Wednesday, January 25, 2017

No Juan Illegal: Trump Orders Wall

Trump's attack against illegal immigration is possibly what got him elected. He voiced his concerns on illegal immigrants coming to the nation and bringing their rapists, criminals; taking American jobs and so on. As a solution, he vowed to build a wall and deport illegal immigrants. Well, he is fulfilling his promise. Today, President Trump signed executive orders which will pave the way for the wall on the border between Mexico and the United States. He reiterated that Mexico will pay for it. Moreover, Trump's executive pen will bring about the hiring of 5,000 more border patrol officers, give more power to ICE agents in order to arrest and deport illegal immigrants and take away federal grants from "sanctuary cities" who harbor illegal immigrants. New York, California and several other "blue state" regions are among these sanctuary cities.

Trump's actions today have ignited progressives and others who are incessant on breaking the law by allowing illegal immigration and putting them as the priority over American citizens. They have vowed to fight Trump; however, most likely they will fail. I have been a critcal voice against illegal immigration for years now after noticing how legal Americans such as Puerto Ricans have been pushed aside while illegal immigrants such as Mexicans, Dominicans and others are helped. It is not fair that people can come here illegally, work, not pay taxes and at the same time get welfare, food stamps and other amenities while American citizens suffer and truly deserve the aid to help them get back on their feet, so to speak.

In the Bronx, where I am from, one can see Mexicans, Dominicans and others buy groceries and other things by bulk at the expense of tax payers. These illegal immigrants have children like rabbits and then claim each child in order to get more benefits. It is a scam and quite frankly, sinful. Welfare and food stampes was created in order to help Americans get back on their feet, not to maintain them for life. Those who defend illegal immigration are hypocrites. I would bet a good amount of money that if someone entered a progressive's home, ate their food, watched their television and made him or herself at home would have the cops called on them by the progressive. No one would tolerate this intrusion in his or her own home. Why would we tolerate it in our nation on a grand scale?

We welcome people to our nations, but legally. Those who have visas must return to their nations before they expire. Anyone who wants to stay in America should become a citizen and enjoy the benefits of being one. This is much better than living in the shadows and not having the full protection of the law. Those who harbor illegal immigrants do a disservice to them. It is unchristian to keep someone in a situation that does not benefit him or her. Catholic bishops, religious others and other religious institutions should be ashamed of themselves for aiding and abetting illegal immigration. Hopefully, President Trump will go after these religious groups for endorsing the breaking of the law.

Cardinal Farrell even blocked me on Twitter because I gave him my opinion on this issue. He like other liberals are blind and do not think rationally nor do they respect the rule of law.

Donald Trump is moving in the right direction. He is also suspending the refugee program and banning visa applications from nations that harbor terrorists.

Hopefully, all illegal immigrants will be arrested and deported. If they want to come here, they have to go through the process, legally. It is only fair.


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