Monday, September 24, 2012

They made me a god...YIKES!

"All hail the almighty @sacerdotus!"  This seem to be one of the "ejaculations" of Twitter's Atheist community.

Ever since my arrival on the social network in the summer of 2011, they have literally followed my every word - tweet.  Any tweet for them is an opportunity for drama and gossip.

Instead of debating me, they resort to ad hominem and silly games that show they did not advance far from high school.

After @rosarubicondior embarrassed herself with her charade which eventually led to her bowing out from debating me, she has developed an extreme hatred towards me.  This hatred is so strong that she does not go one moment without attacking me or instigating her atheist friends to do the same.  She is obsessed with me.  She even changed her blog comment settings to prevent me from commenting.  What a sad individual...

I have so much power over her and her behavior.  In an instant I can force extinction of her habituation.  

She knows that she is no match for me intellectually speaking.  Her blog postings reek of sophistry and distortions of religion and science.  Based on the comments she receives, her readers are of the uneducated variety.  They are like the peasants of ancient Britain who listened and follow obediently any chic ideas that happened to present themselves to them.

After exposing Rubicondior for the fraud she is, her friends have taken upon themselves a 'vendetta' against me.  They are now attempting to indentify me with random individuals.  One such individual is a high school student - a minor- who Rosa Rubicondior is bullying and defaming on her blog.  I invite all to report it: click here.

As a disturbed individual, Rosa Rubicondior also uses the account @jaxzohn which contantly mentions me with nonsensical angry tweets which only serve to bait.  When I do not fall for it, Rosa gets upset.    This frustration has forced her to create a mockery account of mine:   In this account, she posts the counter to my tweets and attempts to defame me.  The account has been reported.  If you have not done so, please report @rosarubicondior @jaxzohn and @sacerdotass here:

They have made me their god by constantly allowing my every word (tweet) to influence their behavior.  Please keep these sick people in your prayers and report them.

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