Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democratic National Convention

This week the Democratic party has its national convention which presented the issues it would focus on and also presented their nomination for the presidential election year 2012.

Like with the Republican convention, the Democratic one was filled with lots of enthusiasm, attacks to the other side, and promises.

However, the convention took more of a progressive tone.  The convention was pretty much about Abortion.  Most speakers spoke of a "woman's right," "woman's choice, "woman's bodily autonomy" and so forth.  One of the most disturbing parts was when God and Jerusalem were booed by delegates.  

The First Lady, Michelle Obama spoke of her husband, their life as a couple and their struggles to pay for college tuition.  Other speakers such as John Kerry defended Obama's leadership while former president Bill Clinton attempted to exonorate Obama from the situation America is in now.

He claimed Obama inherited a big mess that no one - not even him - could fix in 4 years.  He mocked Republicans, spoke about his own success as president and claimed Romney and Republicans are wrong about the economy and how to fix it.
So-called "Gay marriage" was also spoken about as well as other social issues.

Dissident nun Simone Campbell of the "nuns on the bus" campaign called the GOP's economic plan, "immoral" and voiced support to "Obamacare."  Campbell is under the Vatican's radar for attempting to make religious life into a social service institution that disregards Church teaching.

Sandra Fluke, a 31 year old college student who had some time in the media due to her demands that tax payers pay for her birth control was given the prime time slot to speak in.  As expected, her speech was radical feminist rhetoric demanding "reproductive rights," contraception and equality.

Vice president Joe Biden spoke about Obama as his friend and strong leader.  He claimed Obama is courageous, makes tough decisions and knows the problems Americans are facing because he faced them himself.  He credited Obama for eliminating Osama Bin Laden and for saving the automobile industry.

Finally, Obama himself spoke and surprisingly quoted Scripture.  He spoke about times changing and that he needs more time to fix things.  The hope and change rhetoric of 2008 is now hope and faith.

Obama also spoke about his supposed accomplishments in office and presented Romney and the Republicans as the backward party looking to go back into the past.

Cardinal Dolan then said the final prayer.  CNN and MSNBC did not show this, only Fox.  Dolan's prayer was the counter argument to the convention's rhetoric.  In it, he prayed for the unborn and religious freedom. He mentioned "nature's God" and that America is "under God."

The convention was interesting to watch but a scary reminder that the Democratic party is becoming a party that advocates for immorality, death and perversion.  The booing of God is a strong message that nothing moral will come from this party if it continues down this path.  


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