Thursday, February 9, 2023

Blessed Virgin Mary Allegedly Appears During Mass in Kenya, Africa

 Again, we have received reports that Our Lady appeared during a Mass at St. Clare Catholic Church in Kasarani, Kenya.  Instead of a sunset photo (see: Sacerdotus: Blessed Virgin Mary in Photo of Sunset in Africa), we have a video taken via cellphone which shows priests and a deacon at the altar when all of a sudden, the people begin to scream out of joy and adoration. 

The clergy on the sanctuary look befuddled as to why the commotion is taking place. Meanwhile, one can see sunlight taking form beside a large crucifix on the wall of the church.  You can view the video here and in the links at the end of the article.

I personally did not see anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes sunlight seeps in through windows or cracks and lights up a portion of the wall. The light seems brighter if the wall is white. This is because white reflects light more than darker colors.  I could only see "Mary" when Churchpop provided a close-up of the image. One can see what looks like a woman with a veil, but no distinguishable facial features or a full body.  As with the sunset photo in a previous post, this can be pareidolia again. The brain is hardwired to seek patterns in nature, particularly faces. This evolutionary trait helped our evolving ancestors determine what is living or deceased and what is safe and what is a large animal about to attack and devour them. Pareidolia is what allows humans to often see faces or things in clouds and even Jesus in toast bread or trees. The mind sorts these patterns and matches them to the schema of memory which stores images of things and people we encounter. 

The joy of the African Catholics is great to see, but we all need to be careful not to become fanatics.  Mind you, there are stained glass windows there which images of most likely Mary and even St. Clare who ironically the image in the sunlight projection on the wall is shaped like.  Anything is possible.  Moreover, it would not make sense for God and Our Lady to use sunlight for an apparition when they have their own dimensional ontological existence to present themselves via.  The apparitions of Lourdes, Guadalupe, and so on did not rely on natural elements to form. They were literally Mary in person.  

Moreover, I seriously doubt Our Lady would appear during Mass or allow it to be disrupted like we see in the video with people shouting and running forward.  Our Lady has respect for the Mass from which her Son will be made present under the species of bread and wine.  We need to be careful with these alleged videos and photos. We do not need these events to better our faith. The Catholic Faith is fine as is with God's revelation.  This video would have been more convincing if the image materialized in 3D like a hologram in front of the altar and actually behaved in a human manner with movement and speech.  



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