliefs are often mocked during them in a condescending and vulgar manner.

This post is an introduction to a new series I am working on regarding the LGBT subculture.  After much research, I have gathered the key aspects of this subculture and will present it to the best of my ability in a way that is academically appropriate. This I have found to be difficult due to the vulgarity that surrounds this subculture.

Most of the aspects of the LGBT involve sexuality and hedonism. Cries for "civil rights" or "equality" are often mixed in order to give some legitimacy to the subculture. There have been many homosexuals who have contributed positively in society; however, little mention is given to them during these "Pride" events.  As a result, the LGBT subculture is represented as a group of modern "Hippies" seeking to live a licentious lifestyle in the public.  

This series will serve as an exposé of the LGBT subculture.  This movement is not as chick as it presents itself to be. Behind the bright colors, sassy attitudes, and unique demeanor's lies a world of hurt, pain, division, prejudice, lookism and so on.

I tried my best to have enough research in order to provide enough details on this subculture; however, I also relied on discussions with people in the LGBT as well as testimony from those who have messaged me via my blog.

LGBT - What is it?

LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual.  It is an acronym meant to describe the different "genders" within the subculture.  This acronym is used to represent the movement that seeks "equality" in societies throughout the world.

It is believed that the movement - in its primitive state - began to form in 1784 when philosopher Jeremy Bentham advocated for the legalization of sodomy.  Prior to this, sodomy was illegal and punishable by death in most of the known world. (Homophobia: a history)  However, it wasn't until during the French revolution in 1791 that sodomy was made legal under the new laws and regime.  France is the first nation to allow homosexuality between consenting adults.

In the United States, homosexuality/sodomy was pretty much illegal in all the colonies.  It wasn't until the 1900's when homosexuals were beginning to organize.  However, this proved to be dangerous.  In 1903, 26 men were arrested in a gay bath house and charges of sodomy were brought against them. (Chauncey, 1995)  Ironically it was a woman named Emma Goldman who first spoke publicly on homosexual relationships and advocated on their behalf despite not having much rights herself as a woman. (Goldman, Emma 1923. "Offener Brief an den Herausgeber der Jahrbücher über Louise Michel" )  She argued that homosexuals should be allow to profess their love publicly just like any other couple.  In 1924, Henry Gerber founded the Society for Human Rights which is the first homosexual rights group in the United States of America.  However, the group did not last long and was dissolved by the authorities.

Homosexuality was frowned upon in early American society.  All states had penal codes specifically targeting sodomy as a grave crime.  Illinois however changes this course by becoming the first state to remove the criminality of sodomy in 1961. (1961 Ill. Laws 2044)

Homosexuals lived their lives privately and engaged in their sexual activities in secret.  The police would often crack down on suspected gay establishments.  Those caught would be arrested.  This would soon end when on June 28, 1969 the unthinkable happened.  A secret gay establishment called "Stonewall Inn" in the Village of Manhattan fought against a police raid.  The Stonewall Inn was run by the Mafia and was a spot where the pariahs of New York society passed the time.  During the raid, homosexuals gathered around the Stonewall inn in order to prevent the police from entering.  A riot broke out with many police officers and homosexuals injured during the scuffle.  This event is given credit as the birth of the LGBT movement in America.

The 60's and early 70's were a time of upheaval and rebellion in the United States of America. It is
no wonder why homosexuals took the opportunity of living in this time period to voice their frustrations and demand rights.  Eventually, homosexuals in New York City were beginning to be treated like other citizens.  Gay establishments were allowed and the raids were halted.  The movement spread around America and sodomy laws began to be erased from the books allowing public homosexuality.

This is the beginning of "Pride."  It is the time where homosexuals recall the events of Stonewall and present their case as to why they deserve the same rights as heterosexuals.

Homosexuality was still considered a mentally illness around this time.  It wasn't until 1973 that homosexuality was removed from the DSM but replaced with "ego-dystonic homosexuality." Ego-dystonic homosexuality means that the person is suffering distress due to his/her homosexuality and has a desire to become heterosexual.  The LGBT protested this and in 1986, homosexuality was removed altogether from the DSM.  Controversy surrounds this decision due to the lack of research done in order to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder.  

However, the political activism tone of the marches changed.  They became more sexual and a place where homosexuals freely expressed themselves by wearing strange outfits or nothing at all.

Gender Roles
In the LGBT subculture, gender roles are extremely confusing, even for the LGBT themselves.  Gay men can be "butch" or "fem."  Butch means that the male takes on a masculine role.  Fem, means that the male takes on a more feminine or woman role.  The terms also apply to Lesbians.  Lesbian who are "butch," act like males.  They even style their hair and clothing to match that of heterosexual males.  Fem Lesbians retain their feminine demeanor.

Things get more complicated when transvestites and bisexuals come into play.  Transvestites are gay males who have a fetish with dressing up like a female.  Again, the "butch" and "fem" demeanor can be demonstrated in or out of "drag."  A transvestite can be dressed in drag and sound like a male, or can act completely like a female.  Bisexuals are unique in that they claim attraction to both genders.  This can also create confusion in that a bisexual male can have a female partner and he may have a feminine demeanor as well.

Age/Categorization and Labeling
Age in the LGBT community is significant.  Each age group has a unique label.  The term "Abigail" is used to describe an older male who has not revealed himself to be homosexual.  "Baby butch" is used to describe a lesbian who is masculine but is young.  "Twink" is a term used to describe young boyish looking homosexuals who are known to look "pretty" and behave in a shallow manner.  The term "bear" is used to describe an older hairy gay male. "Cub" is used to describe a younger hairy gay male. "Queen" is another term used to describe a gay male who behaves like a female in an exaggerated manner.  "Daddy" is often used in a sexual manner by younger gay partners when referring to an older partner.

This concludes the first part of my series.  Stayed tuned for LGBT and Pride - Exposé II    




Saturday, June 29, 2013

HIV injected into Dying Girl

Recently, an article circled around the internet claiming that doctors injected HIV into a girl dying of cancer.  The HIV supposedly is killing off the cancer and helping the young girl recover.

However, there is a problem with this story.  The reality is that HIV as we know of it was never actually used.  A lentivirus was altered in such a way that it aids the immune system's ability to attack another disease.  Lentivirus' are part of a genus of viruses that like HIV can fool the cells of a body.

Some of the girl's T cells were removed and "reprogrammed" with the modified HIV-lentivirus.  This in turns allows these cells to create proteins called chimeric antigen receptors which attach themselves to cancer cells.  Once attached, these cells begin killing off the cancer cells.  The procedure seems effective and more research is being done to see if this can work on all cancer types.

This reminds me of Will Smith's movie, "I am Legend" where a geneticist creates a cure for cancer by manipulating the genetic material from the measles disease.  The cure seems to work until human beings begin to transform into these light sensitive super humans that do not speak but seem to still have some intelligence and sense of social structure.  Will Smith's character is one of the last human beings left and eventually finds a cure that will return the mutated human beings back to normal.

I digress...

While the procedure I write on here seems promising, it is important that geneticists study well what is being done and any future consequences.  Nature is known to bring about surprises in regards to viruses.  One small mistake and the human race can become extinct.  However, I don't see "I am Legend" happening with this research.


Friday, June 28, 2013

6 year-old Transgender

Coy Mathis, 6
An interesting news report has been circulating for quite some time.  The circumstance surrouding the story is unique indeed.  The photo here looks like that of a young cute girl right?  However, the child pictured in the photo is Coy Mathis, a male of six years of age. 

Coy believes that he is a girl.  He feels that he was born in the "wrong body."  As a result, he dresses like and takes on the female gender role.  While attending school, he wanted to use the girl's bathroom but was prevented by school officials.  His parents filed a complaint and the Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled that Coy can use the girl's bathroom at school.

This news is troubling indeed.  How can a school allow a boy to use the girl's bathroom?  His parents and the Civil Rights Division obviously are not aware of Gender Dysphoria Disorder.  In Gender Dysphoria Disorder, the person with this condition insists that he/she is of the opposite sex.  He/she will behave and dress like the gender he/she feel he really is.  Some go as far as having surgery to alter their bodies in order to fit their desired gender. 

Coy's parents even allow their other children to dye their hair different colors.  It is obvious that they engage in Permissive Parenting which can be harmful to children.  Permissive Parenting is a style of parenting in which parents are lax and do not provide any clear structure in the lives of children.  Children are allowed to behave as they wish with no consequences.   

Coy needs psychological treatment instead of permissive parenting.  Moreover, allowing him to use the girl's bathroom will cause confusing with other children and will open the door for others to ask for the same.  Males can claim to be "female" just to have access to the girl's bathroom. This can be extremely dangerous.  It will also affect employees who may prevent these people from using the bathroom as in the Macy's case where a worker was fired for preventing a transvestite from using the women's changing room


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Y'all Got me Fired!

Cooking sensation and TV personality, Paula Deen is in hot water (pun intended).  While being deposed in a video, she acknowledged using the "n" word (n*gger) to describe an African American robber who put a gun to her head at a bank.  On the Today show, she told reporter Matt Lauer:

“It was 30 years ago. I had had a gun put to my head, a shaking gun, because the man that had the gun to my head was unbeknown to me a customer at my main office. . . That man was so frightened the day he put the gun to my head. He was a customer. I had gone out on a limb for him and gotten him a loan, and he was frightened I was going to recognize him.”

This revelation has caused an uproar against Paula Deen.  The Food Network decided not to renew her contract, Walmart and a food company have dropped her as well.  QVC and other companies are weighing in the matter and waiting to see how things go before making a decision.  Last week, Deen was scheduled to appear in the Today Show but cancelled due to exhaustion.  However, she posted a video on youtube.  She rescheduled her Today Show appearance and gave an emotional explanation of what happened and asked for the forgiveness of all.

The situation is indeed grave.  She used a word that has a lot of bad history.  Black slaves were abused with that word.  Even after the Emancipation Proclamation and civil rights achievements, African Americans were still called by that racial epithet.  The word has a lot of evil behind it and I understand why some are upset and calling for her head.  However, a word is a word.  It is how we live our lives that define us, not what people call us.

I applaud Paula Deen for apologizing and being truthful to begin with; however, this scandal will be very hard to come back from. What is troubling is that Hip Hop artists make money by using that word and variations of it, yet their sponsors do not drop them nor is a big fuss made. I think the word's consequences should be equally applicable to all who use it regardless of race or gender.

It is not fair that African Americans can use it with each other, but if a Caucasian or member of another race uses it, they are seen as racist.  African Americans must stop using the word if they are to have credibility in their insistence that the word is racist and offensive.  Hip Hop artists and others must be held accountable for using the word.  Its use must not be tolerated by any race.

I personally have never used the word despite growing up in New York City where the word is used constantly in urban areas where minorities are the majority.  To this day, I admonish friends and young people on the streets when I hear that word.  I understand the whole "free speech" thing, but why would you use that great gift to offend others?  Why not use "free speech" to do positive things in society?  Free speech does not have to be negative.

In any event, Paula Deen should be forgiven.  Her fans will support her regardless of what happens.  We have to remember that she said this years ago and was honest about it.  We all one time or another have said something we want to take back.  Jesus is all about forgiveness.  Deen has already shown remorse and her business is taking a hit.  She has to take time out to reflect on this and move on the best she can.  Americans will eventually forgive and forget.  


***UPDATE*** June 27, 2013
Target and drugmaker Novo Nordisk have just dropped Paula Deen from their business.


***UPDATE***  June 28, 2013

Sears, Ballantine Books, and JC Penney have joined other companies in dropping Paula Deen.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dread Scotus

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
- Samuel Adams

Today we are getting to see clearly why courts can be dangerous to society.  The Supreme court has knocked down DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and claimed that the defense team for Prop 8 was not "adequate" enough to appear before them. 

As a result, so-called "gay marriages" will continue in California until "adequate" representation for those defending Prop 8 bring up the case again before the nation's highest court.  The death of DOMA means same-sex couples will get the same federal benefits as heterosexual ones.

What are DOMA and Prop 8?

The Defense of Marriage act was passed in 1996 during the Clinton administration.  Clinton has since regretted its passing.  DOMA defined marriage between one man and one woman and did not allow same-sex partners who are "married" to obtain federal benefits that are normally granted to heterosexual marriage couples.  This act came under scrutiny by the LGBT community and action was taken against it when Edith Windsor who married her partner Thea Spyer in Canada was denied benefits after Spyer passed away.  Because the federal government did not recognize their marriage, Spyer's estate owed over $300,000 in estate taxes. Windor had to pay the tax and then sued to get the monies back.  The court decided that DOMA was unconstitutional and the case was given the green light to move up the judicial ladder. President Obama and his administration refused to defend the act in the Supreme Court.

Today's decision was solely based on the interpretation of previous courts and not the actual contemplation of the Justices of the Supreme Court.  Since both DOMA and Prop 8 were not defended by governmental parties, the court did not pay much attention to the arguments prsented by the attorneys that stepped up to defend them.

Prop 8
Proposition 8 or "prop 8" was a ballot initiative promoted by Archbishop Cordileone which called for California's constitution to be ammended by stating in writing that marriage is only between and man and a woman.  The voters of California passed itinto law in 2008. As a result, so called "same-sex marriages" were void and stopped immediately.  This caused great anger among gay activists who sued. The courts decided that Prop 8 was unlawful and Prop 8 supporters feared that the people's voice was ignored.  The case moved up to the Supreme Court but California refused to defend the law, so private attorneys had to take up the case before the justices. 

My response:

Today's decision is not a complete victory for the LGBT community.  The Supreme Court did not state that "gay marriage" is constitutional, nor did it mandate it to be accepted in all 50 states.  The Court basically made its decision out of judicial arrogance and a scrupulous take on procedures in regards to who can defend a particular issue before them.  This is not how a court should operate. Just because a state government refuses to defend a law does not mean the court should be condescending towards those who step up to take the job of defending it.  The Justices are giving themselves an air of monarchy in which they cannot be approached unless it is by the "right" people.  This attitude is what great pamphleteer, Thomas Paine wrote on in his great work, Common Sense.

The fact that Popular Referendum or the people's power to make laws and veto them was ignored, shows something scary.  Our government is becoming a dictatorship.  America was founded on the idea that the power comes from the people and flows into government.  It is the people who rule the nation, not government.  The Supreme Court has disregarded this by ignoring the vote of the people in Proposition 8.  I have always held the opinion that the Supreme Court office should have term limits.  Having justices serve for life is extremely dangerous and basically introduces a monarchy in the American system.  The monarchy is something the American colonists disliked greatly.  The kings of England and other European nations treated their people harshly.  This is why America was formed without a monarchy and why the system of checks and balances was instituted with a republic.   No one man, no one institution can have absolute power.         

The allowance of this perversion of marriage will have dire consequences. See my previous post on this here. As John Adams said,
"Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." 
The Constitution is under attack. God and religion are being pushed aside in America and tyranny, relativism and cynicism is taking its place. As Patrick Henry said,
"It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains." 
The tyrants are indeed forging their chains over our laws, minds and our society. We must fight back to save our nation. Religious and moral people must fight against this tyranny. As Thomas Jefferson said,
 "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God." 
We must resist this attempt of social engineers looking to destroy our laws and values. We have to be true patriots as Thomas Paine describes:
"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government."
The great American liberator, Abraham Lincoln had this to say:
"We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts--not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."  
We must prevent our nation from facing the same fate of past empires such as Rome and Greece who collapsed due to licentiousness and an abuse of free will.  Marriage and the family are the key cells to the organism of society.  If they are dissolved, the societal body will go as well. 

Hopefully the next president and congress will make it a priority to defend marriage by introducing an amendment to the Constitution that will protect marriage between one man and one woman for all time.  Today's decision is not a defeat, but a wake up call to all.  We cannot sit back and let judges run our nation and manipulate institutions such as marriage which are not theirs to alter.  It is disappointing that justices who are Catholic betrayed their consciences and voted in favor of opinions that protect same-sex marriage.  Regardless of one's position in life, a Catholic cannot be part-time.

Let us pray for our nation and pray for the protection of marriage.  Let us take to the polls and vote for politicians who will protect marriage and the Constitution.  Let us push for term limits for Supreme Court Justices.  If necessary, we who are the majority must raise the flag of anarchy against a governmental system that is no longer recognizable as the one that American Fathers founded.  

"O! ye that love mankind! Ye that dare oppose, not only tyranny, but the tyrant, stand forth!''  - Thomas Paine 

Full text of the decision.
Statement from defense alliance
Here is the response from the US Catholic Bishops.


Texas Abortion law

Things are heating up in Texas and I don't mean weather-wise.  The Texas house passed one of the most pro-life laws ever and it is causing an uproar.  Democrats and Feminists are crying out, "woman oppression!"

They feel that the GOP is governing their bodies, and to them, this is an attack against all women.  The law will ban abortions past the 20th week of gestation and will add other stipulations.

Democrats have vowed to delay the law and now senator Wendy Davis has begun a filibuster for that very purpose.  She has delayed the vote for over 10 hours and is imitating Paul Rand's filibuster a few months ago.  Davis has become an overnight celebrity of sorts with feminists and those who are liberal.  She has been trending for quite some time on twitter.

Wendy Davis has already broken rules regarding filibustering, and her charade is quickly coming to an end.  She went off topic a few times, and even stopped to put on a back brace.

What's disturbing is that a large number of feminists crowded the chambers and began to cheer.  This push for the murder of unborn children is just sickening.  Who can cheer in support of this?

Do these people know anything about embryology or biology?  The unborn offspring of a human female IS A HUMAN BEING!


UPDATE *** June 26, 2012

Wendy Davis as well as the roaring of a crowd of feminists delayed the vote.  As a result, the bill could not be passed.  However, Governor Perry has stated that he will call a special session so that the bill can pass.  It is not over yet.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NYC Libraries Saved!

Thank you for showing your support for NYC's library system by contacting law officials and demanding them to provide funding for libraries.  This year's budget would have been disastrous if it included cuts to libraries, fire houses and other institutions that are needed in NYC.  As I wrote in my previous blog here:, the library was a very important part of my life as a student in NYC and continues to be an important part when I visit the city and stop by in order to do do research or pick up books.

Many students rely on the library in order to have a place to read, do research, study and learn.  The library provides many activities for people of all ages for free.  It would have been a tragedy if the cuts were to pass and libraries would have had to close and those that remained open would have had to cut down operation hours.

NYC needs politicians that can better manage the people's money.  Instead of wasting money on LGBT "pride month" activities which only serve that community, monies should go for the common good.  I am concerned if lesbian candidate Quinn wins the mayoral election.  Rest assured that she will focus more on the LGBT's wants, instead of all New Yorkers.  


Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Review - The Lamb's Supper - The Mass As Heaven On Earth, By Dr. Scott Hahn

The book, "The Lamb's Supper - The Mass As Heaven On Earth" by Dr. Scott Hahn is a must read for every Catholic as well as those interested in learning about the Biblical symbolism found in the Mass.

This book was one of the first that I read when I was an atheist.  It gave me a deep look into the Mass from an intellectual perspective at first, and then a spiritual one when I read it again as Catholic.

Dr. Hahn is a convert from Protestantism.  He was a Presbyterian minister and teaches Theology and Scripture at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio.  Dr. Hahn is also a regular of EWTN. He is a very brilliant theologian and presents Theology and Scripture in a manner that anyone can understand it.  This book can be read and understood by anyone.

In this book, Dr. Hahn connects the imagery found in the Book of Revelation with the Mass.  He shows how the Mass is the "Lamb's Supper" mentioned in Revelation 19:6-9.  Dr. Hahn cites both the Old and New Testament, as well as the Church's teachings and Fathers.  The book is well organized and to the point.  Dr. Hahn presents the Mass as it should be seen in the minds and hearts of Catholics.  The Mass is the Lamb's Supper where the angels and saints (Church Triumphant) unite with those participating on Earth (Church Militant).  Heaven unites to every parish, chapel or place where Mass is said.

After reading this book, you will not see the Mass in the same manner as before.  If you are used to the repetition and physical movements that sometimes become mechanical, then this book will change your perspective.  The Mass is not just as "ritual" where we respond and move around like automatons.  It is the perfect prayer where Christ the Lamb is present, offered to God and unites with us in the Holy Eucharist.

If you have not read this book, I recommend it 100%.  This is a book that should be on shelves in rectory/seminaries libraries, and Catholic homes.  Protestants who think the Mass is a Papal-made invention should read this book.

In this year of Faith, it is a great resource to use in order to prepare for Mass and grow spiritually by dwelling more into the Theology and Scripture behind every aspect of it.

Dr. Scott Hahn greeting Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Sunday, June 23, 2013

How God Uses Atheists to Spread His Word

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. -Romans 8:28

Anyone who has read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation will probably notice something unique if the reader has a keen sense.  This "something unique" is that God uses the people and circumstances that are irrational in order to do His will.  In other words, God uses the impossible to do the possible.  He uses the "hard" way rather than the "easy" one.  This is one of the reasons why atheists and those who are skeptic find it hard to accept the attributes of God.  They will begin to shout out their fallacious questions:
  • How can God be omniscient?  
  • How can God be good?  
  • How can God be intelligent?  
blah blah blah  

These questions stem from a poor understanding of Scripture and Church doctrine.  They are not intelligent questions of the "enlightened" mind that appeared out of nowhere in order to destroy God and religion.  They are stupid questions asked by those who do not comprehend what God really is and what He has revealed to humanity.  

You reading this post probably were attracted to it because of the title: "How God Uses Atheists to Spread His Word."  You are probably wondering what the heck am I writing about?   How are atheists helping spread God's word if they do not believe in Him and would not spread around what they consider to be "fairy tales."  Well, one must think critically in order to understand where I am coming from in writing this post.

While it is true that Atheists do not believe in God and consider anything related to Him to be superstition or fairy tales, this does not mean that they are not helping promote God.  Atheists help spread God's word by keeping the debate going, so to speak.  By making themselves public and questioning God and religious beliefs, they are drawing attention to the former.  With the advancement of technology on the internet and the creation of new social networks such as Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and so on, atheists are taking advantage of these means in order to further their cause. 

Because of this effort to advance the atheist cause, they are awakening believers of all faiths.  More and more apologetic websites, blogs and profiles are appearing on the internet than ever before.  

I myself, when using Twitter for the first time, did not know much about it nor cared much for social networking.  However, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's call to use the media to evangelize had to be met especially if I am to be a priest in the modern era of technology.  When I first used twitter, I posted prayers.  Little did I know that as I tweeted, I was receiving hateful "@ mentions." I was totally oblivious of them since I did not know how to use twitter.  When I discovered the "@ mentions" feature, this is when I noticed the large volume of vitriolic comments against me, God, the Church. I even received death threats from atheists in Florida!

The more I tweeted, the more my mentions became a feeding frenzy of pro-abortion folks, gays, and atheists.  I eventually came across a great religious sister on twitter who does a great job evangelizing and asked her in this tweet:

As a novice on twitter, I did not know whether to engage these people or not.  Eventually I did and started a blog thanks to Sr. Lisa's advice.

My engagement with atheists eventually attracted this crazy gender-confused guy who goes by the caricature of halloween grandmother mask named "Rosa Rubicondior."  One can tell that this individual is a youth who uses twitter as a cathartic outlet.  This self-proclaim atheist messaged me a few times and then blocked me when I began to engage him.  At first, I had no idea he was messaging me.  I thought nothing of it until the individual continued to mention me knowing that I could not reply back because I did not return the "block" on him.

This is when I decided to learn more about this guy.  I noticed he had a blog and seemed to be the ringleader of atheists on twitter.  In light of this small investigation, I then invited him to a debate hoping it to be an opportunity for all to see both sides of the issue and learn.  However, this individual apparently is not used to being confronted and began to panic.  In his panic, he began to dilly dally to the point of denying that he even received and accepted the debate.  To this day, this deranged man continues to deny that I invited him to a debate which he accepted despite the evidence of his own tweets still recorded on servers throughout the globe.

Ironically, God used "Rosa Rubicondior" to do His will.  Due to Rosa's antics, my followers increased dramatically on twitter.  My blog traffic increased dramatically as well.  Rosa has never faced a challenger such as myself who holds four university degrees, particularly in the sciences; a field Rosa pretends to hold a grasp on.  In order to save face, Rosa then began to call me by a kid's name.  I did not understand why until I noticed that he began to Google online and founds different sites with the "chi rho" symbol.  To this day, I do not understand where he got the name from since it cannot be found anywhere.  It seems that he pulled a random name and linked it to me.

Rosa did this in order to discredit me as some "failed seminarian" which is not true at all.  I wonder what he will do when ordination comes and I will no longer be "Sacerdotus" but "Father."  This will be interesting indeed.  In any event, Rosa even took the time to make blog posts linking me to this kid as well as other twitter accounts!  Rosa began to show us all how mentally unstable he is.  Ironically, Rosa's attempt to do me harm by posting lies was a grace in disguise.  More and more people began following me on twitter, emailing me and visiting my blogs!

God has used Rosa Rubicondior in order to bring more people to hear His word!  Not only is He using him, but other atheists and those who become curious of this "Sacerdotus" as they read my responses to the sophism atheists post throughout the internet.  Because of Rubicondior and other atheists, many have emailed me inquiring how to become a Catholic!

God can use anything, even atheism to bring the Good News to all!  Rosa Rubicondior and atheists are just tools in the hands of God.  Even Rosa Rubicondior's recent suspension has brought more followers to me.    

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Response to: Exodus closes down makes christians void

Once again "Bruce Llama" has briefly commented on my post regarding the closing of Exodus International.  His blog post can be found here.

He apparently finds issue with my response.  I will response to each point here.  My comments will be in black and his original text in blue:

<<He has the audacity to talk about finding a way to ‘work with homosexuals’ so that they don’t feel any burden or stigma. But before you think how wonderful that is the preceding sentence sinks his goodwill and shows just how harmful religious people are. Telling me, telling gay people that we are sinful and that my sexuality is dangerous because I ‘practice’ it is to apply a stigma and a burden.>>

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes, the Church tells everyone that all are sinners.  This is our mission.  God has revealed to us via Jesus Christ what it is that we must do to return to the original glory that was lost by Adam and Eve.  No one is isolating homosexuals as the sole sinners on Earth.  All have fall short of God's grace and have sinned.  (Romans 3:23)  Telling one another not to sin is no different that telling an alcoholic to stop drinking.  The bottomline is that we do not want our brothers and sisters to fall into vice.  Just because one has the free will to do anything, does not mean that the "anything" must be evil and is a good.  

<<Exodus International is a delightful example of what should be happening to religious organisations that attempt to tell others how sinful they are. A bit of self-reflection and honesty would show just how fraught and dangerous religious extremists are. They have no interest in helping people, their only interest is in the preservation of their narrow view of the world based on their lies of there being a supernatural being.>>

Sacerdotus replies:

I am not not well informed as to how the therapies at Exodus International went, but they are closing due to harm they feel they are doing to homosexuals.  If one is preaching the Good News, then no harm should be done.  This is why Christians must preach the Gospel in charity.  God is the one who coverts people.  Unfortunately, some Christians believe that they are the ones who convert and this is not so.  God is the one who moves hearts to accept the message at any given point in the listener's life span.  I understand the anger some may feel - who are you to tell me what to do?  Well, as Christians we believe we belong to the human family.  We all must care for one another.  Tough love is never attractive.    

To my knowledge, Exodus International did not put homosexuals to death nor stoned them.  The help they offered was merely counseling which I assume is similar to that found at any alcoholic anonymous groups.  Whether patients were harmed by it or not really has to do more with the individual.  Psychologists often have patients who leave sessions worse than when they have entered.  Some even succeed in committing suicide despite the accepted psychological practices that are approved for treatment.

<<Here’s a whole galaxy, so far removed from us that we will never get there. Do you know how much this galaxy cares where you put your willy?>>

Sacerdotus replies:

I would not say that we will not get there.  Eventually the technology will exist that will allow humanity to travel farther into the stars.  If there is life on other worlds, I am sure they will be concerned as to whether or not any other life out there cares for itself and is not reckless.  The movie, "The day the Earth Stood Still" comes to mind.  In it, a visitor comes with a message to humanity that it is too violent and other worlds are concerned with it bringing that violence to outer space.  Caring for others does sometimes bring up the question, "what are you doing?"  This is unavoidable.    

Friday, June 21, 2013

St. Joseph unforgotten?

Good news from Rome!

Pope Francis has just given the order that St. Joseph be included in Eucharistic prayers II, III and IV.  Blessed John XXIII had inserted the mention of St. Joseph in Eucharistic prayer I, commonly known as the Roman Canon.

St. Joseph is the patron saint of the Catholic Church since 1870.  He is also the patron saint of the dying, workers, fathers, carpenters.  Some consider him the "forgotten" saint because hardly any mention is given to him despite his importance in Christianity.

Well it seems that he is being unforgotten.  Instead of having him mentioned only in the Roman Canon, he will be included in all Eucharistic prayers.  This is great news indeed!  In today's world where the family and marriage are under attack, we need St. Joseph's prayers and his example.  His importance in the Church must be taught to all.  I hope catechists and priests dedicate more time on St. Joseph in classes and during homilies.  May he be unforgotten!  
Fr. Z I think broke the news on the Catholic blogosphere this week and did a good job providing more details on how the mention of St. Joseph will be worded.  The USCCB already sent the decree that the mention of St. Joseph must be done immediately.

Here is a pray to St. Joseph by Blessed John XXII:

O glorious Saint Joseph,
remind all who work
that they are not alone
in their labor, their joy
or their sufferings,
because Jesus is by our side,
with Mary, his mother and ours,
supporting them,

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ex-odus International

Today a big story hit the waves that shocked many so-called "right wing" Christians.  The group, "Exodus International" who for over 30 years has worked in a sort of "reparative" conversion therapy, has made a complete 360.  

Its president, Alan Chambers apologized to the LGBT community for the "pain and suffering" his ministry has inflicted on them.  He stated:

"Three years ago, Leslie and I began a very public conversation with Our America’s Lisa Ling, from the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) regarding some of our deeply held beliefs about Christianity and the LGBT community. Today, we have decided to carry this public conversation even further. While this conversation has and may well continue to be met with many different responses from supporters and critics, it is our desire to keep having these honest discussions in the hopes of arriving to a place of peace.
Several months ago, this conversation led me to call Lisa Ling to take another step on this messy journey. I asked if she would, once again, help us add to the unfolding story by covering my apology to the people who have been hurt by Exodus International. Our ministry has been public and therefore any acknowledgement of wrong must also be public. I haven’t always been the leader of Exodus, but I am now and someone must finally own and acknowledge the hurt of others. I do so anxiously, but willingly.
It is strange to be someone who has both been hurt by the church’s treatment of the LGBT community, and also to be someone who must apologize for being part of the very system of ignorance that perpetuated that hurt. Today it is as if I’ve just woken up to a greater sense of how painful it is to be a sinner in the hands of an angry church.
It is also strange to be an outcast from powerful portions of both the gay community and the Christian community. Because I do not completely agree with the vocal majorities in either group and am forging a new place of peaceful service in and through both, I will likely continue to be an outsider to some degree. I imagine it to be very much like a man I recently heard speak at a conference I attended, Father Elias Chacour, the Melkite Catholic Archbishop of Israel. He is an Arab Christian, Palestinian by birth, and a citizen of Israel. Talk about a walking contradiction. When I think of the tension of my situation I am comforted by the thought of him and his.
My desire is to completely align with Christ, his Good News for all and his offer of peace amidst the storms of life. My wife Leslie and my beliefs center around grace, the finished work of Christ on the cross and his offer of eternal relationship to any and all that believe. Our beliefs do not center on “sin” because “sin” isn’t at the center of our faith. Our journey hasn’t been about denying the power of Christ to do anything – obviously he is God and can do anything.
With that, here is an expanded version of the apology I offered during my recent interview with Lisa Ling to the people within the LGBTQ community who have been hurt by the Church, Exodus International, and me. I realize some within the communities for which I apologize will say I don’t have the right, as one man, to do so on their behalf. But if the Church is a body, with many members being connected to the whole, then I believe that what one of us does right we all do right, and what one of us does wrong we all do wrong. We have done wrong, and I stand with many others who now recognize the need to offer apologies and make things right. I believe this apology – however imperfect – is what God the Father would have me do.
To Members of the LGBTQ Community:
In 1993 I caused a four-car pileup. In a hurry to get to a friend’s house, I was driving when a bee started buzzing around the inside of my windshield. I hit the bee and it fell on the dashboard. A minute later it started buzzing again with a fury. Trying to swat it again I completely missed the fact that a city bus had stopped three cars in front of me. I also missed that those three cars were stopping, as well. Going 40 miles an hour I slammed into the car in front of me causing a chain reaction. I was injured and so were several others. I never intended for the accident to happen. I would never have knowingly hurt anyone. But I did. And it was my fault. In my rush to get to my destination, fear of being stung by a silly bee, and selfish distraction, I injured others.
I have no idea if any of the people injured in that accident have suffered long term effects. While I did not mean to hurt them, I did. The fact that my heart wasn’t malicious did not lessen their pain or their suffering. I am very sorry that I chose to be distracted that fall afternoon, and that I caused so much damage to people and property. If I could take it all back I absolutely would. But I cannot. I pray that everyone involved in the crash has been restored to health.
Recently, I have begun thinking again about how to apologize to the people that have been hurt by Exodus International through an experience or by a message. I have heard many firsthand stories from people called ex-gay survivors. Stories of people who went to Exodus affiliated ministries or ministers for help only to experience more trauma. I have heard stories of shame, sexual misconduct, and false hope. In every case that has been brought to my attention, there has been swift action resulting in the removal of these leaders and/or their organizations. But rarely was there an apology or a public acknowledgement by me.

And then there is the trauma that I have caused. There were several years that I conveniently omitted my ongoing same-sex attractions. I was afraid to share them as readily and easily as I do today. They brought me tremendous shame and I hid them in the hopes they would go away. Looking back, it seems so odd that I thought I could do something to make them stop. Today, however, I accept these feelings as parts of my life that will likely always be there. The days of feeling shame over being human in that way are long over, and I feel free simply accepting myself as my wife and family does. As my friends do. As God does.
Never in a million years would I intentionally hurt another person. Yet, here I sit having hurt so many by failing to acknowledge the pain some affiliated with Exodus International caused, and by failing to share the whole truth about my own story. My good intentions matter very little and fail to diminish the pain and hurt others have experienced on my watch. The good that we have done at Exodus is overshadowed by all of this.
Friends and critics alike have said it’s not enough to simply change our message or website. I agree. I cannot simply move on and pretend that I have always been the friend that I long to be today. I understand why I am distrusted and why Exodus is hated.

Please know that I am deeply sorry. I am sorry for the pain and hurt many of you have experienced. I am sorry that some of you spent years working through the shame and guilt you felt when your attractions didn’t change. I am sorry we promoted sexual orientation change efforts and reparative theories about sexual orientation that stigmatized parents. I am sorry that there were times I didn’t stand up to people publicly “on my side” who called you names like sodomite—or worse. I am sorry that I, knowing some of you so well, failed to share publicly that the gay and lesbian people I know were every bit as capable of being amazing parents as the straight people that I know. I am sorry that when I celebrated a person coming to Christ and surrendering their sexuality to Him that I callously celebrated the end of relationships that broke your heart. I am sorry that I have communicated that you and your families are less than me and mine.

More than anything, I am sorry that so many have interpreted this religious rejection by Christians as God’s rejection. I am profoundly sorry that many have walked away from their faith and that some have chosen to end their lives. For the rest of my life I will proclaim nothing but the whole truth of the Gospel, one of grace, mercy and open invitation to all to enter into an inseverable relationship with almighty God.
I cannot apologize for my deeply held biblical beliefs about the boundaries I see in scripture surrounding sex, but I will exercise my beliefs with great care and respect for those who do not share them. I cannot apologize for my beliefs about marriage. But I do not have any desire to fight you on your beliefs or the rights that you seek. My beliefs about these things will never again interfere with God’s command to love my neighbor as I love myself.

You have never been my enemy. I am very sorry that I have been yours. I hope the changes in my own life, as well as the ones we announce tonight regarding Exodus International, will bring resolution, and show that I am serious in both my regret and my offer of friendship. I pledge that future endeavors will be focused on peace and common good.
Moving forward, we will serve in our pluralistic culture by hosting thoughtful and safe conversations about gender and sexuality, while partnering with others to reduce fear, inspire hope, and cultivate human flourishing."

The purpose of this ministry was to covert homosexuals to heterosexuals.  This kind of therapy has
been controversial for some time and that controversy has increased as the LGBT community has gained more ground in public opinion.

However, the organization's fact sheet link states that it does not endorse this therapy.  It seems they had a more spiritual approach to conversion, not a psychological one.

In light of this, I think the target on the Catholic Church has gotten bigger.  The Catholic Church is the only religion that does not lend its arm to be bend.  Her teachings have remained the same for over 2,000 years.  The Church has programs such as Courage that helps homosexuals in their spiritual life.  Perhaps this organization will be targeted now that Exodus International has bowed out.

In any event, I applaud Chambers for apologizing and showing true concern for the LGBT people.  It takes a lot of humility to do this.  However, homosexual behavior is still sinful and dangerous for those who practice it.  We must find an effective pastoral way to work with homosexuals and help them live God's will without them feeling any burden or stigma.      


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Review: Beyond Gay, by David Morrison

The book "Beyond Gay," by David Morrison is a unique book.  The book tells the story of the author who was once a prominent gay activist in the LGBT community.  Morrison, a journalist participated in gay rights marches, pride events, and pushed for the acceptance of homosexuality as a norm in society.

As a gay man, he had partners and experienced the gay lifestyle.  One day he just began to question all things about the LGBT lifestyle.  He was not happy.  A subculture that uses the word "gay" would naturally be thought of as producing happiness right?  Moreover, the gay lifestyle is pushed as fun, sexy, and adventurous.  However, Morrison saw something else.  It was a destructive life.  A life of sin, hedonism, reckless behavior and apathy towards one another in the gay community.  He had enough of it and wanted more - something better.

As St Augustine so eloquently expressed, "Our hearts are restless, until they rest in you," so too did Morrison feel this restlessness and wanted to rest.  He realized that this rest can only be found in God.  After facing the same hardships in the LGBT community as others today face, Morrison sought God.  He converted to Catholicism and dedicated his life to chastity.  Morrison, in his book, gives a charitable picture of what it means to be gay and how the LGBT agenda works.  He shows us his pains, struggles and confusion in thinking he was "born gay" and had to adhere to the demands of the LGBT subculture.  He hints at how the LGBT movement is a product of the Sexual Revolution of the 50's, 60's and 70's.  This is true indeed.  I found it correlating to stories I read in the book: "The Hite Report on Male Sexuality," by Shere Hite which presents graphic personal accounts of how men and boys explored their sexuality.  Many of the stories are from men born during the Sexual Revolution who shared them with Hite.
Morrison's book is a great read for anyone who is struggling with homosexuality and for anyone just looking to learn what it is like.  This book can prepare clergy and others on how to be more pastoral with homosexuals in their parishes or groups in the church.  Pope Francis and the popes before him have always stressed the importance of human dignity and how the Church must be welcoming.  This book will help those reading it realize that gays are human just like all of us; unfortunately, they are bound by this subculture that presents a colorful fun life when in reality it is dreadful.  It is no wonder why homosexuals have the highest rates of mental illness.

David Morrison with Bl. John Paul II
This lifestyle is not healthy and Morrison gives us a first hand account of why by sharing his story.  He also gives homosexuals hope in the One can do anything in Him who strengthens. (Philippians 4:13)  Homosexuality is not the be all and end all of life.  A homosexual does not have to be a slave to homosexuality.  Christ can set you free and Morrison is an example of this.

I recommend the book to all those seeking to learn more about homosexuality and how God can break the hardships that it brings to homosexuals.  It will also inspire readers to live a chaste life and seek God for a better understanding of human sexuality whether homosexual or not.  A few years ago, I recommended the book to a Lesbian radio host I met and she is now completely transformed.  The book helped her a great deal.  There are also other gay friends who are reading the book and are on their way.  Pray for them and all homosexuals.  God loves them too and has not forgotten them.  

Read this interview with Morrison - 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Abortion hit hard

This week has been a great week for human life. Abortion has been hit hard in the United States of America. Just a few hours ago, the House passed a bill that will ban late-term abortions 228-196.  During the debate, fetal pain was discussed.  Pain has always been used to prove sentience or person hood in human beings and even non-human animals.  This is discussed heavily in philosophy.

Prior to the House vote, Governor Cuomo of New York tried to pass a bill geared towards "woman's equality" but tainted with abortion rhetoric.  The bill was thrown out.  This is being interpreted as a big loss for Cuomo who has been getting his way since he entered office.  The Catholic Church and others have protested the bill because it would have lifted almost all restrictions on abortion and would increase abortion in a state where over 40% of children are killed in abortion.

While the bill the House passed will most likely not pass the Senate, and if it did, Obama has promised to vetoed it; it still sends a strong message.  Human life is sacred and needs to be protected.  The pro-life movement will not back down and will continue to fight abortion until it is aborted from society for good.               


Socket to 'em

A new dangerous sexual perversion is taking hold among teenagers in Japan and is spreading elsewhere.  "Oculolinctus" or "eye-licking/worming" is a sexual fetish where partners lick each other's eyeball.  Yes, you read that right... they lick each other's eyeball!  Apparently, this new thing originates from a Japanese music group.  Teachers have been noticing students wearing eye patches and learned of this new fetish type activity.

The human mouth is one of the most disgusting and dirtiest things on this Earth.  It can contain nearly every bacteria and/or virus known the man within it.  Our eyes are extremely sensitive and having saliva mixed with tears in them is not a very smart thing to do.  It will bring about infection and possible vision loss from damage to the eye's parts.

Parents must educate their children about what a healthy sexual life is during the "talk."  Fetishes and the like only contribute to selfish stimulation.  They are not meant to show conjugal love.  Fetishes are twisted psychological perversions that service the id.

If you are a teenager and are reading this, remember:  Tongues are for tasting food, nothing else... or maybe... making fun of someone behind their back. :-P  (I jest)



Monday, June 17, 2013

Man of Wood

The new Superman movie, "Man of Steel" is out and winning big at the box office.  Some people may not realize this, but this movie has many parallels to Jesus.

There are specific scenes with imagery that call to mind Jesus as Savior of the world.  One scene has Superman with his father over the Earth.  His father tells him that he can save them all.  Superman than stretches outward into a form of a Cross.

Warner Bros apparently intended for this movie to have this.  Superman is an allusion to Christ.  As most of us know, Superman is this alien from the planet Krypton.  This planet was destroyed by a supernova.  Superman was saved with the technology of his race and sent to Earth.  He is humanoid, but on Earth and with our Star, he is able to obtain superhuman powers.  As he matures on Earth after being found by a human couple, he learns who he is.  He then sets out to be mankind's "savior" by flying around fighting crime and saving people from all kinds of disasters.

Superman of course is fiction.  However, there is indeed a "Superman" who walked the Earth 2,000 years ago.  His name is Jesus the Christ.  Jesus, son of God and son of Mary was born 2,000 years ago to teach us and redeem us with His sacrifice on the Cross.  This one act opened the doors of grace so that man can achieve salvation through Jesus Christ by having faith and putting that faith to work.  Jesus did not leap tall buildings in a single bound, nor fly faster than a locomotive, but He healed the sick, restored life to the dead, and most importantly; loved us.

Jesus, The Man of the Wood of the Cross turned this wooden instrument of death into an instrument of life.  Jesus continues to work in the lives of those who trust in Him.  Jesus is the real Superman who is also the one and only Super God.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all. 

Today is a special day where we honor our fathers.  Every day should be father's day in fact.  Without our fathers, we would not be conceived.  Without our fathers, boys would not learn what it is to be masculine nor will girls learn what the opposite sex is. 

In today's world where divorce is rampant and alternative families are being pushed as normal, this day is becoming more and more significant.  Fatherhood is a dying breed.  Starting a family used to be something a man was proud of. It was one of the high-points of being a "man."  Unfortunately, far too often, some men have sex with their girlfriends or wives and then disappear when news comes that she is pregnant.  Childhood has become a disease that men must run from. 

This begs the question: Where are the real men?  It takes a real man to stick by his woman and care for her and his child.  Only a coward would run away from that natural responsibility which is wired in all males.  Women are not sex toys that men use to have fun and then move on.  Only boys play with toys. 

Masculinity is also under attack.  With the introduction of "gender theory," the meaning of what it means to be a man is watered down to personal cultural taste.  Even women can be masculine according to this theory.  It is one of the biggest deceptions of all time.  It is creating societies where no one knows what a male or female is.  It turns the human species into a fictitious androgynous race like the "J'naii" in Star Trek, The Next Generation series.

Walking around the city, it is hard not to notice guys wearing jeans so tight that they look girlish by showing off hips and buttocks.  Some even pluck or wax their eyebrows so much that they look effeminate and just strange.  What is interesting is that this style is being used by heterosexual males, not just homosexuals. 

What is the world coming to?

I believe it was Our Lady of La Sallette who warned that fashions would be introduced in the world that will offend God greatly.  She was right.   

The role of the man is being attacked.  Having a father is extremely important in a child's life.  Studies show that children who grow without their fathers have problems in society.  Many do poorly in school, get involved in drugs and criminal activity, and many end up in prison. 

Homosexual adoption is a big problem because of this.  A child with parents of the same gender will only bring about confusion and problems.  Nature only provides for what it has already designed.  In other words, a male and female union is the only way a child can be reproduced.  Therefore, this union is the only one necessary for a child's healthy development. 

Let us pray for all fathers and all men who might be considering starting a family.  Let us pray for all deceased fathers, both good and bad.      

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fortnight 4 Freedom 2013

In light of the attacks against Religious Freedom in the United States of America, the USA Catholic Bishops have begun another campaign for the year of 2013 - Year of Faith - of prayer, fasting, education and action in order to make everyone aware of the seriousness of the matter and inspire change.

Religion in America is facing heavy attacks from the Obama administration, secularism, the LGBT agenda and pro-abortion advocates. With the passing of “Obamacare,” Churches who have involvement in healthcare and who employ others will be forced to go against its doctrines and therefore violate the conscience.

We must pray that this law will be repealed completely or fixed in order to protect religious liberty, defend life and serve the health needs of everyone without being a burden.

Moreover, religion freedom is being set aside.  The LGBT agenda is advancing throughout the United States and Churches who challenge it are being punished.  Recently, a lesbian won a case against the archdiocese of Cincinnati for breaching a contract she signed.  Christian people who own businesses are being sued for not catering to homosexual couples.  The courts are over stepping the church/state boundaries and are dictating to churches how to live their faith in society.  Atheists are attempting to remove Bibles from hotels and are setting up monuments on court property.  Parental rights are being taken away as children are being forced to ignore their religious upbringing by learning about contraception and abortion.  This must end!    

Catholics united will never be defeated!

Here is the prayer from the USCCB:

Prayer for the Protection of Religious Liberty
O God our Creator,
from your provident hand we have received our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
You have called us as your people and given us the right and the duty to worship you, the only true God, and your Son, Jesus Christ.
Through the power and working of your Holy Spirit,
you call us to live out our faith in the midst of the world,
bringing the light and the saving truth of the Gospel
to every corner of society.
We ask you to bless us
in our vigilance for the gift of religious liberty.
Give us the strength of mind and heart
to readily defend our freedoms when they are threatened;
give us courage in making our voices heard
on behalf of the rights of your Church
and the freedom of conscience of all people of faith.
Grant, we pray, O heavenly Father,
a clear and united voice to all your sons and daughters
gathered in your Church
in this decisive hour in the history of our nation,
so that, with every trial withstood
and every danger overcome—
for the sake of our children, our grandchildren,
and all who come after us—
this great land will always be “one nation, under God,
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

For more information:

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Chaplet of St. Michael

The Chaplet of St. Michael

O God, come to my assistance. O Lord, make haste to help me. Glory be to the Father, etc.

[Say one Our Father and three Hail Marys after each of the following nine salutations in honor of the nine Choirs of Angels]

1. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Seraphim may the Lord make us worthy to burn with the fire of perfect charity.

2. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Cherubim may the Lord grant us the grace to leave the ways of sin and run in the paths of Christian perfection.

3. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Thrones may the Lord infuse into our hearts a true and sincere spirit of humility.

4. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Dominations may the Lord give us grace to govern our senses and overcome any unruly passions.

5. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Virtues may the Lord preserve us from evil and falling into temptation. Amen.

6. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Powers may the Lord protect our souls against the snares and temptations of the devil.

7. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Principalities may God fill our souls with a true spirit of obedience. Amen.

8. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Archangels may the Lord give us perseverance in faith and in all good works in order that we may attain the glory of Heaven.

9. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Angels may the Lord grant us to be protected by them in this mortal life and conducted in the life to come to Heaven.

Say one Our Father in honor of each of the following leading Angels: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and our Guardian Angel.

Concluding prayers:

O glorious prince St. Michael, chief and commander of the heavenly hosts, guardian of souls, vanquisher of rebel spirits, servant in the house of the Divine King and our admirable conductor, you who shine with excellence and superhuman virtue deliver us from all evil, who turn to you with confidence and enable us by your gracious protection to serve God more and more faithfully every day.

Pray for us, O glorious St. Michael, Prince of the Church of Jesus Christ, that we may be made worthy of His promises.

Almighty and Everlasting God, Who, by a prodigy of goodness and a merciful desire for the salvation of all men, has appointed the most glorious Archangel St. Michael Prince of Your Church, make us worthy, we ask You, to be delivered from all our enemies, that none of them may harass us at the hour of death, but that we may be conducted by him into Your Presence.This we ask through the merits of
Jesus Christ Our Lord.


Read more:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

St. Anthony of Padua

St. Anthony of Padua is one of the most well known saints in the Catholic Church.  He ranks up there with the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Francis and St Michael the Archangel.  St. Anthony was a Franciscan and joined the order when he was about 26 years old.  Prior to his entry to the Franciscans, he was an Augustinian.

St. Anthony of Padua was a gifted preacher and theologian.  He used his words wisely and conveyed the teachings of Christ in such a way that it moved the hearts of listeners.  He was called the "Hammer of the Heretics" due to his ability to refute heresies and explicate the teachings of the Church.

In 1946, Pope Pius XII named St. Anthony a Doctor of the Church and rightfully so.  St. Anthony loved to evangelize and is a model for all Catholics, especially in this Year of Faith.  We should imitate his zeal to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to all of creation just like St. Anthony who even preached to fish when he was ignored by heretics.

St. Anthony also performed many miracles in Jesus' name.  He restored limbs, healed the sick, restored sight.  After his death, many miracles were reported which led to his quick canonization.  He is the patron saint of lost items and his initials "S.A.G." are often placed on mail to ensure safe delivery.  This custom comes from a woman who sent letters to her husband but never got any replies.  Frustrated and feeling hopeless, she placed the letter before a statue of St. Anthony and prayed for the letter to be delivered to her husband.  She returned to the church only to find the letter still there.  The sacristan was present and learned from her why the letter was there.  He insisted that he could not remove it.  However, the lady was able to remove the letter with ease.  To her surprise, the letter on the statue was not her original letter, but a reply from her husband.

Let us pray to St. Anthony that he may show us Christ.  May he teach us how to give witness to Christ in our time which is so full of sin of doubt.  May he bring about many miracles in Jesus' name.

O Holy St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and Charity for His creatures, made you worthy, when on earth, to possess miraculous powers. Encouraged by this thought, I implore you to obtain for me (request). O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my petition into the ears of the sweet Infant Jesus, who loved to be folded in your arms; and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours. Amen.


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