Sunday, May 28, 2023

Pentecost 2023

Today we celebrate Pentecost or the day when the Catholic Church was officially born to the public. In the first reading, we read the account of this coming of the Holy Spirit.  The Blessed Virgin Mother Mary and the Apostles gathered in an upper room and prayed for 9 days (Acts 1:14).

They then received the Holy Spirit who descended upon them as tongues of fire. Each received the gifts of the Holy Spirit as well as the gift of tongues so that people could understand them in their native language as they preached the Gospel of Christ. This ability to communicate in various languages while speaking only one is connected to the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. The people of Babel were ambitious, never thinking of God, only themselves.

Like today, they place science and technology as means to give humankind a sense of self-divinity. We can split atoms, go to the moon, collide protons, clone animals, land space crafts on comets, and immediately we think we are gods. Now, they want to try to revive dead corpses in Germany! Others think they can change someone's gender with cosmetic surgery. The arrogance of the people of Babel brought God to confuse their language. Their sins united them, so to speak. The confusion of their tongue humbled them and delayed any advancements they were planning.  However, on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit gave the Blessed Mother and the Apostles the gifts of tongues allowing them to once again speak in one language that was intelligible to everyone else but with the message of Christ, not one like those of Babel who were self-centered humanists.

Pentecost means the 'fiftieth day' and was celebrated on the 'Feast of Weeks' or 'Shevout'.  On this day, all Jews recalled the day the Commandments were given to Moses 50 days after their Exodus from Egypt (Leviticus 23:15-21, Deuteronomy 16:9-11).  There was a big harvest on this day. Jesus had promised the Holy Spirit to the Apostles (Luke 24:49).  He told them that the Helper or Paraclete would come to them reminding them of all He has taught them and will guide them in Truth (John 14:15-31).

These are important verses that are ignored by our separated brethren who often claim that the Catholic Church is corrupt and apostate.  In America's infancy, groups such as the Finneyites rose up preaching a form of "primitivism," or what they called a return to the "original Christianity."  We see many of their sects today such as the Baptists, Pentecostals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Methodists, Evangelicals, Mormons, Adventists, and so on.  Anyone who believes that Christ's Catholic Church became corrupt is basically calling Jesus a liar.  If Jesus indeed promised that the Spirit would guide the Church in Truth, how can it become corrupt?  How can the Church fall away from Christ?  

This is a misconception our separated friends must really meditate on.  They must cast away that ignorant rhetoric from the harsh anti-Catholicism that existed in the past - post-reformation and into America's infancy. This is very true in regard to the hate that they have against the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She is the spouse of the Holy Spirit!  The Holy Spirit has been with her since day one, so to speak. She said the Magnificat prayer under the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came to her to conceive the Christ child and the Holy Spirit came upon her at Pentecost along with the Apostles. This woman is indeed important in Christianity!  To set her aside or call her "nothing" as this young man who entered a Catholic Church recently to "preach" and who went viral on social media, is simply nonsense and unbiblical. 

It is the Holy Spirit who gave life to the universe, the earth, and man (Genesis 1:2, Genesis 2:7).  The Spirit will renew the face of the Earth as we read in today's Psalm.  It is via this Spirit that we can profess faith in Jesus as Lord as the second reading (the first option from (1 COR 12:3B-7, 12-13) tells us. This Spirit gives us the gifts necessary for us to spread the Gospel to others and grow in the Gospel internally. We must not fight the Holy Spirit but let Him transform us as we read in the second option from Galatians 6:16-25.

Lastly, in the Gospel, both options tell us of Christ's promise of this Helper. We need this helper today more than ever. Our Church is being attacked from within and without. Many among us have lost our way, even among the clergy.  Churches are closing, and people are leaving the faith.  A culture of death, sexual confusion, and egoism is on the rise.  The world seems to have gone to hell, so to speak. We must ask the Holy Spirit to come to us and renew us so that we can combat the evils in the world which come from the father of lies (John 8:44, Ephesians 6:12). The Spirit will come when we are united in prayer.  In this Holy Spirit, we must go out and proclaim Christ in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2).  We all know that Christ and His Gospel is extremely out of season in our day, nevertheless, we must be courageous because God's Spirit which was given to us is not a pusillanimous or timid Spirit  (2 Timothy 1:7).  We may not have the 'eye of the tiger,' but we have the Holy Spirit and the world will hear us roar just like on the day of Pentecost.

Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to come once again and renew the Catholic Church and the world.  

Let us pray to the Holy Spirit to rid the Church of scandals; to rid the Church of her Judas' who continues to betray Jesus.  

Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to renew our faith and restore or bring the gift of faith to those who lost it or never bothered with it.  

Let us pray to the Holy Spirit to tell us what to do in these trying times.  To instruct us on how to confront with love and reason the errors of today such as Relativism, Atheism, Secularism, Homosexual behavior, the distortion of Marriage, the selfishness and ego of Feminism, Indifferentism, Personhood distortion, and attack on life, and gender confusion.  

The Covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic has humbled man in ways he has not imagined. As stated before, humanity prides itself on having abilities to split atoms, bring men to the moon, robots to Mars, the internet, and so forth.  Like Babel, man is still arrogant thinking he can build himself to God's realm and be godlike.  Ironically, an organism way smaller than man has reminded the man that he is not the be-all-end-all of nature.  The Covid 19 virus paralyzed the world. It froze economies, and world powers, belittled science and medicine into primitive guessing trades, and even froze religious institutions. 

We must learn from this and remind ourselves that we are not gods. God only allows our science and knowledge to do good, not to become gods or replace God.  We must rely on God's Holy Spirit for true Knowledge and Wisdom which guides us to goodness and righteousness.  God's Spirit is what gives the universe life and existence.  Let us call on the Paraclete to come to help us during this pandemic and in everyday situations.  Let us ask Him to guide us and protect us from evil and ourselves.   Let us pray for all the confirmandi around the world who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.  May the Holy Spirit be with them always guiding them.   

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love, sent forth your spirit and they shall be created and you shall renew the face of the earth.

O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Former Art Professor Shellyne Rodriguez Arrested on Charges of Harassment & Menacing.

Disgraced former Art Professor Shellyne Rodriguez who is now known as the "unhinged professor" or "Nutty Professor" was arrested today after 11:00 AM at the 43rd precinct after surrendering to the NYPD. She is being charged with harassment and menacing one count each in the 2nd degree. If you have not been up to date on this story see these previous blog posts: Ironically, Rodriguez was arrested on the third anniversary of the death of George Floyd. She took part in the riots in 2020 shortly before the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic shut New York City down. As you may know, the riots happened after the news of Floyd's death at the hands, or I should say, the knee of the police.  Here are videos from these riots from amateur journalist Elad Liahu who also had a nasty run-in with Rodriguez.






The NY Post describes today's arrest in this manner, "A smirking Shellyne Rodriguez, 45, held her head high as she was escorted out of the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx in handcuffs just after 11 a.m. — several hours after turning herself in over Tuesday’s caught-on-camera ordeal. The professor had her slew of tattoos on full display, including 'FTP' (for 'F–k the police') inked on her fingers, as well as an image of brass knuckles and the boxing term “southpaw” scrawled across her hand. Earlier, Rodriguez had worn black sunglasses and was flanked by a handful of supporters as she walked into the precinct to surrender to cops." 

It is not known who these supporters were who accompanied her. They may be some of her students or members of the Take Back the Bronx activist group she is part of. In a video, Rodriguez is seen smirking and blowing kisses with her lips at reporters. She was hauled to the Bronx Criminal Courthouse for arraignment. The judge released her on her own recognizance. She later walked with some of the half dozen supporters present with her to eat a the local Burger King at the mall across the street of the courthouse on 161st Street in the Bronx. 

Moreover, after circulating a petition in support of Shellyne Rodriguez, the union that represents employees as CUNY, the PSC has backtracked and removed the petition from their website. Rodriguez identifies as a "black Marxist" despite being of Puerto Rican descent. I know her personally, as well as her sister, aunt, and other members. We grew up in the same building and she returned to help some of the tenants there form a tenant association. I assisted her in writing a letter demanding the use of a community room which is a legal right for tenants. I studied paralegal, so I am familiar with the law and legalese. 

While I do not condone her behavior and have confronted her before on the need for police, we must note how her "people" have not come to her defense. Where are Black Lives Matter, the Palestinians, Feminists, Pro-abortion, and LGBT crowd at?  She dedicates her life to these people and their agendas, but none came to support her. Even the liberal-progressive CUNY, namely Hunter College and the PSC abandoned her.  This seems to be the story of Puerto Ricans. They help other groups and are often left out and ignored.  Again, I am not defending her or her actions, but am simply pointing out this disparity.  

I do not know if she is a member of the LGBT community, but if she is, we can see why she can be abrasive and aggressive. Members of this community, as well as, females in general tend to be a bit more aggressive when confronting opposition. This is possible because their voices and presence have been small for centuries, so they have to be "loud," so to speak, in order to bring attention.  I tried to reach out to her, but have not heard from her. 

Please pray for her that she gets her life together and hopefully leaves behind this radicalization she has received which is ruining her reputation and career. It is just not worth it.  Sometimes we can just agree to disagree and fight the real battles, not nonsensical political ones.  

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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Disgraced Adjunct Professor Shellyne Rodriguez Fired & Assaults NY Post Reporter With Machete

Disgraced art adjunct professor at Hunter College Shellyne Rodriguez has been fired. school spokesman Vince Dimiceli told The Post "Hunter College strongly condemns the unacceptable actions of Shellyne Rodriguez and has taken immediate action. Rodriguez has been relieved of her duties at Hunter College effective immediately, and will not be returning to teach at the school." 

 However, she is in the news for another incident involving a reporter. Veteran NY Post reporter Reuven Fenton and his staff went to the apartment of Rodriguez in the Castlehill section of the Bronx which shares the lot with the Choculita La Bella deli to interview her. However, she came out belligerent and aggressive wielding a machete in hand. At one point she placed it on Fenton's neck threatening to chop off his head. After spewing several f-bombs demanding that they leave, she went back inside as the reporters left calmly. However, while outside, Rodriguez came down wielding the machete in hand. She began to chase the reporters around cars, on the street and sidewalk in a scene that looked like a Charlie Chaplin or Three Stooges "fast-running" scene. Here are videos and photos:


It is not known whether or not Shellyne Rodriguez was fired after the reporter incident or whether Hunter College's president made the decision beforehand. Some on social media are describing the firing as taking place after the machete incident with the reporter from the NY Post. We have not been able to confirm either. 

 Nevertheless, we do know that the provost of Hunter College began an investigation and the video from Students For Life was truly incriminating. The young man in the original video which got Shellyne Rodriguez on the path to being canceled was on Fox News. His name is Patrick Rubi and was a student at Cathedral Prep high school which is a high school for boys considering the priesthood. Here is the interview:


It is safe to say that Shellyne Rodriguez needs help. She is unfit to be a professor or in any position of leadership. Rodriguez is too volatile and unhinged.  If the presence of a mere table with pro-life material or reporters gets her to the point of becoming physically violent, then she needs anger management or needs a psychiatric evaluation. She may be bipolar or suffer from adjustment reaction disorder. 

In any event, she is a danger to others and herself. The NYPD is currently investigating the machete incident. It will not be a surprise if she is arrested for this incident. There is a lawsuit on her behalf against the NYPD. Rodriguez claims that while protesting the incident of George Flloyd, she was arrested, had her face bashed into a gate, her hair pulled, and was punched several times in the abdomen. She claims the plastic cuffs placed on her were too tight and when she asked for them to be loosened, the officer allegedly tightened them more causing her to scream in pain.  Rodriguez claims that this caused nerve damage along with the movement of the paddy wagon.  She is scheduled to go to court in July. 

Most likely, these events will hurt her case. The defense can show that she is an unstable and violent person. Ironically, she called the display of the young pro-lifers from Students For Life "violent," yet she was the one who has been violent in both of these incidents.  

Hunter College made the right decision to fire her. She needs to learn how to be professional and control her temper if she wants to function in a civilized society. We just cannot have people behaving like this, especially in positions of authority with young people.  She is "woke" and many of these people tend to behave in this manner. This is why no one takes their rhetoric seriously. 

Art by Shellyne Rodriguez depicting what looks like the story of her apartment 4A

She has a sister named Sunshine Jenkins who owns and runs Sunshine's Little Achievers in the Bronx on Clinton Avenue. There is word online that she may be next to be canceled. As the saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together," we must be concerned about what she is teaching pre-k children in this daycare. Clearly, something is bothering Rodriguez. She has inner demons that need to be worked out in a psychological and spiritual setting.  This goes to show how being too much to the left or right can have extremely harmful psychological consequences.  She needs to be arrested for menacing. You just cannot put machetes on people's necks or chase them around in the street with them.  This is not America. It is not liberty. It is not civilizations.  This is savagery.  

UPDATE May 24, 2023:

Shellyne Rodriguez finally provided a statement to ArtNews claiming she is the victim. She claims she apologized for the May 2nd incident with the pro-life students and was awaiting for the investigation process to finish until the video became viral on May 19th. She was then fired.  Rodriguez is now accusing Hunter College of supporting and catering to white supremacy. She said this whole ordeal has affected her mental health and that she fears for her life. She believes it to be a conservative right-wing campaign against her because of her antifa anarchist views.  It is interesting to note that she made no mention of the NY post machete incident.  

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Updated Source May 24, 2023:

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Triggered Art Professor Shellyne Rodriguez Attacks Pro-Life Students at Hunter College, CUNY

On May 2, 2023, there was an incident with an adjunct art professor of Puerto Rican descent who works at Hunter College. Her name is Shellyne Rodriguez. Rodriguez confronts students with a table containing pro-life pamphlets and what looks to be some sort of a display. She engages the students accusing them of spreading propaganda and not educating. She then asks if anti-trans is next, presumably meaning if the next table content on another occasion will contain material on this. 

The young Caucasian male responds correcting her on why they are there, namely, to talk about abortion. She said they are triggering her students and that the material is violent and calls it bulls*%t. Rodriguez continues to berate the young man telling him that he cannot even have a baby and that he does not know what that is about. 

She then hurls more vulgar expressions before vandalizing their display by shoving it aside and pushing away the pamphlets. Rodriguez then storms away in anger. The two young students look offended and quickly begin to clean up the mess the professor made. The video went viral on May 19, 2023, on the Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts of Students For Life:

@studentsforlife PROFESSOR GONE WILD: Pro-abortion professor Professor Shellyne Rodriquez curses at pro-life students and vandalizes table at Hunter College. #prolife #abortion #huntercollege #cuny #libsoftiktok #intolerance #intolerant #thetolerantleft #conservative #christiantiktok ♬ original sound - Students for Life


The video was even posted on the Twitter account "ClownWorld" which showcases antics by the left:


This led to several comments being posted criticizing Shellyne's actions, attacking her behavior and appearance, and calling for her suspension or termination from Hunter College, CUNY.


Some anti-life supporters and groups came out in defense of Shellyne and are attacking the Students For Life organization calling them a threat and other derogatory terms.


A few others began to circulate a Google doc form giving an account of what happened and asking for petitions supporting Shellyne. Here is the link:



Shellyne Rodriguez works at Hunter College of the CUNY as an adjunct professor of Art. An adjunct professor is not full-time or tenured. He or she works on a contractual basis for a few semesters or more and then will be released. It is unknown if Rodriguez has a doctoral degree or is working on one at the CUNY Graduate Center which employs students as adjunct professors. A Wikipedia article states of her the following "Rodriguez graduated with a BFA in Visual & Critical Studies from the School of Visual Arts in 2011 and an MFA in Fine Art from CUNY Hunter College in 2014." Her art has been displayed at the Bronx Museum, as well as the Museum of El Barrio. She has her own website which displays her work and CV. On another website, she is described as "LatinX." A tweet from someone who has met her at a tenant association meeting in the Bronx describes her in this manner:



As stated, there are calls to cancel her. Many have stormed CUNY, Hunter College demanding that she be fired or suspended. Others are sending hate mail to her according to the petition supporting her actions. According to this tweet, she has a sister named Sunshine Jenkins who lives in the Bronx and runs a Daycare called Sunshine Little Achievers on Clinton Avenue in the Bronx.



It is clear that Rodriguez's actions have angered many and rightfully so. She is an adjunct professor and should know how to be professional. Professors need to have a special decorum on and off campus in order to be taken seriously as academicians, scholars, and experts in their respective fields. Colleges and universities are supposed to be safe spaces for differing views and overall free thinking. To call pro-life rhetoric "bulls***," "violent" and so on is just ridiculous. The audacity to think that only pro-death pro-abortion advocates have free speech on campus is even more ridiculous. 

Moreover, Rodriguez asks if the content on the table the next till will be anti-trans, but then goes on to say to the young male that he cannot have a baby. This contradicts the rhetoric that transwomen despite being biologically male can be "pregnant persons" or even menstruate. Her statement acknowledges the biological fact that men cannot have babies. Moreover, she calls pro-life content violence but proceeds to be violent with the students by knocking over their display and pushing their pamphlets on the table making a mess of them. 

Shellyne Rodriguez claims her students were triggered, but none of them came up in the video complaining as she did. It is clear that she was the one that had the problem and was triggered.  Her petulant display of anger is unbecoming of a college professor.  She came across as a young child with a temper tantrum or an adolescent displaying teen angst.  Can you imagine if you were a student in her art class and made an art display defending human life or on reproduction and motherhood? Would she see this as free speech and artistic expression or will she launch towards the art display and vandalize it in anger? She embarrassed herself, Latinos, and women with her display.  People who are this angry as an opposing view simply demonstrate intellectual insecurity.  

I commend the young students for remaining poised and professional. They did not argue nor did they raise their voices.  The irony is that these young students demonstrated to her how an adult is supposed to comport themselves, moreover, a college professor.  

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Pope Francis Says Why He Limited Use of Extraordinary Form of the Mass

Pope Francis recently spoke to Jesuits in Hungary during his April 2023 trip about why he implemented the motu propio Traditionis Custodes.  

He said that the rites were "being used in an ideological way."  He told the 32 Jesuits, “After all the necessary consultations, I decided this because I saw that the good pastoral measures put in place by John Paul II and Benedict XVI were being used in an ideological way, to go backward. It was necessary to stop this ‘indietrismo,’ which was not in the pastoral vision of my predecessors."  Moreover, he described the movement to keep the extraordinary form as a "nostalgic disease." Here are his full comments:

"I wouldn’t know how to answer that theoretically, but I certainly know that the Council is still being applied. It takes a century for a Council to be assimilated, they say. And I know the resistance to its decrees is terrible. There is unbelievable restorationism, what I call “indietrismo” (backwardness), as the Letter to the Hebrews (10:39) says: “But we do not belong to those who shrink back.” The flow of history and grace goes from the roots upward like the sap of a tree that bears fruit. But without this flow you remain a mummy. Going backwards does not preserve life, ever. You must change, as St. Vincent of Lérins wrote in his Commonitory when he remarked that even the dogma of the Christian religion progresses, consolidating over the years, developing with time, deepening with age. But this is a change from the bottom up. The danger today is indietrismo, the reaction against the modern. It is a nostalgic disease. This is why I decided that now the permission to celebrate according to the Roman Missal of 1962 is mandatory for all newly consecrated priests. After all the necessary consultations, I decided this because I saw that the good pastoral measures put in place by John Paul II and Benedict XVI were being used in an ideological way, to go backward. It was necessary to stop this indietrismo, which was not in the pastoral vision of my predecessors." - Pope Francis' comments to Jesuits in Hungary, 2023

As many of you may know, from the Council of Trent until a bit after Vatican II, the Mass was said mostly in Latin around the world and was structured a bit differently than the rite we have now. The priest did not face the people, there was no concelebration, Holy Communion was only given on the tongue and there were several Scriptural readings.  Women were also not allowed on the altar as servers, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, or lectors. In fact, no lay person was allowed other than young altar boys.  There was a deacon and sub-deacon. The rite was more introverted from the priest's standpoint.  

After 1969, a simpler rite was promulgated by Saint Pope Paul VI. This rite was not a "new Mass" as some online and in so-called "traditionalist" circles claim. Paul VI made it clear in an Address to a General Audience, on November 19, 1969 (see: Furthermore, in another statement to Italian bishops, he said in Italian that the changes were part of a "new rite' (see: These words were mistranslated into "Novus Ordo" by some looking to push conspiracy theories claiming the Church was taken over by some mysterious group pushing for the "New World Order."  Some even claim Paul VI was replaced by an imposter.  

As Paul VI explains, the Mass is the same Mass.  In other words, the Ordinary Form of the Mass we use today, and the Extraordinary Form are the one and same Mass of all ages. Certain rites that were redundant were removed and a few things were restored from the Mass of the Early Christians which we can read a description of in St. Justin Martyr's Apologia. The terms "Extraordinary Form" and "Ordinary Form" are the only proper ways to describe the rites and were formalized in Benedict XVI's Apostolic Letter given as a motu propio, Summorum Pontificum.    

Paul VI described everything as "new," and was not referring to the Mass directly. By "new." he meant that the rites are being presented in a different fashion, not that they are innovations or something the Church made up along the way. Some claim Archbishop Bugnini "designed the Mass" and even wrote the second Eucharistic prayer on a napkin. These claims are all unfounded and are circulated around in order to give credence to the so-called "traditionalist" rhetoric. Some have even lied claiming Bugnini said that Mass was supposed to be Protestant in order to appease them or that it was even designed by Protestants. There is even a photo of several Protestant ministers which is often used as a meme to present the idea that Protestants helped design the Mass. This is again false. Protestants were at Vatican II as guests. They had no say in the council. In fact, the Council of Trent had Protestants as observers as well.  The term "Novus Ordo" is a pejorative term used in an attempt to devalue the Ordinary Form of the Mass. 

The fact is that the Church can change rites. She cannot change dogmas or doctrines and must not discard older rites for the sake of modernity. We read in Mediator Dei, an encyclical of Pius XII who as a pre-Vatican II pontiff the following:

58. It follows from this that the Sovereign Pontiff alone enjoys the right to recognize and establish any practice touching the worship of God, to introduce and approve new rites, as also to modify those he judges to require modification.[50] Bishops, for their part, have the right and duty carefully to watch over the exact observance of the prescriptions of the sacred canons respecting divine worship.[51] Private individuals, therefore, even though they be clerics, may not be left to decide for themselves in these holy and venerable matters, involving as they do the religious life of Christian society along with the exercise of the priesthood of Jesus Christ and worship of God; concerned as they are with the honor due to the Blessed Trinity, the Word Incarnate and His august mother and the other saints, and with the salvation of souls as well. For the same reason no private person has any authority to regulate external practices of this kind, which are intimately bound up with Church discipline and with the order, unity and concord of the Mystical Body and frequently even with the integrity of Catholic faith itself.

59. The Church is without question a living organism, and as an organism, in respect of the sacred liturgy also, she grows, matures, develops, adapts and accommodates herself to temporal needs and circumstances, provided only that the integrity of her doctrine be safeguarded. This notwithstanding, the temerity and daring of those who introduce novel liturgical practices, or call for the revival of obsolete rites out of harmony with prevailing laws and rubrics, deserve severe reproof. It has pained Us grievously to note, Venerable Brethren, that such innovations are actually being introduced, not merely in minor details but in matters of major importance as well. We instance, in point of fact, those who make use of the vernacular in the celebration of the august eucharistic sacrifice; those who transfer certain feast-days - which have been appointed and established after mature deliberation - to other dates; those, finally, who delete from the prayerbooks approved for public use the sacred texts of the Old Testament, deeming them little suited and inopportune for modern times.

60. The use of the Latin language, customary in a considerable portion of the Church, is a manifest and beautiful sign of unity, as well as an effective antidote for any corruption of doctrinal truth. In spite of this, the use of the mother tongue in connection with several of the rites may be of much advantage to the people. But the Apostolic See alone is empowered to grant this permission. It is forbidden, therefore, to take any action whatever of this nature without having requested and obtained such consent, since the sacred liturgy, as We have said, is entirely subject to the discretion and approval of the Holy See.

61. The same reasoning holds in the case of some persons who are bent on the restoration of all the ancient rites and ceremonies indiscriminately. The liturgy of the early ages is most certainly worthy of all veneration. But ancient usage must not be esteemed more suitable and proper, either in its own right or in its significance for later times and new situations, on the simple ground that it carries the savor and aroma of antiquity. The more recent liturgical rites likewise deserve reverence and respect. They, too, owe their inspiration to the Holy Spirit, who assists the Church in every age even to the consummation of the world.[52] They are equally the resources used by the majestic Spouse of Jesus Christ to promote and procure the sanctity of man. 


So we read here how even before Vatican II there was an issue with the rites and people attempting to discard them with even older rites or introduce newer ones.  Ideology was being pushed here. Pius XII was aware of it and Francis now is attempting to address it by restricting the use of the Extraordinary Form to only those whom Rome has given permission to.  The problem is not the rites or the Mass, but the people in the Church who have an agenda.  Pope Francis had to issue Traditionis Custodes in order to protect the Extraordinary Form from ideologies and other nonsense from people within the Church looking to push an agenda and cause division. 

So-called traditionalists upset with the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes brought it upon themselves. They had it easy with Summorum Pontificum, yet continued to attack Vatican II, the Ordinary Form, and push false narratives regarding the "true church" vs modernists. Had they left well enough alone, Pope Francis would not have had to issue this new Motu Propio. The pope and bishops saw that those requesting the 1962 Missal just wanted to use it to push a false narrative and agenda.  They did not want the rite for spiritual growth purposes. They also kept pushing false narratives that the Ordinary Form is an innovation, was created by Protestants, and is part of the new world order.  As stated, some even pushed the idea that Paul VI had a doppelganger. 

They completely ignored history and the facts of how the liturgy has developed since the first century.  The 1962  Missal itself is a product of centuries of revisions. There is no "traditional Latin mass." It has constantly been evolving. There is no "Mass of the ages." These are coined terms meant to push a narrative that is not based on reality, history, and facts. Whether extraordinary or ordinary, the Mass is ONE and the same based on two hinges: the Word of God and the Eucharist. If a Catholic cannot see this or understand this, then he or she is worshiping rituals, not God Himself.  This is why the pope did not repress the rite, but restricted its use showing he is protecting a treasure that is being abused by some fanatics for political reasons. Pius XII called the Church and Liturgy a "living organism" that grows and adapts, develops, and accommodates to the current situation.   This does not mean the Mass rites of before Trent, the Mass rites before Vatican II are obsolete, or that the Mass rites after Vatican II are modernism or innovations. They are all part of the One and Same Mass and are valid, but applied appropriately depending on time, circumstances, and the needs of the people's spiritual lives.  

I serve both forms and love them. This is because Christ is present in both, not because of the rituals themselves. They are man-made pomp and circumstances, so to speak.  The vestments, rubric words, incense, and bells are all smoke and mirrors. What matters is the Word and Eucharist.

Hopefully, now, there will be respect for the Extraordinary Form and the Ordinary Form, as well as Vatican II and reality. Traditionis Custodes is tough love by the pontiff. He is the custodian and guardian of the faith and liturgy.  We cannot have bad actors hijack this rite for ideology. Just search for those who call the pope "Bergoglio" or claim Vatican II is modernism. There are many out there using social media to promote this nonsense.  They are to blame for the restrictions.   Pope Francis is not an enemy of tradition or the Extraordinary Form. He is safeguarding it from wolves looking to tear it apart with their ideological nonsense. 

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Marine Daniel Penny Kills Homeless Mentally ill Jordan Neely With Chokehold

Recently, the news has been focusing on a case that happened in New York City. A homeless man with a criminal history and arrest warrant entered a subway. The early reports claimed that he attacked riders and threw garbage at them. This prompted Daniel Penny,24 and a veteran of the Marines to put him in a chokehold. Other riders joined in holding down Neely. Neely eventually passed away. 

The coroner ruled his death a homicide.  Penny was interrogated by police and was then released. This brought many to protest calling on the arrest of Daniel Penny and others involved. The Manhattan district attorney is investigating and will bring everything before a grand jury to see if charges are warranted.

The case has divided Americans with some believing Daniel Penny is a hero and others saying Jordan Neely did not deserve to be killed. Those that argue that Penny is a hero are mostly from the right-wing conservative faction in American politics. They view Penny's action as self-defense and claim Neely was violent and a threat to people in New York City and deserved what he got. Those who support Neely say that he was homeless and simply asking for food and water. He had mental illness and often had outbursts due to a lack of medication and overall treatment. The city failed in helping him. They claim he is also a victim.  

We are now in a situation where people are bringing in politics and race. On social media, we are already seeing people attack blacks claiming they are the cause of violence and focus on Neely's criminal record assassinating his character in order to deflect from his mental illness, homelessness situation, and the lack of help from the city of New York.  We also see people attack Daniel Penny because he is Caucasian calling his chokehold move on Neely a "lynching."  It is sad that it has come to this. The racism is in fact clear as day.  We are seeing a white vs back narrative subliminally presented in the arguments on both sides. People are forgetting the facts of the story.  Did Neely deserve to be chokehold to death? Did Daniel Penny and others do the right thing and did they act in self-defense?

Based on what we know, the answer to these are not so easy, but the law can help.  In New York and 14 other states there is a duty to retreat clause. This means that citizens have a duty to escape or get away from a violent situation if the opportunity is there. If there is no option to retreat, then citizens can use force, even kill the assailant.  The duty to retreat does not apply to citizens when they are at home in New York and at home, place of work and car in other states.  The law varies from state to state. This is why it is important for people to educate themselves.  Many times people, particularly conservatives, think that it is okay to kill someone who attacks you. They claim it is a "right" to self-defense. This is not true. One cannot just kill an attacker and claim self-defense.  Since this case between Neely and Penny happened in New York City, we will focus on the law in New York State. You can read more about laws in other states here (

In New York state, Artcile 35 of the penal code states:

  (c) The physical  force  involved  is  the  product  of  a  combat  by

agreement not specifically authorized by law.

  2.  A  person  may  not  use deadly physical force upon another person

under circumstances specified in subdivision one unless:

  (a) The actor reasonably believes that such other person is  using  or

about  to  use  deadly  physical  force. Even in such case, however, the

actor may not use deadly physical force if he or  she  knows  that  with

complete  personal safety, to oneself and others he or she may avoid the

necessity of so doing by retreating; except that the actor is  under  no

duty to retreat if he or she is:

  (i) in his or her dwelling and not the initial aggressor; or

  (ii) a police officer or peace officer or a person assisting a police

officer or a peace officer at the latter`s direction, acting pursuant to

section 35.30; or

  (b) He or she reasonably believes that such other person is committing

or attempting to commit a kidnapping, forcible rape,  forcible  criminal

sexual act or robbery; or

  (c) He or she reasonably believes that such other person is committing

or  attempting to commit a burglary, and the circumstances are such that

the use of deadly physical force is authorized by subdivision three of

section 35.20.


So, as you read, there is a duty to retreat.  Daniel and the others had to retreat and not engage Neely unless there was no option to retreat. In light of this, Daniel Penny and the riders involved need to be charged for killing Jordan Neely. He broke the law (duty to retreat clause) of NY state. Screaming out for food, and water, or even throwing garbage does not warrant being choked to death.  Nor does having a criminal record.  Citizens cannot take the law into their own hands. This is not self-defense. Daniel and others had a duty to retreat.

Subway cars have end doors where people can move between cars.  They have emergency brakes that stop a moving train, allowing for exiting.  Attached are photos.  Moreover, cars have emergency windows that can be removed to exit.  There is no excuse.  The MTA offers guidelines here mentioning the emergency windows and how to exit a subway car, see:  If not charged, this will empower people to kill others for any outburst, whether mental illness related or not. Even autistic people will be in danger depending on where on the spectrum they are on and if this causes them to behave violently. People will kill others just for being bumped on a train, bus, or sidewalk.  We cannot have this in a civilized society where the rule of law supersedes.  Jordan Neely had mental illness and was not helped. He could not help how he behaved due to it.  He did not deserve to be killed.  Attacking his character does nothing but turn the attacker into a despicable human being lacking morals and compassion.  Justice must be served.  The rule of law must matter.

In 2017, I served on a trial where a young man killed an elderly man with a metal pipe in the South Bronx. In the video, we saw both men arguing. The young man walks out of the store and the elderly man goes to the back of the bodega and grabs a pipe going after the young man.  We see another cell video of both arguing outside and the young man hitting the elderly man with a pipe.  Many of the jurors thought the younger guy was defending himself. However, I brought up the duty to retreat clause and before deliberation, the judge told us the law.  

I remember this when studying paralegal in high school.  We did internships at the Bronx Court House on the Grand Concourse and 161st.  Like conservatives on social media, the jury I was with assumed the young guy was legitimately defending himself. However, this was not the case.  He had a duty to retreat. The elderly man was really no threat. He easily took the pipe away from him.  Therefore, the young man could have left with the pipe, tossed it aside and left, or simply just called 911 while holding the pipe and not engaging the elderly man. Instead, he took the pipe away and began to beat the elderly man with him fracturing his cheekbone and skull overall.  A few of the jurors got upset with me because I took the case seriously. They just wanted to issue a verdict and go back to their jobs. They were worried about not getting a paycheck. I was more concerned about justice. 

Two young Dominican guys were even making snarky remarks causing the older jurors to shake their heads in disbelief and call them out for their immaturity.  Anyhow, me delay of the deliberation worked and the right decision was made that even the judge, district attorney, and court officers applauded us. 

The other jurors pointed me out as the reason for delaying deliberations.   We ended up deciding a guilty verdict for manslaughter against the young man. He may have thought he was defending himself because the elderly man went after him with a pipe, but that was not self-defense.  He had a duty to retreat.  Similarly, Neely was not truly a threat. Screaming and crying out for food is not a threat.  It is a disturbance of the peace.  

UPDATE May 12, 2023:  

Daniel Penny was charged and arrested. He was released on a 100k bond.  New details came in.  According to the DA, Neely entered the subway car and slammed his hand on the door in frustration. He cried out that he was hungry, and thirsty, and was not afraid to die.  He kept shouting and slammed his jacket on the floor. This was when Penny came from behind and grabbed him in a chokehold taking him down. As this was going on, the train was pulling into the station.  These details are significant because they show that there was no self-defense here. Penny grabbed him from behind. Neely was just shouting making a scene.  

Moreover, some claim that a moving train is impossible to retreat from, however, the train was pulling into the station which would have allowed people to exit immediately onto the platform and notify 911, MTA workers, or any police that may be around.  So, it makes sense for Penny to face charges.  The other riders were also complicit in the death of Neely and need to be charged as well.  

A crowdfunding for Daniel Penny has also raised over 2 million dollars while one for Neely's funeral cost raises almost $150,000. We can see here the discrepancy. Many people simply do not understand how self-defense works and attack people with mental illness and/or criminal records. We are a nation of law. Nobody can take the law into their own hands. We cannot have vigilantes running around. Those with mental illness and/or criminal records cannot be set aside like pariahs and sentenced to death merely on the aforementioned. People have dignity and equal protection under the law.  Having a mental illness and/or a criminal record does not devalue a human being. We all make mistakes. We all sin.  The real culprit here is New York City, a city that does nothing to help the disenfranchised.  Daniel Penny and others should not be placed in a position to choose to police the subways or streets.  No amount of money raised can undo what the law states nor erase what videos show and what witnesses state.  Penny's lawyer claims there is more video and that his client rendered aid. These will most likely not be enough to sway a jury of people who will most likely be liberal and conscious of how Black, mentally ill people and the homeless have been neglected in this nation.  

We also have to do better. Black people are automatically seen as violent or the main source of crimes by some from every race. This is just wrong.  The cries that Neely deserved it simply because he had a criminal record or was mentally ill are inhumane. It shows pure hate in these people.  Racism is clearly alive and well in many people even in the 21st century.  Those defending Daniel Perry must do so on reason and facts, not because he is a Marine or Caucasian. Everyone should know after Eric Gardner that not even cops can use a chokehold to restrain someone.  If cops cannot use it what makes you think a Marine or civilian can use it?  What we saw in the video was clearly a killing.  Penny should have known what a chokehold does.  Would Neely have received the same treatment and adulation if he was the Caucasian Marine and Penny was the deranged homeless man?  It is disturbing to even ask after we have seen Caucasian perpetrators treated better than non-Caucasians even after being arrested.  We must reflect on this.  The law, facts, and evidence are what must matter, nothing else.   We cannot have favoritism nor set aside the law for our misunderstanding of self-defense.  If we do this, America will become a wild-wild-west with people settling things outside and killing each other.  

This does not mean self-defense is wrong. The Catechism of the Catholic Church has this to say:

Legitimate defense
2263 The legitimate defense of persons and societies is not an exception to the prohibition against the murder of the innocent that constitutes intentional killing. "The act of self-defense can have a double effect: the preservation of one's own life; and the killing of the aggressor.... The one is intended, the other is not." 65

2264 Love toward oneself remains a fundamental principle of morality. Therefore it is legitimate to insist on respect for one's own right to life. Someone who defends his life is not guilty of murder even if he is forced to deal his aggressor a lethal blow:

If a man in self-defense uses more than necessary violence, it will be unlawful: whereas if he repels force with moderation, his defense will be lawful.... Nor is it necessary for salvation that a man omit the act of moderate self-defense to avoid killing the other man, since one is bound to take more care of one's own life than of another's. 66
2265 Legitimate defense can be not only a right but a grave duty for one who is responsible for the lives of others. The defense of the common good requires that an unjust aggressor be rendered unable to cause harm. For this reason, those who legitimately hold authority also have the right to use arms to repel aggressors against the civil community entrusted to their responsibility.

2266 The efforts of the state to curb the spread of behavior harmful to people's rights and to the basic rules of civil society correspond to the requirement of safeguarding the common good. Legitimate public authority has the right and the duty to inflict punishment proportionate to the gravity of the offense. Punishment has the primary aim of redressing the disorder introduced by the offense. When it is willingly accepted by the guilty party, it assumes the value of expiation. Punishment then, in addition to defending public order and protecting people's safety, has a medicinal purpose: as far as possible, it must contribute to the correction of the guilty party. 67

2267 Recourse to the death penalty on the part of legitimate authority, following a fair trial, was long considered an appropriate response to the gravity of certain crimes and an acceptable, albeit extreme, means of safeguarding the common good. Today, however, there is an increasing awareness that the dignity of the person is not lost even after the commission of very serious crimes. In addition, a new understanding has emerged of the significance of penal sanctions imposed by the state. Lastly, more effective systems of detention have been developed, which ensure the due protection of citizens but, at the same time, do not definitively deprive the guilty of the possibility of redemption. Consequently, the Church teaches, in the light of the Gospel, that "the death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person",68 and she works with determination for its abolition worldwide. [ Note: Pope Francis replaced the original Latin text with this paragraph in 2018.]

65 St. Thomas Aquinas, STh II-II, 64, 7, corp. art.
66 St. Thomas Aquinas, STh II-II, 64, 7, corp. art.

67 Cf. Lk 23:40-43. NT John Paul II, Evangelium vitae 56.

English Translation of the Cathechism of the Catholic Church for the United States of America © 1997, United States Catholic Conference, Inc.

Self-defense is necessary to preserve one's life and that of others, however, it must be done within ethical parameters. We simply cannot kill someone who bumps into us, taps us, spits on us, throws something at us and so on.  

UPDATE June 12, 2023: 

Daniel Penny released a video explaining what happened. In effect, he incriminated himself in the process.

UPDATE June 14, 2023

Daniel Penny was just indicted by a grand jury. The charges are now official and he will face them in court.

UPDATE June 28, 2023

Daniel Penny appeared in court this morning and entered a NOT GUILTY plea.  Here are the charges:

THE GRAND JURY OF THE COUNTY OF NEW YORK, by this indictment, accuses the defendant of the crime of MANSLAUGHTER IN THE SECOND DEGREE, in violation of Penal Law §125.15(1), committed as follows: The defendant, in the County of New York, on or about May 1, 2023, recklessly caused the death of Jordan Neely. 

SECOND COUNT: AND THE GRAND JURY AFORESAID, by this indictment, further accuses the defendant of the crime of CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE, in violation of Penal Law §125.10, committed as follows: The defendant, in the County of New York, on or about May 1, 2023, with criminal negligence, caused the death of Jordan Neely. ALVIN L. BRAGG, JR 

UPDATE January 17, 2024

Attorneys fo Daniel Penny filed a motion to get the case dismissed. The judge rejected that motion. Penny will have to face trial for killing Jordan Neely possibly in the fall of 2024. He is scheduled to appear in court again in March 2024.

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UPDATED Source June 28, 2023

Daniel Penny pleads not guilty to manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide charges | amNewYork (

Daniel Penny pleads not guilty in Jordan Neely NYC subway chokehold death - The Washington Post

US Marine vet Daniel Penny pleads not guilty to manslaughter in chokehold death of Jordan Neely | Fox News

UPDATED Source January 17, 2024


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