Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Universe May be a Hologram or Program.. proof of God?

Religions throughout the world teach that the universe is a creation from a higher power. Science acknowledges that the universe is in fact a creation that began at the "big bang." However, there is no consensus on what or who triggered this event. Philosophers have always asked questions on origin, however, some have gone as far as hypothesizing that the universe is a hologram or simulation.  I wrote about this when the idea was still in its infancy here: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2013/02/the-universe-is-program-uh-oh-there.html.

The idea is very popular in philosophy and physics courses. It is now being use din religious apologetics to show evidence that the universe has a creator. A new study is shedding more light on the idea.  The study entitled, "From Planck Data to Planck Era: Observational Tests of Holographic Cosmology," builds upon the theory which was developed in the 90's that says that the three-dimensional reality we experience really comes from a two-dimensional form which resides at the edge of the universe.  Dr Kostas Skenderis, a mathematical science professor at the University of Southampton said, "The idea is similar to that of ordinary holograms where a three-dimensional image is encoded in a two-dimensional surface, such as in the hologram on a credit card. However, this time, the entire universe is encoded!"

Other physicists such as Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson are starting to accept the idea. Tyson stated during a conference last year that “the likelihood may be very high” that we are living in a hologram or simulation. If the idea can be proven with hard evidence, this will put an end to atheism. Atheists will not longer be able to claim that there is no creator because a hologram or simulation needs a creator or programmer.









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