Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rosa Rubicondior Sinks Deeper

@rosarubicondior must not have the infamous British stiff "upper lip."  She is obviously still upset over her loss last month when she disgracefully bowed out from debating me.

Rosa now spends most of her day mentioning me on twitter.  Even claiming I have 'sock puppets.'  Poor thing...   I never meant to cause her any psychotic episodes.  I merely wanted to have an exchange that would expose Atheism for what it is: Intellectual Fraud.  

Thankfully Rosa and her blind obedient minions helped me achieve that endeavor by demonstrating the irrationality of Atheism and its premise.  

Rosa is now claiming now that her followers increased.  This is obvously and lie and a micmicking of my tweet during her charade of trying to get out of debating me.  My followers and blog readership increased after her collapse.

She may have more followers than me - many people do; however, this is due to my short time on twitter.  Any account that has existed since Twitter's creation will obviously have more followers than mine.  My account on twitter came into existence in July of 2011.  My blog followed shortly after.    

Despite my recent appearance on twitter and blogger, my popularity has increased in a short time.  My blog has over 160,000 global hits.    

My blog is constantly being viewed as demonstrated here:

Unlike Rosa's blog which is hardly active:

In any event:  Why does Rosa feel the need to play the school bully popularity game

It is an obvious attempt to mask the humiliation she brought upon herself by first accepting to debate me and them trying everything to run away from it.  See the video: 

From the nomination of 'referees' to using other forums, from demanding I accept her rules to deception; Rosa tried everything to get out of debating me - leaving out the 'kitchen sink.'  

She keeps sinking deeper and deeper into the cesspool of stupidity and immaturity.  I don't know which Atheist exhibits more stupidity, Rosa Rubicondior or Jesse Ventura.  

Here are some of Rosa's ridiculous tweets exhibiting paranoia, psychosis, ad hominem and deception:

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