Monday, January 23, 2017

Defunding Planned Parenthood: Is it Bad?

President Donald J. Trump wasted now time going after abortion and Planned Parenthood. He signed an executive order reinstating the Mexico City policy. This policy prevents American tax dollars from being used to fund abortions overseas. The policy has been in place since Ronald Reagan's presidency and into Bush's. However, President Obama suppressed it during his tenure as president.

Radical feminists have dreaded the Trump presidency for this reason. He has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood and go after abortion like no other president has. He is waiting for a bill to fully defund Planned Parenthood in the States. Feminists believe that this will harm women citing that Planned Parenthood provides sonogram and other medical care. This may be true, but the real issue with these feminists is that they see abortion as healthcare. It is not.

Woman can get all kinds of care in hospitals and other clinics, see: Abortion is not healthcare. Getting an abortion will not miraculously cure a woman from a particular illness. In fact, heart disease is the number one killer of women, yet pro abortion advocates are mute on this reality and focus their attention on abortion. One can see where the priority is at, and it is not the welfare of women.

Pro abortion advocates have been whining that defunding Planned Parenthood will hurt women. This is not true. "Dr. Raegan" on Twitter tweeted a link on this which I quoted and tweeted "lies" in response. She blocked me.

Is it bad to defund Planned Parenthood? Absolutely not! This organization is a criminal organization which focuses on abortion and the perversion of our children. They get millions of dollars from tax payers which they use for abortions. The organization was founded by Margaret Sanger. Sanger was an eugenicist and racist who wanted to get rid of Black, other minorities and the disabled. She saw them as undesirable and defects in the human gene pool. Planned Parenthood even sterilized Puerto Rican women on the island of Puerto Rico. Despite this, Puerto Ricans like Lin-Manuel Miranda support the organization.

This organization has implemented sex education to kindegarteners under the presidency of Obama!


I remember kindergarten so well. My teacher Mrs. Fernandez was awesome, gentle and loving. She inspired me and encouraged learning in my life.  We learned the ABC's and 123's using books and other items geared towards young children. We played with blocks and other things in order to develop our skills, reasoning etc. I cannot imagine going to kindergarten and having a teaching teach us about how to use a condom or about sex. The idea just sends goosebumps throughout me. It is nasty! This world is tough to live in. Kindergarten is one of the last times a kid gets to enjoy his or her innocence and childhood. To rob them away from this by forcing them to grow up too fast is wrong.

Look at this from their content given to kids!

This is disgusting!

Planned Parenthood definitely has to be defunded and must go out of business. It has perpetuated evil and immorality for decades. I applaud President Trump for going in the right direction.


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