Monday, August 31, 2015

MTV's VMAs - Praising Drug Use, LGBT Immorality & Trashiness

MTV had its annual Video Music Awards yesterday and once again it has shown itself as a cesspool of immorality, raunchiness, stupidity and lack of talent.  The show was hosted by Miley Cyrus who turned the even into a psychedelic display of LGBT brainwashing mixed with sexual tones and trashy displays.  She even promoted marijuana use.

During the show, when Nicki Minaj went to accept her award, she called out Miley for comments made during an interview. The drama on stage seemed staged though. However, what apparently took the attention was when Kanye West accepted an award from Tylor Swift who he disrespected in a  previous award show by storming the stage and telling her that Beyonce deserved to win.

West spoke for what it seemed like 20 minutes. His speech was irrational.  He even pointed that he "smoked something" before the awards.  At the end of the speech he stated that he will run for president in 2020.  No one is sure if he was serious of if that was just the affect of the drugs he was on.

This show has gone downhill from what I remember. It is overly trashy, hippish, immoral and clearly geared towards the LGBT agenda.  The youth are inundated with the promotion of drug use, trashy behavior, sexual tones and homosexuality.  Then we wonder why our youth is lost in drugs, promiscuity and gender confusion.

Parents need to take back their kids or watch them rot in the cesspool of the "music" industry if I can call it that.  Most of the "music" today is computer generated. The art of music has been lost it seems.  


Sunday, August 30, 2015

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - The Spirit of the Law

URGENT: Today's second reading speaks of "good giving" and reminds us that "every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights." 

In light of this, please help keep this evangelization work alive by donating. So far a few have donated, but I have not met the goal. In December, I have to pay for the renewal of this domain name, so I need your help.  I also want to expand this work so it can reach even more people.  Please help me meet my campaign goal by donating at:

If about 2,700 people donate only $9.25-$10, then I will meet the goal quickly.  As more people donate, gofundme will in turn place my campaign on the front page of their website giving it more promotion.  So I hope you reading this will help with a donation.  

Remember, after December 2015 if I have not raised enough, then I will have to wind this work down. God will judge us not only on how good we were, but also on how much we have helped each other in love by giving; and not on what we saved up in life (Luke 6:38, Matthew 6:19).  

Thank you, God bless + Mary keep!'

Today's readings are about the real Law of God in our hearts.

The first reading tells us of Moses.  He instructs the people of Israel to listen to the statutes and decrees given by the Lord. God has given the Hebrews the promised land along with the Commandments (Deuteronomy 1:8, Joshua 1:3, Exodus 20). The name "Israel" means "one who wins with God" (Genesis 35:10). Israel would become the name of the people of God (Deuteronomy 33:29, Isaiah 44:21). This new nation would be one founded upon God's law (Exodus 21:1, Psalm 78:5).  Moses tells the people to observe the Law carefully and not add to or subtract from them. Those who live by the Law will be in observance of God's will and live in His presence as we read in the responsorial Psalm ((Leviticus 18:5, Proverbs 7:2, John 14:15, Proverbs 3:1).

We must do justice in order to live in the presence of God as the responsorial Psalm tells us (Isaiah 1:17). Those who walk blameless and does justice; who has truth in his or her heart and speaks no deceit is who God will take into His abode (Psalm 24). We must be like this, doing harm to no one; hating no one (Romans 13:10,John 13:34-35, Matthew 5:44).  We must lend to others without asking for interest (Exodus 22:25-27, Leviticus 25:25-37, Nehemiah 5:10,11). Our hearts and minds must be pure, focused on God and His law (Psalm 123:1, Lamentations 3:41). This law is planted in our heart as we read in the second reading (Jeremiah 31:33, Ezekiel 36:27, Hebrews 10:16).

In the second reading, we are told that all good giving is from heaven above (2 Corinthians 9:7). We must help others, donate our time, goods and even money to help others (Deuteronomy 15:10, 16:17, Proverbs 21:26, 28:27, Luke 3:11). God willed us into being to be the first-fruits of kindness and generosity (Acts 17:25). Today, we see many so-called preachers speaking of the "Gospel of prosperity."  There is no such thing.  This is a lie of the devil (John 8:44, Luke 4:6, 1 Timothy 6:10). The Gospel is the Gospel of the Poor (Luke 4:18, Matthew 11:5).  We are called to be poor (Matthew 6:19-21, Matthew 19:21). This does not mean that we have to be on the streets begging (2 Thessalonians 3:10).  What this means is that what we do have must not define who we are (Luke 21:1-4, Luke 12:15). We must be ready to let go of it if and when the time comes. When we do have enough, we must make use of it to help, not only ourselves and loved ones, but also others (Luke 6:38, Proverbs 11:24-25, Proverbs 19:17).  Charity is true charity when it is done to the stranger (Matthew 10:42). The other day I tweeted this:

Now I did not tweet that to show off or do like the Pharisees by standing on the corner so others can see (Matthew 6:5).  I tweeted this to hopefully inspire others. It feels good to help others, especially a complete stranger. I loved working at St. Francis House in Boston. Handing out clothes, shoes and food to the homeless of "Beantown" gave me great joy. This good work of helping others is that word that is planted in us.  We must put this word to practice (Matthew 5:16, James 2:14-17).  As the reading says, "be doers of the word and not hearers only."  Religion must not just be something we do on Sundays. It must be a living faith that is genuine, in service of others and most importantly, of God (James 1:27).  We must not become like the Pharisees who used religion and the law to opress others and themselves as we read in the Gospel.

In the Gospel, we read of Jesus confronting the Pharisees or teachers of the Law in His day.  These men noticed that some of Jesus' disciples ate with "unclean hands." Under the law, Jews are supposed to go through a ritual before eating which includes the washing of hands (Leviticus 17:15).  This was a tradition that developed in the past and served for hygienic purposes at first, but then became a spiritual gesture or sacramental of sort in the Jewish faith. Anyhow, the Pharisees questioned Jesus on this asking Him, "Why do your disciples not follow the tradition of the elders but instead eat a meal with unclean hands?"  They asked this because these men were so caught up in rules and regulations that they failed to see why these rules even existed. They mechanically followed them without internalizing them (Mark 2:27).

Today, we have even in the Catholic Church some people who go to Mass just to nitpick how the priest celebrated it or how the altar servers and faithful participated. I have so many stories of some parishioners coming up to me to criticize a particular priest or altar server. They got the details to the letter in regards to what they wanted to point out and criticize, but when I asked them what the readings were about or what the homily was on, they had no clue. These people like the Pharisees did not internalize the Mass.  Instead, they were focused on judging the celebrant, altar servers and their peers in the pews (1 Samuel 16:7).  Jesus faced the same hypocrisy with the Pharisees.  After the Pharisees questioned Him, Jesus responds, “Well did Isaiah prophesy about you hypocrites, as it is written: This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me;in vain do they worship me,teaching as doctrines human precepts.  You disregard God’s commandment but cling to human tradition.”  Jesus continues stating that what comes from the outside cannot defile a person.  Rather, what comes from within is what does.

He says, “From within people, from their hearts, come evil thoughts, unchastity, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, licentiousness, envy, blasphemy, arrogance, folly.  All these evils come from within and they defile.”   By stating this, He made all foods clean (Mark 7:19).  The Jews got carried away with their laws. In the past, they avoided what the Gentiles ate because these animals were sacrificed to pagan deities and faced stomach illness which traumatized them due to animals that needed extra preparation (swine).  This overzealous piety got the best of them becoming a sort of taboo.  The Pharisees were caught up in the externals.  It was all about these rites, clothing and gesticulation with them (Matthew 23:13). Jesus reminds us that we must not be like them (Matthew 6:5, Matthew 23:33).  All foods are clean, spiritually speaking.  Touching or eating pork, shellfish etc has no affect on the soul in regards to sin and holiness.  The Jews got carried away with the laws.  These rules were made not for us to be slaves to them, but for them to help us become better people (Mark 2:23-27).  Christians today are not bound by the laws (lower-case L). These are the cultural and civil laws of Israel that served the people at that time. Many atheists love to claim that Christians are hypocrites because they eat shellfish or wear polyester in light of the rules in Leviticus (Leviticus 11:12, Leviticus 19:19).  However, they do not understand that these laws were created to serve the Jews of the time and to regulate their culture and civil affairs, not faith.  It is the Law (capital L/moral laws) that we are all bound by, not the law (lowercase/rituals, culture, civil) (John 14:15-31, Romans 7:1-6). This is the Law of God, His commandments (Exodus 20).

We in the Catholic Church must not be like the Pharisees by getting caught up in rites and externals that change with every council that comes by.  These rites and rubrics serve us, we do not serve them. We must not become like those who are so caught up in rules and rites that we even attack the Pope and reject Vatican councils just to adhere to legalism. If we do this, we become like the Pharisees.   Instead of the rites bringing us to worship God, these rites become god to us forcing us to betray the Catholic Church and the Successor of St. Peter. We become cold and rigid like the Pharisees.  Our faith tradition is a living one, not a dead one stuck in a set period of time. "Tradition is the living faith of the dead, traditionalism the dead faith of the living" (quoted from "On the Lord's Appearing: An Essay On Prayer And Tradition," pg 17).   Vestments, rubrics, gestures all serve to guide us to God, not to imprison us into becoming liturgical mindless robots mumbling things without sincerity or  without understanding what we are saying (Matthew 6:7).   We must not participate in Mass as if it was some act or script for a television show that we must get perfect.  This is not what the Mass is supposed to be.  Let us internalize the faith using the externals the Church allows so that we can become generous loving Christians who help others, and do everything to please God and become the image of God.  May Jesus Christ be praised!


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pervert Former Archbishop Dies

Disgraced former archbishop, Jozef Weslowski 67 has died while facing charges on pedophilia at the Vatican.  He was a papal ambassador to the Dominican Republic and had been charged for paying young poor Dominican shoe shining boys for sex acts and to photograph them in sexually suggestive ways.

His trial was set for July but was postponed because he was ill.  No date was set for the trial. Vatican officials claim that he died of natural causes, but his autopsy report has not be released to rule out suicide or any other act.

Weslowski was the topic of controversy not only because of his heinous acts against minors, but because the Vatican had him returned to Rome before local Dominican officials could investigate and arrest him. The Vatican then invoked diplomatic immunity when Dominican officials requested his extradition.  This was a big mistake on the part of the Vatican.  While they quickly defrocked him, they did not report him to local authorities nor allowed him to face charges in the territory where he offended.

Weslowski has evaded justice on Earth, but has faced His maker.  Only God can judge him now.  What he did was evil and no one can justify it. To use young boys for sexual gratification is extremely evil. Children are our treasure as a society.  They deserve our love, respect and care.  Jesus had strong words to whoever offends these innocent creatures:

"But whosoever shall offend one of these little ones who believe in me, it were profitable for him that a great millstone had been hanged upon his neck and he be sunk in the depths of the sea."  - Jesus Christ  (Matthew 18:6)

Hopefully, this will bring the attention of the global community regarding the situation in the Dominican Republic where prostitution is legal and poverty is rampant.  Young children are left to become prey for sick individuals like Weslowski.  Many of them go along with the abuse out of necessity to help their families. One victim of Weslowsky said, "He definitely seduced me with money, I felt very bad. I knew it wasn't the right thing to do, but I needed the money."

I pray for the victims of Mr. Weslowski and also pray for his soul.  May God have mercy on his soul for making a mockery of Christ's priesthood and especially for harming children.


Friday, August 28, 2015

'Sometimes you just cant let it go' - My Response

Twitter troll "Ellif_dwulfe" is at it again.  He is now playing the victim despite evidence showing his malice and abuse against myself and others.  Apparently, after I shot back at his poor attempts to defend Esther who blogs as "Rosa Rubicondior" and who was forced by Facebook to change the name "Rosa Rubicondior" because it is a fake name, he took to his blog to lie about me again.   

A friend sent me the text of the blog post which I will respond to on this post. "Ellif" seems to think that I am some villain out to get him, but he has it backwards.  He has targeted me online for no reason other than because I critique and refute atheism strongly and made "Rosa Rubicondior" look bad after she ran from debating me.  Since then, he has taken to task to be some "online lawyer" for "Rosa Rubicondior" defending her every post using lies even when she has been proven to be a fraud. 

"Ellif's" original content will be blue and my replies will be indented: 

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
Sometimes you just can't let it go
It's odd really, and frustrating.

Sacerdotus Replies
Sounds like a textbook psychology definition of "obsession." 
a continual thought, concept, picture, or urge which is experienced as invasive and not proper, and results in significant fear, distress, or discomfort.
Psychology Dictionary: What is OBSESSION? definition of OBSESSION (Psychology Dictionary)
Frustrating?  Yes, distress, anger etc are signs of mental illness ( 

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
A few times I've intended to just stop showing up Sacerdotus lies. His claims about people committing fraud, stealing money donated by others intended for charity or accusing people of posting tweets wanting him dead.

Sacerdotus Replies

What lies?  All "Ellif_dwulfe" has demonstrated is his cognitive bias and misconceptions. Nothing I do online will ever be truthful or honest to him.  He is too caught up in his fantasy world of being as "online atheist" that he is a prisoner of this social script and cannot be objective.  Notice how he never critiques "Rosa Rubicondior's" lies nor even writes about atheist Craig Hicks who killed three young Muslims.  Notice he never condemns "Rosa Rubicondior" for "endangering" "Manuel" but is quick to claim that I endanger others.  Instead, with him, it is all about "Sacerdotus." The claims I have made about atheist fraud, etc are supported by evidence.  To date, no receipts for donations were posted with full information. All we have seen are photoshopped receipts. Without a name, confirmation number and evidence linking the receipt to said blog owner, those images become invalid.  Any receipts posted can be fabricated or even borrowed from someone who actually donated and can passed off as legitimate while using the "I cannot post my full name for privacy reasons" as a front.  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
Well with the threats escalating from Sacerdotus, combined with the claims of knowing my relatives details, then like last time I'll need to consider just how capable of the threats Sacerdotus makes he actually is.

Sacerdotus Replies
How much evidence does he need to know that I am serious about going after trolls?  There is no doubt that I will do what is necessary to end troll abuse.  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
I know that he doesn't know my address, or even my name, since he's never got them right.

Sacerdotus Replies
Oh I surely do.  Hence, his pleas for me to remove it and constant demonstration of anxiety at its revelation.  No one panics over something unless it hit too close to home, no pun intended.  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
I know that he can't prove any of the claims made against him as false because he refuses to do so (for example when "studious atheist / alex atheist" had the "yearbook" proving claims about Sac were false he just posted what appeared to be the cover with my address watermarked on.)

Sacerdotus Replies
All claims were proven as false.  There is no doubt about this.  Even when I go a step further and invite "ellif_dwulfe" and "Rosa Rubicondior" to Sacerdotus Hangouts so we can show each other our passports, both of them slither out of it.  This is because they know that my passport will contradict their lies.  So instead, they prefer to perpetuate their narrative that I am someone they deem I am.  It shows their dishonesty and malicious intent to defame my character and cause confusion among others.  As for a "year book," I have no idea what he is referring to.  I never posted any "year book."  "Studious Atheist" is a young atheist blogger and has nothing to do with me.  He is a friend of a Catholic woman who I also am friends with online.  She can attest to him being someone else since they communicate on a regular basis.  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
But it shows just how desperate he is to be unchallenged, to have his lies appear true. Its odd really if he stuck to promoting catholicsm I likely never would have an issue with him in the first place.

Sacerdotus Replies
This is funny because I am always inviting people to challenge me to a debate.  My own site has a debate tab!  I also started back in March of 2015 "Atheist Open Mic" for the sole reason to give atheists a platform to speak on and challenge me, yet this fool thinks I want to be "unchallenged."  Notice how he prefers that I just "promote Catholicism" as if he has a say of what I do in life. This is because my critiques against atheism bring atheists to think and challenges their cognitive bias.  Therefore, it serves him to desire that I only promote Catholicism and not dissolve the poison of the atheism fallacy.  He knows that I am a threat to atheism.

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
But I've been informed that information he's posted alleging it's mine has led to people getting abuse and harrassment in real life.

Sacerdotus Replies
I would love for him to provide evidence of this.  Perhaps a contact number of the "people getting abuse" so that I can confirm with them.  I doubt he will do this because he is a liar.  If in fact this abuse and harassment is taking place, then he brought it upon them.  But, we all know he is lying. Moreover, he has shown no concern for "Manuel" who may be facing abuse, mockery and other threats from atheists because of "Rosa Rubicondior."  Hypocrisy much?  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
I know he's perfectly willing to post private personal information, that he doesn't care who he hurts whether it's those who disagree with his lies and refute them or the image of his own catholic church.

Sacerdotus Replies
If the posting of it stops a troll from thinking he/she is almighty because he/she thinks he/she is anonymous, then damn skippy I will do so.  Trolls will always use anonymity to post online. This empowers them into thinking they can do anything, even behave in a manner that they do not behave like offline.  They feel they are untraceable and therefore have a false sense of invincibility.  Well, by posting information on where these trolls live etc, this breaks their power trip and hopefully will reduce or completely end their troll hobby.  "Ellif_dwulf" is being dishonest if he thinks the information is posted because the person disagreed with me. That is bloody hogwash!  I welcome disagreement.  My record online shows it.  Information posted is to thwart abusive trolls, not to take revenge against anyone who disagrees with me, that is silly. I have had my public disagreements with fellow Catholics and not once has any of their information been posted.  This is because these fellow Catholics are not trolling or abusing me online. Similarly, I have engaged several atheists in discussions or debates and no information on them was ever posted.  There was no need to because they were civil and did not target me like "Rosa Rubicondior" et all do.  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
I have a family, and following his showing that he'll post addresses and threats of more, the concerns over how much further he'll take it if I continue I really, really have to stop.

Sacerdotus Replies
Yes he does have a family, a daughter in fact.  He also has offspring with autism.  That being stated, why spend time trolling, defaming and abusing others when it could be spent on time with the family?  Just to be clear, I will take it as far as the law allows me. In fact, I will contact child services in Maidstone to initiate an investigation to see if these children are being neglected due to "ellif_dwulfe's" internet addiction.  (    

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
No doubt this will be turned into a victory for him, that I ran scared, that I knew I couldn't defeat him, that he showed I'm a liar and that he beat the "troll".

Sacerdotus Replies
This is a victory not only for me, but for all those who are harassed online by deranged individuals who hide behind cartoon animals or old lady images believing themselves to be untraceable and powerful. I am truly hoping Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc takes my suggestions seriously in regards to posting IP information in tweets and posts; as well as, preventing the use of VPN on their networks. Today's phone system has caller id. The name and number appears on the recipient's telephone. If this caller id system was implemented on phone lines, then why not on social media?  Granted, some phone line owners may opt to have a private number, but, recipients can also opt to block calls from these private numbers unless they unblock their number.  A system like this on Twitter etc would give a serious blow to trolls from all walks of life.  They will no longer be able to be anonymous. Therefore, they will be forced to behave knowing that a simple tweet or post will show their exact location.

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
To be honest? I don't care. He know's his lies got shown up time and time again. He knows that rather than refute them he had to take steps to intimidate, to release what he hopes is my address.

Sacerdotus Replies

Again, no lies got shown up, just "Ellif_dwulfe's" cognitive bias and misconceptions.  I and many others have refuted "Ellif_dwulfe's" et al claims already. Note, both refuse to go on webcam to further refute the identity they maliciously apply to me in order to discredit me.  This speaks volumes.  Also note that "Ellif_dwulfe" claims the address is not his but uses the word "intimidate" showing subliminally what the revelation of the address is doing to him.  If the address is not his, then he would not be feeling intimidated now to begin with.  If someone spread around that my address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue then I would not feel intimidated.  This is because this address is not mine so I have nothing to feel intimidated about.  So put two and two together: "Ellif_dwulfe" claims the address it not his but he is intimidated by the posting of it.  Yes, that makes perfect sense...

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
So following that and after seeking legal advice I'm stopping.  I'll stop refuting his lies here, and take the legal route instead.
Posted by Wulfwitch at 11:39

Sacerdotus Replies
I hope he is seeking legal advice because he will need it.  He left enough evidence of his stalking, libel and abuse for me to seriously go after him and have him thrown in prison.  Notice how his Twitter went private again.  I do not like to post what my plans are but he will find out soon the hard way.  

Editor's note:  As expected, "Ellif_dwulfe" only allows "Rosa Rubicondior" to comment on his blog.  Any dissenting comments posted, he removes.  He even labels those who disagree with him or try to correct him "Sacerdotus."  "Ellif" is afraid because he knows that no sane person believes his lies and any comment showing truth would hurt his credibility so he has to censor such comments.  Anyhow, "Rosa Rubicondior" posted these comments:

Rosa Rubicondior writes:

Rosa Rubicondior25 August 2015 at 18:48
Good luck with the legal route. If you need anything from me just let me know.

Rosa Rubicondior25 August 2015 at 19:15
I assume the simpleton is still sending abuse to that unfortunate woman in Vancouver he randomly hit on pretending he had discovered my real name and address. I expect the priest in Suffolk was relieved that he stopped harassing him.

Sacerdotus Replies
This imbecile does not realize that her friend Peter screwed up.  Dutch blogger Peter van Montfoort made a page specifically for "Rosa Rubicondior's" blog posts and other atheists on his site (Positief Atheisme).  He writes a bio for each atheist author and adds links to their writings and a photo.  Keep this in mind.  My Catholic friend found this site and informed me about it. The page had the image of "Esther Harrison."  "Rosa Rubicondior" claims this woman is in Vancouver and is not her but things do not add up.  As noted, Peter adds a photo for each atheist writer and naturally would do the same for "Rosa Rubicondior."  He obviously found the photo of "Esther Harrision." The only way he could have done this is by doing a search for "Esther Harrison" because that was the name "Rosa Rubicondior" gave him.  Why else would he post some lady's picture randomly?  He even admitted based on his wording that he was looking for a photo for "Rosa Rubicondior."  Since he admitted this, then that means that "Rosa Rubicondior" told him that her name is "Esther Harrison."  Since she did not provide a photo, Peter took it upon himself to Google one and found it.     See the proof here:

Here is the exchange between my friend "Catholicgadfly" and Peter.  Notice Peter admits to doing a Google search on his part for "Rosa Rubicondior."  Also note that when "CatholicGadfly" presses the issue as to why he would use a photo of "Esther Harrison" to represent "Rosa Rubicondior," he begins to deflect and avoids answering.  

"Catholicgadfly" questions him on why he would link "Esther" with "Rosa" and he never answered.  Note, that "ellif," "rosa" etc went through all lengths to get "CatholicGadfly" suspended.  Nevertheless, he can still see these tweets despite being suspended.  I will ask him for video confirmation of it to show that these tweets still exist on Twitter's servers despite his suspension.    

Here above is the tweet from Peter stating (based on his wording) that he did Google search on "Rosa" that is how he found the photo of "Esther."  This means that he knew that "Rosa Rubicondior's" real name was "Esther Harrison" and took it upon himself to do a Google search for "Rosa" in order to find a photo of her to add to her bio which he wrote on his blog site.  There is no other logical explanation as to why he would Google on his part for "Rosa Rubicondior" and find an image of "Esther Harrison." The only explanation is that he knew her name as "Esther" and searched, found that image and posted it.

So again, all of this is knowable due to Peter van Montfoort 's search for an image of her online using that name. How so? Well when Jeff (Catholicgadfly) inquired about Peter's "mistake," Peter went silent on this matter and began to deflect (sacramental wine comments etc) which speaks volumes to the name Esther Harrison being that of "Rosa Rubicondior."  He was caught and tried to deflect from answering "CatholicGadfly."  Jeff would then get suspended weeks later.  

Peter Van Montfoort clearly was looking for an image of "Rosa Rubicondior" to put on his blog and used the name "Esther Harrison" in order to find one. Why else would he do a Google search for that name (Esther Harrison) since that name produced the image he had posted on his atheist blog linking site?  The name "Esther Harrison" would  has to be connected to "Rosa Rubicondior" otherwise Peter would not have used it to attempt to find an image to post on his blog highlighting the "Rosa Rubicondior" blog.

Search for "Rosa Rubicondior" produced this image on Peter's site, he removed it now

This was how Peter had his bio for "rosa rubicondior" prior to removing the photo after she was exposed

Now if you notice, "Esther Harrison's" You Tube page here ( it has the same botany imagery that "Rosa Rubicondior" loved to use on her Twitter accounts.

If you look at her website which is listed on her Google+ ( you will see that she is an atheist.  See her "about me" here in the screen capture:  

If you look through the "Rosa Rubicondior" blog, she is constantly writing on botany.  See the connection?  The clues are there

  1. Peter searches for a photo of "Rosa" on Google but finds a photo of "Esther Harrison" instead meaning that he searched for that name, not "Rosa Rubicondior."
  2. Why would he search for "Rosa Rubicondior" under the name "Esther Harrison" if it was not her name?  
  3. A search for "Esther Harrison" will produce sites run by her showing images related to botany, just like "Rosa Rubicondior" used on Twitter and writes about on her "Rosa" blog. 
  4. "Esther Harrison" is a former theist and now atheist according to the Phoenix' page "about me." 
  5. "Rosa Rubicondior" got more defensive after I posted "Case of Rosa Rubicondior."  
  6. "CatholicGadfly" was reported and suspended weeks after exposing this information.
  7. "Rosa Rubicondior" is known to lie about her name, Facebook recently forced her to change her name "Rosa Rubicondior."  They do this when they know a name is not real.

In closing, both "Ellif" and "Rosa" are frauds, deceivers and malicious trolls who exist online under the guise of atheism.  They are no such thing.  These are mentally disturbed individuals seeking to have a cheap thrill online by playing a "cat and mouse" game with theists, especially those who are aggressive such as myself. If they were so passionate about atheism then they would not hide using cartoon avatars and fake names.  Like Dan Arel or Richard Dawkins, they would use their real names and photos without issue.  

They both targeted me and they have made a big mistake.  As long as they continue posting lies about me, then I will continue to expose them and seek damages.  However, if they and their friends agree to apologize, recant their lies and remove all content related to "Sacerdotus" which they have written and promoted, then I will consider dropping the matter.  As a Catholic, I am not here to destroy anyone's reputation or put anyone in jail.  My job is about truth, mercy and love.  However, this does not mean that I will sit idle as some jerks seek to discredit me and my work.  I will use the laws and techniques available to put an end to such endeavors and will not stop.  So hopefully "ellif_dwulfe" will convince "Rosa" and his friends to remove all their nonsense and lies, apologize and recant their lies so we can end this once and for all without their lives being destroyed legally.   

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jorge Ramos Ejected From Trump Press Conference

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and well-known Mexican-American journalist from Univision, Jorge Ramos got into a big confrontation in Iowa.  Donald Trump was set to give a press conference allowing the press to ask questions one at a time.  However, Jorge Ramos of Univision interjected and interrupted the journalist who was given the floor to speak. Trump told Ramos that he was not chosen yet, but Ramos insisted with his rant. Then Trump told him to "sit down" and "go back to Univision," but Ramos kept going.  Then one of Trump's security guards came and ejected Ramos. Ramos told the guard "don't touch me.. I have a right to ask questions."  Despite this, he was taken out. Twitter exploded with Jorge Ramos trending.  Some were happy he was ejected while others saw his ejection as an attack on Latinos and freedom of the press.  

I personally believe that Trump handled himself well.  My guess is that Jorge Ramos was trying to bait Trump into exploding during a press conference to then make the claim that Trump is anti-Latino, but Trump made him look bad.  Moreover, Ramos disrespected everyone in the room by interrupting another report who had the floor. His behavior was unprofessional and unbecoming of a journalist.  Everyone else waited their turn. He had no right to interject and try to hijack the press conference.  While reporters have freedom of the press, this freedom does not entail trolling or disruption.  Even Obama faced some disrespectful reported and shot back at them (

Jorge Ramos is known for pushing illegal immigration issues.  His network, Univision is constantly airing news reports on illegal immigrants portraying them as victims of an unfair American society.  Univision is run by many Mexicans who push their culture and political views on Latino viewers of all nationalities. Programs from Mexico are aired there despite its diverse audience of Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans and so forth ( Univision for all intent and purpose is a "Mexican" channel based on its programming and target audience. Even the famous night time entertainment program "Sabado Gigante" which aired for 50 years and is about to go off the air after its presenter, Chilean "Don Francisco" announced his retirement, has transitioned into a "Mexican" program.  Before, this show had music talent from Puerto Rico and other places, now mostly Mexican music is presented which may have contributed to its low ratings.

Jorge Ramos has been using his air time to promote illegal immigration which is unfortunate. Instead of using his airtime to call Latinos from other nations to respect our laws and enter legally, he promotes the breaking of our laws and demands that America caters to these illegals.  Ramos himself is Mexican but became a United States citizen in 2008.  He was born in a Catholic household, but is an atheist.  During an interview, he stated that he does not believe in God ("Periodista Jorge Ramos dice no cree en Dios". Revista Cristiana Digital, November 19, 2013. Retrieved August 26, 2015). He has targeted the Catholic Church as well criticizing Pope Francis for canonizing Saint Pope John Paul II claiming the saint promoted child sex abuse (

He is clearly not representative of Latinos nor their views.  Many Catholics, especially Mexicans love Saint Pope John Paul II.  Ramos ignorantly presented his opinion based on poor judgement and lack of facts.  As demonstrated in a recent interview on FoxNews' Sean Hannity, Ramos did a poor job presenting facts to the host, see the video below:

The claim that Jorge Ramos was ejected from the press conference because Donald Trump is racist is unfounded. Trump's statement, "go back to Univision" is not a racist comment. However, a supporter of Trump apparently told Ramos to "get out of my country" after he was ejected (  Despite this, that view is only that of this one supporter and not Trump's campaign.  Nevertheless, I condemn that supporter's comment as ignorant and immature. However, the supporter did have a point when he told Ramos "this is not about you."  He was correct.  Ramos clearly wanted to put the spotlight on himself and his views supporting illegal immigration. Trump did allowed him to return and gave him ample time to ask questions.  However, Ramos' questions clearly were focused on illegal immigration.  What about the real issues  ALL Latinos face?

Coming from the Bronx, New York and having lived in Connecticut and other places, I can tell you that Latinos are not concerned about immigration.  They want equal opportunity in regards to employment, education, respect from law officials, and more attention to local problems.  Again, Ramos is only speaking for illegals and not all Latinos. He is not a real journalist but an activist and demonstrated this on Tuesday.  It is interesting to note that his daughter Paola works for Hillary Clinton's campaign (  Jorge Ramos is fixated on illegal immigrants.  His Twitter account has many tweets related to the issue (   Hopefully, other Latinos will not allow themselves to be fooled by Ramos' agenda.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CBS Reporters Killed Live On Air

Just when you think you have heard the worse in regards to shootings, something new comes along. This morning, two employees, a report and cameraman were gunned down during a live newscast for WDBJ-TV. Young and ambitious journalists Alison Park and Adam Ward were doing their job interviewing a Chamber of Commerce representative named Vicki Gardner when they were ambushed by a disgruntle employee named Vester Lee Flanagan.  Adam Ward captured on his video camera his own killer.   

Weeks ago, someone claiming to be named "Bryce Williams" called ABC News stating that he wanted to pitch a story.  This morning a fax came in at 8:26 a.m. with over 23 pages which was a manifesto. The fax was received two hours before the shooting.  "Bryce Williams" was in reality Vester Lee Flanagan who worked for the news station as a reporter.  He was fired two years ago for bad behavior and lack of emotional control and had to be escort off the network's studio by police, according to Jeff Marks who is the manger of the station.

Flanagan claims that he was the target of racism and described Alison as being racist. He also claimed he was mocked for being gay.  According to the manifesto, the shootings in Charleston influenced him greatly.  He also praised the shooters at Columbine high school which took place in 1999 and the recent shooting in Chattanooga.  Flanagan was tracked down via his cell phone.  He was actually posting on social media as he committed the heinous acts.  Vester committed suicide before the police could apprehend him.  His twitter account @Bryce_Williams7 was suspended.    

The news world has been in mourning using the hashtag #WeStandWithWDBJ and changing their Facebook profile photos to off the air color bars.

Here are the videos from both perspectives:  Adam's and Vester's.   WARNING:  They are hard to watch.



The news is heartbreaking. I offer my prayers and condolences to all affected.  These two young people had their whole lives ahead of them.  They were even engaged with significant others.  May they rest in peace.


RentBoy - A Gay Business & Front For Male Prostitution

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Congratulations Andy Pettitte #46

On Sunday, another Yankee great had his number retired.  Andy Pettitte, the famed starter who wore 46 had his number retired at the new Yankee Stadium. He was accompanied by Jeter, Mariano, Posada who had his retired the day before and many others.  He received this honor despite his involvement with the use of human growth hormones.  Though not illegal at the time, some see his record during that time as deserving an asterisk.  Nevertheless, congratulations to Andy Pettite!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead

Last year, it was announced that a new spinoff of The Walking Dead drama program was in production. Many wondered what the storyline would be and if it would be as successful as the original.  The premier was set for August 23 with much anticipation.  It's name would be "Fear The Walking Dead."  The show would take place in Los Angeles, California before the outbreak of the virus that causes the dead to reanimate (possibly the flu shot).

The show has just aired and it did not disappoint.  While the play of scene was a bit slow, the show kept the audience interested.  It was very cinematic and felt like an episode of CSI or Law and Order while at the same time having a suspense to it that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  As the storyline progressed, we begin to see the outbreak taking hold. The main character so far is Nick, played by British actor Frank Dillane. He is a young druggie who hangs out at an abandoned church building injecting drugs.  While sleeping there, he wakes up to find his female friend eating another druggy. She notices him and goes after him.  Nick then runs for his life out onto the street where he is hit by a car.  He wakes in the hospital with his parents looking on.  Nick and his family have a broken relationship.

He manages to escape the hospital trying to make sense of what he saw at the abandoned church building. Meanwhile, his parents go to his friend's house Calvin looking for him. His parents work at a school. While at the school, Nick's mom notices another student named Tobias with a knife.  He takes him to her office and interrogates him as to why he had the weapon.  Tobias informs her that he thinks something big is going on in regards to the reports of people attacking others.    Nick contacts Calvin who is played by Keith Powers of "Straight Outta Compton" and sets up a meeting at a diner.  While this is going on, Nick's parents are driving on a freeway where traffic is held up.  They hear gunshots and leave.  Back at the school, they see the news report of what happened on the freeway.  A man is apparently in an accident and being given medical treatment when he grabs the paramedic and bites him on the neck. The man is hit and pushed, but keep walking towards the police who shoot him causing him to fall to his knees.  However, despite the many rounds shot into him, he gets back up until shot in the head.  The media broadcasts this via helicopter video shots and it causes panic.  Schools are let out early and there is a sense that something is about to happen.

Meanwhile, Calvin and Nick meet up and Calvin seems upset.  He tells Nick that his parents were looking for him and said that cannot happen.  Apparently, it was Calvin who was selling or providing drugs to Nick.  When we first see Calvin, he looks like a very handsome, clean-cut African-American; however, we learn in this diner scene that he is a low-key drug dealer.
Calvin takes Nick to a secluded area and goes to the trunk of his car.  He opens the passenger door and asks Nick to come out.  This is when Nick notices a gun.  Calvin is about to execute him but Nick grabs him and they struggle.

During the scuffle, Nick shoots Calvin in the chest killing him.  Nick calls his parents who meet him near the area and he tells them what happened.  They go to see Calvin's body, but it is not there, only his car remained.  As they were going back out through a tunnel, they see Calvin walking in a mangled state.  The parents exit their vehicle to see him thinking Calvin is just hurt, and Nick yells at them to stop, but they cannot hear him.  Calvin launches at NIck's mom biting her on the arm.  She had long sleeves so I assume she did not get an injury from the bite.  Nick then back up the car and hits Calvin who flies and slams on the concrete.  Within a few seconds, Calvin stands up again and walks towards Nick in the truck.  Nick then presses the gas and hits Calvin again carrying him towards the end of the tunnel and launching him where he crashes with force feet away.  Nick and his parents go to see Calvin's body and see him still moving his head with his jaw smashed in.

The show was actually pretty good.  As I stated before, it was a bit slow but keeps your attention.  We are gradually told the story of how the outbreak began. However, we are still not told what exactly cause it.  Was it a virus, bacteria or perhaps even the drugs Calvin gave Nick?  We will hopefully find out. This show will be a big hit just like the original series.  It will bring in the old audience who read the comics as well as a new one.  Both groups will want to get a new experience because this show is something they cannot anticipate since it is a whole new storyline.

The acting was great.  I even congratulated "Calvin" Keith Powers who messaged me back.

I am looking forward to this show as well as the 6th season of the original The Walking Dead AMC series.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time - To Whom Shall We Go?

Please help keep this evangelization work alive. So far a few have donated, but I have not met the goal. In December, I have to pay for the renewal of this domain name, so I need your help.  I also want to expand this work so it can reach even more people.  Please help me meet my campaign goal by donating at

If about 2,700 people donate only $9.25, then I will meet the goal.  As more people donate, gofundme will in turn place my campaign on the front page of their website giving it more promotion.  So I hope you reading this will help with a donation.  Remember, after December 2015 if I have not raised enough, then I will have to wind this work down.   

Thank you, God bless + Mary keep!

We have pretty much wrapped up Jesus' revelation to the Jews that He was the "Bread of Life."  In today's readings, we see how this affects the people who took His words as too hard to follow. This created a dilemma: do they follow Jesus or someone else?

In today's first reading, we read of Joshua who had taken the lead after the death of Moses (Deuteronomy 31). He gathered all the tribes of Israel, calling forward the elders, leaders, judges and officials.  Each stood before God as Joshua spoke to them.  He tells them if they are not happy with serving God then they must decide who they must serve. He puts before them the gods of the Amorites or the God of their ancestors.  As Israel began to expand, she found herself surrounded by other nations who worshiped different gods.  Many atheists love to claim that "Yahweh" is one of the gods of these nations who the Israelites adopted as their own. They claim that "Yahweh" was a "borrowed" god from the Pantheon.  However, this is not true. While "Yahweh" is listed in the pantheon, this only occurred after the Israelites mingled with the surrounding nations.  So naturally, those nations would add the God of the Israelites as part of their gods to reflect the diversity of cultures.  They were Henotheists, or people who worshiped a single deity but acknowledged that there were other gods.

Anyhow, Joshua gathers the top people of Israel and questions their loyalty to the God of the Hebrews - of their ancestors.  The people respond that they will not forsake their God for other gods because it was their God who rescued their ancestors from the Land of Egypt.  It was this God who wrought the miracles and protected the people (Exodus 20:2, Leviticus 22:33, Amos 2:10, Exodus 3:20, Psalm 40:5).  They chose God Yahweh.  We too should ask ourselves this question every day, especially every Sunday before we recite the creed.  Do we serve the one true God or the "gods" of today: money, sex, power, popularity, the self etc? Now we know there are no other gods out there, Yahweh is the only one (1 Kings 8:23, 2 Chronicles 6:14, Isaiah 45:5, Deuteronomy 33:36).  Today we understand that primitive man defined and named god the best way they could.  So they got the right idea that a supreme being existed, but got His name and description wrong. I address this more in this radio podcast (  Like the Israelites, we choose God, the real God.  We "taste and see the goodness of the Lord" as we repeat again in the responsorial Psalm.

We are called to "taste and see the goodness of the Lord."  In order to do this, we must be with God, bless Him, praise Him, let His glory shine in our being.  We must be happy and proud to be with God and not "blush with shame" (Mark 8:38, 2 Timothy 1:8). God hears us during our distress just like He heard Elijah (1 John 5:15).   God sends His angel to protect us and aid us just like with Elijah (Psalm 91:11).  He is with us when we are down or hurting.  The phrase that "He watches over all His bones; not one of them shall be broken" is a foreshadowing of Christ on the cross who was spared from having his legs broken by the Roman soldiers (Psalms 34:19-20, Exodus 12:46, John 19:36).

The second reading has been controversial in the last 40 years ago. This is why the Church gives us two versions.  One skips some controversial statements.  We read that we must be "subordinate to one another out of reverence for Christ."  This is something that causes shock in today's world where it is all about the self or "me me me."  We are taught at a very early age to strive to be better, to share and care.  Then all of a sudden when we get older, we are told that we have to be "go-getters" and step on others in order to climb the ladder of success.  But this is not how a Catholic is supposed to be.  We are supposed to serve others (Mark 9:35, John 13:14, Galatians 5:13).

Now, the next phrase is a big one that causes controversy, especially among radical feminists.  It says, "wives should be subordinate to their husbands as to the Lord.  For the husband is head of his wife."  Ouch!  Those are fighting words in today's culture.  However, the latter word is what it is all about, culture. During St. Paul's time, women did not have much of a role. They were considered the property of man. Now this does not mean that ancient people were evil or misogynist.  It simply was the way it was back then just like in America we had laws that allowed White men to buy Africans; and laws that said that they were 3/5th human!  Does this mean America is evil or racist?  Not at all. It was just the way people thought back then out of ignorance.  I guarantee you that centuries from now, kids will be in school having discussions about us who lived in 2015 and how we allowed abortion, same-sex marriage and other illogical and evil things as "normal."  So what did St. Paul really mean?  Remember, St. Paul was speaking to the people of his day so he used examples that related to them in order to convey the Gospel to them better.  The theme of this phrase is that we must be "subordinate to ONE ANOTHER."  So St. Paul made it clear that this is a two-way street, so to speak.  St. John Paul II helps us out in "Mulieris Dignitatem," he wrote,

"The author of the Letter to the Ephesians sees no contradiction between an exhortation formulated in this way and the words: "Wives, be subject to your husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife" (5:22-23). The author knows that this way of speaking, so profoundly rooted in the customs and religious tradition of the time, is to be understood and carried out in a new way: as a "mutual subjection out of reverence for Christ" (cf. Eph 5:21). This is especially true because the husband is called the "head" of the wife as Christ is the head of the Church; he is so in order to give "himself up for her" (Eph 5:25), and giving himself up for her means giving up even his own life. However, whereas in the relationship between Christ and the Church the subjection is only on the part of the Church, in the relationship between husband and wife the "subjection" is not one-sided but mutual."  Source:

So as you can see, St. Paul was using the cultural ideas of the time to convey the idea that Christ is the head of the Church and that we must be submissive to this head just like at the time wives were submissive to the husband as the head of the household. Unfortunately, many of our separated friends in the many fundamentalist Protestant sects take this "be submissive to the man" to heart and it can be abusive. Some Catholics have also fallen victim to this literal interpretation. Men and women are equal beings (Proverbs 22:2, Acts 17:26, Romans 2:11, Galatians 3:28).  The two cannot become "one body" in marriage if one is lesser than the other (Matthew 19:5). This is why God made Eve from Adam's side (rib), not his toes, feet or back (Genesis 2:22).  Eve (women) must stand with man side by side as equals before God.  Similarly, we must love the Church and as Church submit to Christ.

Like husbands love their wives, we must love our Catholic Church.  Some people in the Catholic Church may do wrong, it will happen.  This is no reason to abandon her or demand changes of her to fit our views. This week I had interesting chats on Twitter with Catholics who feel the Church's teachings on sex must change.  Another believes the Catholic Church went apostate at Vatican II and thinks only a few are "real Catholics."  These individuals are not following St. Paul's words in today's second reading. We must love our Church.  The Church that Christ died for, sanctifying her with the blood and water that flowed from His pierced heart (John 19:34).  We are the Church.  We are the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27, Romans 12:5).  As St. Paul says, "no one hates his own flesh."  We cannot hate the Church. If we do, then we hate Christ's body and ourselves. We choose to do our own thing rather than what Christ wanted. Today's Gospel presents a similar dilemma where a choice is presented to follow Christ or walk away.

In today's Gospel, many of the followers of Jesus were murmuring among themselves saying, "This saying is hard, who can accept it?"  They were referring to Jesus' words stating that He is the "bread of life" and that this bread is His "flesh." He tells them that they have to eat His flesh and drink His blood in order to have eternal life.  These words are hard.  Imagine if someone tells you that you have to eat their arm in order to live forever?  How would you feel about this?  Jesus asks the people, "Does this shock you?  What if you were to see the Son of Man ascending to where he was before?  It is the spirit that gives life while the flesh is of no avail.  The words I have spoken to you are Spirit and life.  But there are some of you who do not believe."  Jesus knew that they were having trouble believing in Him. Because of His words, many of his disciples left and returned to their former lives. The Twelve remained and Jesus asks them, "Do you also want to leave?"

Here we see Simon Peter take the lead as the first Pope, speaking for the rest saying, "Master, to whom shall we go?"  You have the words of eternal life.  We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God."  Like in Joshua's day, the people were given a choice.  Either they accept Christ's words on the Holy Eucharist or return to their former lives worshiping money, success and what not. Unfortunately, they chose the latter.  Today we are presented with the same situation.  Do we accept Yahweh or the fake gods of today?  Do we accept Christ, the Holy Eucharist, and the Catholic Church or do we go back to our former lives, believe the Eucharist is a symbol and pick and choose what teachings of the Church to follow?  Jesus' words can be hard for us which is a cross, but we must not give up and walk away (Luke 9:23). Jesus asks us today, "Do you also want to leave?"  What will we respond?  We must respond like St. Peter did, "Master, to whom shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life. We are convinced that you are the Holy One of God."  May Jesus Christ be praised!


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Congratulations Jorge Posada #20

Jorge Posada's number 20 was just retired at the new Yankee Stadium.   I want to congratulate him and his family on this great occasion.

Atheist Stalkers Lie Again

It seems my stalkers are still at it again after being warned and exposed.  They are now posting defamatory posts about me again.  The posts seemed to be in response to screenshots I posted of "Rosa Rubicondior's" funny trollish tweets. The screenshots were from her account; main one or a back up that she created when she was suspended. The screenshots clearly show the Tweet ID number showing they can be found via a tweet search.  Claims of them being fabricated are based on desperation and an attempt to become relevant again before the eyes of naive atheists and others who buy into their lies.

In any event, they fell for my trap. They are not smart enough to notice the baiting. :)
I will not refute their lies and expound on this situation here:

Fake Accounts Created by Me Claim Refuted:  

The claim was made that I made fake accounts, yet no evidence is given.  In these blog posts, the names of these accounts are listed and my pseudonym is linked to them as belonging to me.  That makes sense right?  I make a list and then add someone and say those listed are accounts made by that someone so it must be true... give me a break.  No idiot would fall for that nonsense.   
No evidence is given showing said accounts were created by me and are/were run by me. I mean seriously.. in order to do that they would have had to be present in my quarters when I allegedly created them!  It is clear that these accounts belong to them and were made as back ups or possibly even made so as to have something to link to me for malicious reasons.
This is not the first time these two have created other accounts, "Rosa Rubicondior" whose real name is Esther Harrison created several which I have logged here and reported them until they got banned, see:

So as you can see, "Rosa Rubicondior" has created more than one account of herself. The one in the tweet screenshots I posted is clearly one of her accounts as well based on her previous behavior of creating multiple serial bulk accounts.

Rosa Rubicondior & Ellif_dwulfe Lie About my Name: 

Futhermore, both "Ellif" and "Rosa" insist on calling me by a name that is not mine despite my academic recorded posted here and another atheist completely destroying their claims using hard evidence.  Both "Ellif" and "Rosa" rely on conjecture to validate their false claims. No actual documents are presented linking me to the person they claim that I am.  Instead, we have screen shots of Myspace profiles that are now defunct as well as newpaper articles that do not even link "Sacerdotus" to any individual at all. Furthermore, an atheist took it upon himself to verify their claims and found them to be bogus.  He contacted the institutions mentioned and learned that no such person attended them.

The young atheist clearly showed that I am not the person both "Ellif" and "Rosa" think I am; however, he seems to think I am a priest in the United Kingdom due to an email posted on a parish website using my moniker.  I am currently trying to contact that priest who is being confused as myself to get a statement from him verifying that he is not me and I am not him.  Nevertheless, the rest of the information this young atheist posted is strong hard evidence showing that both "Ellif" and "Rosa" lied about my identity.

Ellif_dwulfe & Rosa Rubicondior Can't Answer a Skeptic's Questions:

In an interesting twist, this young atheist posted questions for both "Ellif" and "Rosa" like a true skeptic would, neither of them have answered them.. surprise suprise.  This shows that both "Ellif" and "Rosa" are not capable of answering these questions because their stories will not hold under scrutiny.

Ellif_dwulfe & Rosa Rubicondior + Confirming Our Identities on Webcam:

Now, I have even challenged both "Ellif" and "Rosa" to join me on either skype or Sacerdotus Hangouts in order to clarify our identities.  I invited them to join me on live so all can watch us show each other our passports.  This would clear who is who and show that the identity they claim is mine is false.  They along with the viewers would see my identity under the United States government.  As expected, both ignored the invitation.  They did this because they know that once I show my passport to them live and others see it, then they will be outed as liars.  So instead, they continue to play out their defamatory narrative while avoiding any attempt to clear the misidentication via webcam and passports.
See where I invite both to webcam live to clear our identities before the world:

Sacerdotus Expelled From Seminary Lie:

This claim is one of the strangest and was even refuted by a diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of New York.  "Rosa" claims that I was expelled from St. Joseph's Franciscan Seminary.  The problem here is that this seminary closed in the 1970's
"Catholic priests, who came to the area ministering to the 19th century German and Irish immigrants, paved the way for establishment of St. Joseph's Seminary. In 1901, the Order of Friars Minor, Franciscans based in Patterson, New Jersey, bought a large boarding house property overlooking Callicoon Depot. There they built an imposing seminary, the largest native bluestone building in the area. From that time until the 1970s virtually every Franciscan in the Province passed through St. Joseph's Seraphic Seminary, either as student, as teacher, or both. Finally closing due to a drop in student enrollment, the complex was sold to the U.S. Department of Labor, which operates it as a Job Corps Training Center."
Source -

You can contact the Holy Name Province of the Order of Friars Minor in New York for verification of its closing since it was run by them.  
The Order of Friars Minor of the Province of the Most Holy Name
Provincial Office
129 West 31st St., 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10001-3403
Phone: (646) 473-0265
Fax: (646) 201-9620

Not only did the seminary close, but it closed before I was born!  So there is no way I could have attended a seminary that closed decades before I was born!  I would have to be a time traveler to do this.
Furthermore, the claim was made that the seminary was St. Joseph's in Yonkers; however, a Catholic priest who studied there during the time "Rosa" claims I went there verified that no one under the name she gives on her blog went there.

As you can see, a real Catholic diocesan priest stated that there was no seminarian at St. Joseph's seminary in Dunwoodie, Yonkers with the name "Rosa" and "ellif" give in order to misindentify and slander me.

Donations to Sacerdotus:

Now there are claims that I am a fraud and am scamming Catholics in regards to donations.  Again, no evidence is given for this.  I have made it clear that funds being raised are to maintain and expand the evangelization work I do under the moniker "Sacerdotus."  Catholics and others are not kept in the dark about this.  These funds are not to support me or help me in any form other than this evangelization work. Think about it:  How can I or anyone live off of $35,000?  That would be gone within months due to expenses (rent, taxes, food, clothing etc)  if it was to be used to live off of. Therefore, the claims both "Ellif" and "Rosa" are making are irrational and libelous.  My page clearly lists what my plans are for the funds.  Recently, I even added a "wishlist" showing the equipment needed to expand "Sacerdotus Radio" and increase the subscription hours.  
Academic Journals 
"Ellif" claims that there is no reason I should ask for funds for access to academic journals and cites my access to my university system.  He is partially correct.  While I do have access to academic journals via my university system, I do not have access to theological journals since my (alma mater) university in New York City offers no theology degrees and is secular. So while I have no problem getting journals related to science, philosophy, history, or even law; I have no access in regards to theological journals, particular, Catholic ones.  So "Ellif" is misinformed and being malicious.
As for publishing books, everyone knows this is expensive.  Book companies do not pay anything in regards to production so I do not understand where "Ellif" got this false idea from. Book publishing companies pay royalties AFTER a book is published and sells. However, an author is on his or her own in regards to paying for production and so forth especially at the beginner's level.  If book publishing was as easy as "Ellif" ignorantly claims, then everyone would be doing it now to make money.
The Real Honest Person 
Catholics and others donate to my work because they see the fruits, know me personally or have talked to me on the phone or webcam.  They see me at work (evangelization) and know I am the real deal.  I do not sit back and write nosensical posts like "Rosa Rubicondior" does and then herd stupid naive atheists to her site in order to get clicks from ads.  "Rosa" was already outed for fraud by pretending to be a middle man for Oxfam.   
See this post where Oxfam confirms that a donation was just made at the moment of confirmation. "Rosa" had lied and claimed she donated a year before and Oxfam made her look bad and indirectly outed her as a liar. 

The real fraud here is "Rosa Rubicondior" who was using Oxfam to make money; lied about donating it and was directing atheists to click on ads on her blog via Twitter which is prohibited by adsense, see:

My Concerns:
All of this began when I invited "Rosa Rubicondior" to a debate.  She accepted and then began to dilly dally.  Her stalling became abusive leading to her suspension.  Because of this, she has hated me with passion.  "Rosa" had over 7,000 followers on Twitter.  This ia feat that is hard to do.  So, when she got permanently suspended after I contacted Twitter to complain about her abuse, I became public enemy number one to her.  She now spends her time writing libelous posts attempting to discredit me.  If she could, she would probably kill me and possibly even wishes my death.  This is how much this deranged woman hates me.  
Other Trolls: 
"Rosa" is joined by "Ellif" who defends her despite being proven wrong multiple times with hard evidence.   While these people are insignificant, I am concerned that since they love to lie and link people with names that this will hurt the reputation of the people they name as me.  I have ignored their blog posts opting not to ask for their removal out of respect for free speech which is possible, but in light of their continued abuse, then I have no other choice than to have Google, inc et al remove these blog posts as they clearly are in violation of blogger's terms of service. 
"Hate Speech: Our products are platforms for free expression. But we don't support content that promotes or condones violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred on the basis of these core characteristics. This can be a delicate balancing act, but if the primary purpose is to attack a protected group, the content crosses the line. 
Violence: Don't threaten other people on your blog. For example, don't post death threats against another person or group of people and don't post content encouraging your readers to take violent action against another person or group of people
Harassment: Do not harass or bully others. Anyone using Blogger to harass or bully may have the offending content removed or be permanently banned from the site. Online harassment is also illegal in many places and can have serious offline consequences
Copyright: It is our policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. More information about our copyright procedures can be found here. Also, please don't provide links to sites where your readers can obtain unauthorized downloads of other people's content."   Source: 

Both have demonstrated their mental illness publicly and stalking tendencies.  How are they stalking you might ask?  Well, both have blocked me on Twitter and Google +, so in turn I blocked them.  However, as you can see on their blog sites, they still manage to get screenshots of my tweets and google+ posts indicating that they are using other accounts to stalk me.  This is disturbing indeed. Only a sick person would resort to such criminal behavior. 
I have contacted Kent and Oxfordshire police regarding these individuals and will do so again.  There is enough evidence indicating their cyber harassment, defamation, libel, stalking and malicious intent to harm my character and my work.  If they want a fight, then they have one.  I will win this one because the evidence is on my side and I have many witnesses (both theist and atheist) of their abuse, defamation, libel, threats and stalking.     
Please ignore these mentally ill demagogues.  Their only intent is to defame and discredit me using lies and conjecture.  As I have demonstrated above using multiple sources, their claims have been destroyed with hard evidence.  Moreover, I still wait for them to join me live on Sacerdotus Hangouts via You Tube to further destroy their attempt to pin a high school kid's name to me via the display of my US passport.

Block and Report the Trolls:

Here are their accounts on Twitter.  Please block them and report them to Support using their form: 
If you block them, they will have no audience to target.  
TwitterAccounts used by "Rosa Rubicondior"

Google + 

Accounts used by "Ellif_dwulfe"


Google + 

These are other accounts that join them in their stalking and harassment.  Please block and report them as well:

Jeremy Murch: 
@darthnihilus1 - was permanently suspended August 6, 2015

@Curt_ames - he has other accounts as well

@freeatheism - was warned by Twitter in March 2015
Google + 

These accounts engage in targeted abuse which are one-sided as Twitter rules prohibit.  They organize just for the purpose of defaming and harassing me as well as those who befriend me. The individuals behind these accounts create serial bulk accounts for the aforementioned purpose and to stalk my every online action so as to fabricate new stories in order to slander me.

In closing, these individuals are liars and clearly see me as a threat as evident from the length they go through in order to discredit and slander me. Catholics and other Christians know me well, so do many atheists. Unfortunately, there are some atheists who out of a sense to feel as "part of the group," blindly believe these liars. I remind these atheists that skepticism is a staple in the atheist person. Without it, then you are just another "believer" of things without evidence.

Do not jump to believe lies posted about "Sacerdotus." Ask for hard evidence. Notice that none of these trolls do not even have a photo of me, yet they claim to know my full name, schools, seminaries etc. This is a clear red flag that their information is bogus. I warn you though.. any attempt to question these disturbed individuals will bring them to accuse you of being a sock puppet of mine. This is how they protect their lies by claiming that those who challenge the validity of their claims are really me using a different account. They will insist on this lie and will never even go on webcam to prove  the distinct identities of accounts in question in real time. Again, they are liars and will face the consequences for their libel.


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