Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ban the Ignorant Atheists

For the past few months, Atheists on Twitter have been dropping like flies.  In an act of desperation, the #AtheistRollcall trend was created to voice support for the #atheism trend and its tweeters.

A Tweeter on the blog (http://957chatterton.blogspot.com/p/suspended-twitter-atheists.html)  writes his frustration regarding Twitter's action of suspending Atheists.  He whines about this course of action but refuses to accept that suspension results from the actions of these Atheist tweeters, not censorship.

I posted on his blog and he deleted my comment for obvious reasons.  I wrote that Atheists get suspended not for their beliefs, but for their ignorance, hate and overall immature behavior.

I understand debates and discussions can bring about great passion and emotion; however, there is no need to bully, put down, harass, stalk, or mock those who believe in God just because you don't.

There is no reason to be condescending and disrespectful by calling someone a moron, idiot, retard, backward; or by attacking beliefs in an immature manner.

One can present reasons for not believing in a calm intelligible and polite manner.  This is where Atheists fail greatly.  They claim to be intelligent and rational, but intelligence and rationality cannot co exist with immaturity.

Atheists on twitter roam around harassing believers and bullying them to the extent that it can be criminal.  In this time, where so many anti-bullying campaigns are surfacing in order to prevent the aforementioned, it is absurd to think that these so-call rationalists contribute to the bullying epidemic.

Twitter has every right to suspend any account that is breaking its rules, harassing others, bullying others and spreading around ignorance, hate, anger, and profanity.

If you are an Atheist reading this and you harass believers, mock them, curse at them, bully them, invite others to bully them, spread around ignorance and hate, what do you expect Twitter will do?

  • I invite everyone to report Atheists who cannot keep their composure and online etiquette in check.  
  • Report Atheists who only seek to bait and insult.  
  • Report Atheists who only seek to offend, bully and mock believers.  
  • Report Atheists who spread falsehoods and ignorance that promote bigotry.  
  • Get them suspended. They are providing nothing but hate and ignorance to the discussion. 

Here are some encounters I've had:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alexander Aan

The Atheist blogosphere is up in arms and dismayed at the same time.

Alexander Aan, an Indonesian Atheist was arrested and fined for posting Atheistic rhetoric on Facebook.

Crazy huh?

As a former Atheist, I know how harsh we can be in presenting our views to the world.  We can be very confrontational, very arrogant - in a word - snobbish.

Aan made a big mistake posting on Facebook in a nation that is very religious and bases its laws on religion in a fundamentalist manner.  Indonesia is a Muslim nation.  Islam is known for being a no nonsense religion.  The Catholic Church is often attacked as being stubborn, unchanging and what not, but Islam can go to the extreme in order to prevent dissent; whereas in a Catholic parish one can find all kinds of views, even among the clergy.

Indonesia is NOT the United States of America.  Freedom of speech and expression exists there solely through the filter of Islam.  In spite of this, Aan still voiced his views and now is facing the heat, so to speak.

He has been beaten by mobs, arrested, harassed, and beaten by other prisoners as well.  He faces charges for breaking the "blasphemy laws," inciting hate, and fines.

Aan is facing what many Christians have faced and are facing even today in 2012 - religious persecution.

This is unfortunate indeed.  Despite Aan's Atheistic views, he is still a human being and is being denied his basic human rights.

A petition was started by Atheists in order to get the White House involved, but the petition was a failure.  Only about 8,000 signatures were collected which was not even close to the amount needed for the White House to get involved.  Ironically, Atheism advocates attempt to silence religious beliefs in the public square; so in a sense, it is hypocritical to attempt to force Indonesia to exonerate Aan with American political power on the basis of "religious freedom."  

Nevertheless, I still participated in the petition and here is why:

  • He is a human being with rights
  • Despite leaving Atheism behind, I do not wish ill to those who still follow that belief system.
  • Jesus would have done the same by reaching out to the "Gentile." 
  • This sends a message that free speech and human rights must be respected everywhere.

All religious people should join in helping Alexander Aan.  Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Rite Orthodox, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists - We too face religious persecution and are targets of censorship by governments or groups that solely want to be heard and obeyed.

Christians in America have great power as demonstrated in the recent LGBT vs Chick-Fil-A events. We must use that power not only to help ourselves, but to help others - even those who may hate us.

Jesus wanted it that way:

 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’  But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,  that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?  Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.  - Matthew 5:43-48

For more info see:







Thursday, July 26, 2012

LGBT Tyranny

A big drama scene is taking place between the LGBT movement and restaurant Chick-fil-a.  The issue began when President of Chick-fil-a, Dan Cathy voiced his support for natural marriage between a male and a female.  The LGBT quicky cried out "discrimination" and "bigot!"   To further escalate the matter, Mayor Tom Menino of Boston vowed to ban Chick-fil-a from Boston.  He claims that Boston will not support any business that "discriminates."  Chicago's politicians also joined in this boycott as well as the company that owns the "Muppets."

To counter this, former presidential candidates Mike Hucklebee and Rick Santorum voiced their support.  Many others are also holding Chick-fil-a appreciation days in support of the franchise.

This is unfortunate indeed.  The LGBT tyranny has got to stop.  Freedom of speech is under attack and must be defended.  It is not discriminatory to speak one's mind.   No governments have the power or right to regulate the political positions of businesses that function in its territory.  This is a scary thing that is happening.  If an elected official can weed out businesses based on politics, then freedom will be a thing of the past.

***UPDATE*** (July 30, 2012)

Mayor Menino has said that he will not block Chick fil-a from opening in Boston.   He has no power to do this and the backlash is obviously hurting him politically.  






Monday, July 23, 2012

Ichiro is with the Yankees!

The Yankees have just announced the signing of all star out fielder Ichiro Suzuki.  This is a great addition to the Yankees who have had bad luck losing key players but somehow have stayed in first place for over a month.

Irasshai Ichiro Suzuki!



Soldering "Iron Atheist"

A Twitter account @masonchain (now 2013 @ironatheist) from an Atheist recently messaged me accusing me of lying and other nonsense.  Apparently one of my blog posts struck a nerve.  The tweeter sent tweets to me today in an attempt to gain answers.  Here they are.  Mine are in black and the tweeter's are in blue.  

<<1) Everyone's born Atheist til corrupted with lies by society >>

Sacerdotus writes:

This is not possible.  In order to be an Atheist one must reject the concept of God.  Rejection is an action that must be performed after prior knowledge exists of what is about to be rejected.  In other words, one must know about the subject before voicing an opinion on it.  I cannot tell you that there is no spherical triangle in nature unless I was aware of what shapes are beforehand.  

Moreover, no one can know the internal state of anyone.  We do not know what knowledge a young baby's brain contains.  There is no way to read a baby's mind.  According to geneticists, we all have the VMAT2 gene which predisposes us to believe in God.  Atheism is not the unawareness of God.  

<<2) There are 3000 gods worshipped right now on Earth right now>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Those gods are the anthropomorphic representations of the one God from man using his limited language.  For example, you can call your mother mom.  Another may call his/her mother mommy.  The main idea is still present: you both have a mother figure.  So whatever names or descriptions man gives God, the underlining factor remains that there is a Creator.      

<<3) Ur religion alone has been entirely disproven in it's entirety having been completely disproven by science>>

Sacerdotus writes:

When?  The Catholic Church invented science as we know it.  Franciscan Friar Francis Bacon developed the Scientific Method.  Monsignor Lemaitre formulated the "Big Bang" theory.  Isaac Newton, the father of physics was a devout Catholic who valued the Bible greatly.  

<<4) Earth has been proven to be 4.5 billion years old>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Nothing has been proven.  Estimates are made based on carbon dating.  Carbon dating is not entirely accurate.  The National Foundation of Science in Miami found flaws in this system of measurement.   We do not know the original base ratio of the radioactivity in carbon from which to begin from and there is also contamination from external radioactive forces.   We believe the Earth is 4 billion years old, but we do not know this for sure.   

<<5) modern man is approx 100,000, or older, much older maybe>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Again, we do not know this for sure based on the answer in number 4.  We are still learning how to accurately date things.  For now, all we have are estimates.   

<<6) So many religions have predated other religions & faded to non existence having been made up & societies dying out with em>>

Sacerdotus writes:

The fact that religion has always existed shows man's need to look beyond this world.  Most religions are similar.  They have a God creator, a creation story and an afterlife.  How did ancient peoples come to these similar conclusions from thousands of miles apart?    

<<7) Back 1000's of years ago people made religion up to explain the world around them & the stories stuck & they evolved also>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Not true, religion has existed way before 1000 years ago.  Religion exists not to explain the world, but to explain its purpose: big difference.  

<< 8) People get brainwashed as children by families & their thinking in their brains is wired to have a codependence to a god>>

Sacerdotus writes:

No, according to geneticists we all are wired to believe in God due to the VMAT2 gene.

<<9) People cannot deal with the reality of the end of their existence & religion causes people to be in denial with delusion>>

Sacerdotus writes:

This is a claim that cannot be proven.  I never met anyone who was afraid of their existence coming to an end.  Even as an Atheist, I accepted the fact that eventually I will be gone.  I don't think anyone believes in God or religion out of fear of death.  

<<10) People who ARE religious are religious to whatever religion is geographical to them, or what they are brainwashed to>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Not always.  There are children who do not go to Church with their parents or parents who don't go but their children do.  Moreover, there are Christians in Muslim countries and Muslims in Christian ones.  

<<11) Panspermia has been proven to be the reason of where life came from & has been proven to be real by research in space>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Panspermia does not have a strong scientific backing.  If it were true, we would have found life elsewhere by now.  Moreover, if panspermia were true it still does not explain where everything came from.  This Universe has a First Cause.  Panspermia would not be that First Cause, but a cause from a prior cause.  

 <<12) People are disillusioned to thanking god for anything when there is no proof that hard work & being good are not why>>

Sacerdotus writes:

We thank God because everything exists because of Him.  People who are cured of diseases thank God because obviously no work was done by man to assist in the dramatic recovery.   

<<13) When bad things happen to good people who pray anyways, what's the point when there's no proof of any divine factor 50/50>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Bad things happen to good people because we judge it as bad.  Without pain and suffering, human beings cannot learn.  Pain and suffering are part of the human experience.  It takes a wise mind to realize the good behind bad things.

<<14) What kind of god would allow human sacrifices, or insufferable punishment by the BILLIONS unnecessarily? Unless untrue!>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Human sacrifices are the ideas of ancient peoples who thought the best gift to God was a human being.  This is not the fault of God.  

Penn State Punished

The NCAA punished Penn State today for its involvement in covering up the sexual abuse of children done by assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.  The punishment goes as follows:

  • A fine of $60 Million
  • 4 year bowl game ban
  • Scholarship reductions
  • All wins under Paterno from 1998 - 2011 are vacated
  • The program will be under probation
I am glad the NCAA took this action to make an example of Penn State.  Child abuse and the cover up of it should never be tolerated.  This story shows that this plague is everywhere not just the Catholic Church.

It is sad to think that this academic institution chose to put a football program ahead of children.    


"Joker" Faces Judge

Today, "suspect A" faced a judge.  He seemed to look like he was in a daze or pretending to look mentally disturbed.  His rights were read to him and he will have to appear again next Monday.  Justice will be served.  Many speculate that the death penalty will be issued after all is said and done.

It is a shame that this young bright man threw his life away by committing this heinous act.  If it is true that he had personal troubles, he could have sought help instead of taking out his frustrations on innocent movie goers.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Down He Goes!

Famed Penn State Coach Joe Paterno's statue was taken down today.  After reports showed that he help cover up the abuse done by Sandusky, university officials felt that his statue had to go.  I applaud their actions!  No such statue of anyone who covered up abuse should exist.

Above is a photo of the statue's head covered in "shame" and rightfully so.
To think that Paterno and other officials preferred to cover up crimes in order to prevent the name and prestige of a football team from being tarnished is sickening.

The statue should be sold and the monies transferred to the victims or to a charity that helps children who are abused.

Anyone who protected this statue should be ashamed of themselves.  No sports team or victories are above human life and human dignity.

This story reminds us that child abuse is everywhere.  Many ignorant people often label the Catholic Church as some child abusing institution and that is unfair and far from the truth. It is everywhere!    

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dark Night Indeed...

On a night where the Batman movie, "The Rise of the Dark Knight" was set to be screened at a AMC theater in Aurora, Colorado, something unexpected happened.  A deranged young 24 year old entered an auditorium, threw a can of gas and began firing at all those in attendance.  He did not care who he shot at.  Men, women, children were all equal targets.

The movie goers did not know what to do.  At first, some thought this was a prank or part of the "show."  However, when the reality set in that this was a massacre, people began running for their lives.  Many of them heroically threw themselves over their loved ones, friends and strangers in order to shield them from the bullets.

Dozens were killed and over 70 injured.  James Holmes, a PhD student in neuroscience with a great academic record was arrested after being found outside of the theater armed to the teeth.   He identified himself as "the Joker" to the police and had his hair dyed red.

The details are still coming in.  No one seems to know why this young man did this horrific act.  He has no criminal record, no past mental illness issues and based on his academic record was set to be a brilliant neuro-scientist had he continued his Phd studies.

Reuters reported that Holmes is a Militant Atheist, but other sources say he went to church weeks before the attack.  More is still being discovered.

Holmes also booby trapped his apartment by setting a timer on his stereo system.  As the stereo went on with loud Techno music, cops would have shown up due to nuisance complaints.  Holmes purposely left his door unlocked so had anyone entered and tripped the wires, a bomb would have gone off.  Some speculate that this was some sort of diversion to lead cops to the apartment while he began his massacre at the theater.  

The media is all over reporting on this and unfortunately Twitter allowed Holmes' to trend instead of allowing the memory of the victims to trend.  People all over the nation and the world are in mourning.  President Obama ordered all flags at half staff.

Colorado is not a stranger to gun violence.  In  April of 1999, two disturbed Atheist kids who were fans of the self proclaimed "anti-Christ" heavy metal rocker "Marilyn Manson" entered their Columbine high school in Littleton,Co and killed dozens before turning the guns on themselves.

A connection between this theater shooting and the one in Columbine can possibly be made.  The aggressors were loners.  Human beings are social beings.  Without social contact, the human mind does not function properly.  It is by social interaction that human beings learn.

In any event, my prayers and thoughts go out to all those involved in the tragedy.  It was indeed a Dark Night.

We must rethink the direction our nation is going.  Our youth are desensitized due to the constant bombardment of violence by means of the media.  The trailer for the Batman movie had a scene where a villain enters and shoots in a theater.  This scene has been removed from the trailer after the tragedy.  

Morality and religion are seen as archaic and useless superstition relative solely to particular peoples and not the whole of society.   When anything pertaining to God and morals become offensive and violence and immorality becomes "cool" and the norm, rest assured incidents like this will continue to happen.









Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mississippi Judge Blocks Law

A Mississippi judge has blocked a law that would have protected women from Abortion which kills and hurts many of them.  The law would have forced clinics to require a doctor to be a OB-GYN and have the privilege of admitting patients to any local hospital.

Those who are Anti-life oppose the law claiming it will get rid of the only clinic left in the state.  Their priority is so clear.  They obviously prefer to stay in business instead of making sure women come out of their clinics alive.

Women must realize that this is the real "war on women."   A woman's body is being used as a cash cow under the guise of "women's rights" and "bodily autonomy."




Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"God Particle" Found!

After years of searching, the Higgs Boson or "God Particle" has been found.  This will help Physicists understand better how our Universe works.  See my other blog http://sacerdotvs.blogspot.com/2011/12/god-particle.html

I will update this post as more information becomes available.  I am extremely excited about this find!


The Standard Model is now closer to completion than before.  The Standard Model is basically a theory that lists the sub atomic particles that compose everything.  It highlights the name, mass, charge, and spin of particles that compose the fermion or particles that have a spin that are the integer multiple of a half.  In other words, the particles within the particles, or elementary particles.

This discovery is important because now we can understand better what gives mass to everything.  We are aware of the forces that pull and repel particles, but what holds it all is what has been eluding us for decades.  More is yet to be learned.  We still do not understand what gravity is exactly.   Hopefully the more we study the Higgs Boson the more we will learn what gravity is and maybe discover even new unseen particles and forces.






****Update March 6 2013****

Physicists are still not sure whether the particle found last summer is indeed the Higgs Boson.  More tests are being conducted to make sure the particle is the one that has been theorized to exist and which is responsible for mass.

Source:  http://news.yahoo.com/physicists-higgs-hunt-nearly-not-174727225.html

****Update March 14, 2013 ****

It is official!  The particle believed to be the Higgs Boson is indeed the Higgs Boson!  With only 126 times the mass of a proton, the Boson gives mass to particles.



Happy July 4th

Happy Independence day to all in the United States of America.  Today we celebrate the day when our fore fathers and mothers bravely rebelled and fought against the tyranny of the British government winning their independence into what would become the most powerful nation on Earth.

The history seems so long ago being that it took place in 1776, but the echo of independence still rings out today.  Today we are threatened once again to fight against a government who is infringing on the freedoms of all Americans, in particular, freedom of religion.  Moreover, the right to life which is mentioned in the Declaration is denied to the unborn.  

If we rid ourselves of our values, history and soul, what will be left?  The United States of America is on a path to becoming another anti-God, anti-religion, anti-life, anti-family European Democratic Socialist entity.      

Let us pray for this great nation, a nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all which is under attack not only by human forces, but spiritual ones.

As Lincoln said:

"that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain--that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom--and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vatican: Free HIV Meds

During the 8th international AIDS Conference in Rome, officials from the Vatican urged that medicines to treat the disease should be free.  Cardinal Bertone said that "treatment should be universal" and should "begin with mothers and children."  

I agree 100% with this.  AIDS is on the rise despite the promotion of condoms.  Much is done to attempt to prevent it by these weak means but hardly anything is being done to treat the people who acquire the disease.

Medicines must be free if we are to help these people live dignified strong lives.  I am hopeful that this will be the case and that soon a cure will be found that will put to death the HIV/AIDS virus once and for all.  God's will be done!



Father of Forced Abortion Disappears (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

A Chinese father who was forced to have his child aborted has disappeared as his wife Feng Jianmei is in a hospital and reportedly being harassed and intimidated by the Chinese government.

Jianmei is pictured about with her aborted child which was dumped beside her by government officials.  The picture is hard to stomach but is the reality of what is going on in China in regards to forced abortions and throughout the world with the pro abortion's rhetoric. 

Abortion is an evil act that must be ended once and for all.  





Monday, July 2, 2012

Services allowed in Public Schools - NYC

Protestant churches who have used public school space in NYC and who were eventually prohibited from using them will get a second chance for now.  The City of New York with Bloomberg and Quinn have strongly opposed the use of public schools to house religious services on weekends.  They cite "separate of Church/State" as the main reason and claim that it is not fair that tax payers are paying for their use.  A judge placed a restraining order on the City's rule.

The situation is tricky indeed.  I don't see the issue as pertaining to "separation of Church/State" because public schools were originally intended to indoctrinate Christian morals onto American youth.   Horace Mann established Common schools which educated youth with public money.  At the time, the Bible was also taught.  Prayers were said.

Bishop John Hughes of New York  protested the idea because Catholic youth were being indoctrinated with Protestantism.  This lead to the creation of the Parochial school system.

Religion and prayer were always part of the public school system.  However, I don't think tax payers should pay for services held on weekends.  Protestant churches show pay some rent for their use.  



Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rosa's "Cognitive Dissonance" partial critique

  1. The fox's tactic is very similar to yours. You see my words on my blog, my challenges to your ideas and rationalize to offer ad hominem instead of working to counter argue my arguments. :)

    Moreover, you write:

    "Sacerdotus on my blog Do You Want To Convert An Atheist where he brags that he can easily provide the evidence required, then proceeds to make excuse for not doing so and abuses me for pointing out this failure. There is absolutely no way that Sacerdotus is ever going to admit that he has no evidence for his god and so could not meet the challenge posed in that blog. Clearly, that's someone else's failure, not his."

    This is far from the truth and is a Straw Man fallacy. A careful reading of my words will show that I never offered to do anything other than to tear apart your arguments.

    I commented on your blog:

    "Sacerdotus23 June 2012 09:50

    This is too easy to debunk. Stay tuned to my blog. I will debunk this post and the 2 links Rosa provided. :)"

    Notice that I wrote that I will debunk your post. I do not understand how you equate this with providing evidence for God. This is a lack of reading comprehension on your part not a failure on my part to provide evidence for God because no such offer was made.

    Also see my blog, it clearly shows my intention of destroying your arguments: http://sacerdotvs.blogspot.com/2012/06/rosa-rubicondior-evidence-gaffe.html

    Moreover, you write:

    "However, absence of evidence is evidence (not proof but evidence) of absence where evidence is to be expected. For example, the absence of evidence for any wild elephants in England is normally taken by sane people as evidence of the absence of wild elephants in England. No sane individual would behave as though there are wild elephants in England despite this lack of evidence for them."

    This is an appeal to ignorance and false cause. You are not in every part of England and at every moment in time to make such a claim. Your "evidence" is based on a particular present moment where there were no wild elephants roaming. You therefore concluded that there are no wild elephants based on that spatial and temporal point of your observance.

    "Post hoc ergo propter hoc" is what you're describing here with the elephant.

    A- There is an absence of wild elephants in England (supposed evidence).

    "After this, and therefore because of this," (Post hoc ergo propter hoc)

    B -therefore it must be true that no wild elephants exist in England.

    It is interesting to note your use of "normally." This indicates that you are aware that there is a probable factor to the contrary of the non existence of wild elephants.
  2. Thank you for a long-winded, rambling example of how you're handing the cognitive dissonance my blog set up in your mind, as did my blog telling you how you could convert an atheist, if only you had any evidence for you god. You've probably convinced yourself you've dismissed the points which are obviously embarrassing you.

    Readers can read your excuses for not being able to produce any evidence whilst insisting you have some, by following the link I provided in the above blog. It's a very good example of how superstitious people rationalise their need to believe their superstition is evidence-based and rational, with the fact that they haven't any evidence. So they are needing to be dishonest and tell lies even to themselves to defend their 'faith', showing us they know it's a lie. It is, of course, all the other person's fault.

    In fact, the inability to admit you could be wrong, even though you manifestly are, shows a lack of emotional maturity, and a lack of intellectual and moral integrity, as does the willingness to tell lies and employ other forms of deception, in complete contrast to the morals which you try to tell us your superstition gives you. As I said, you willingly ride rough-shot over the very 'faith you purport to defend in order to defend yourself, showing the world that your 'faith' is merely an excuse for your otherwise anti-social opinions, behaviour and attitudes, and not something you value for itself. It also gives you opportunities and access to vulnerable people which you would not otherwise have. Your faith has a mere utility value for what it excuse and facilitates.

    This explains the superficial paradox of so many priests and clerics being amongst the least moral of people and readily abusing the power their position gives them over credulous, gullible and vulnerable people, and why so many other clerics in high places see it as something which has to be covered up rather than exposed.

    Of course, cognitive dissonance will now force you into defending your co-religionists even though what they do is indefensible.


    1. Rosa, I know you cannot be serious with this comment. It is angry, childish and comes across as the infamous "I am rubber, you are glue" counter argument said among children. Most of the content on your blog IS Cognitive Dissonance to say the least; and I have demonstrated this time after time - granted if you did not delete my comments.

      Regarding evidence for God: Have you read my reply to your comment and as well as "No sky friend's" comment on my blog? I wrote:

      Sacerdotus June 25, 2012 12:35 AM
      This blog posting is not meant to provide evidence of anything but to comment on Rosa's blog. Evidence for God is in the works and is rather lengthy, stay tuned. :)

      Why are you being dishonest about your own blog posting? The blog I critiqued does not request evidence for God but states what YOU constitute as evidence. Anyone with competent reading comprehension skills would see that is the case. Readers here can see your literacy dilemma publicly. I fail to see why you would want your online persona to appear as delusional and illiterate. These are the opposites of what constitutes being rational. Nevertheless, suum cuique.

      Your accusations are false and quite frankly ridiculous. Any rational person would see that you are angry. You are angry because I took you to task and was victorious. The deletion of my comments which destroy your arguments demonstrates your attempt to save face.

      Moreover, I thank you for showing that you prefer relying on ad hominem defense mechanisms instead of attacking my points directly. Calling me names, acting with condescension and falsely accusing me of not providing evidence when your blog has no such request shows lack of integrity and intellectual confidence. The aforementioned does not give validity to your points nor make you correct. This behavior just shows that you do not have the intellectual skills to properly refute any counter arguments in a rational manner. That is indeed unfortunate.

      If you are going to comment on my comments here or even on my blog, please provide intelligible critiques, not insults or pseudo-psychological analyses. Do you honestly think you can psychoanalyze a person miles away, over the internet and without holding proper psychology credentials? You should be ashamed of yourself. Stop embarrassing yourself.


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