Sunday, September 30, 2012

Atheist attempt to regain pride

Our self-proclaimed Atheist rubicondior obviously lost it after losing a debate with me by forfeiting.  She is now disparaging me on Twitter, her blog and is calling for a massive reporting effort to suspend any opposition to atheism.   Twitter has been notified of this.  

Unfortunately, Twitter has an automatic suspension system that suspends accounts based on algorithmic codes.  This is something they need to work on if they are to keep their service user friendly and in accords with First Amendment rights.  The media was contacted regarding this.  These tactics can be used to control speech which is illegal.

Take the case of Guy Adams, a reporter who was suspended for tweeting on the Olympics.

Rubicondior recently posted a comment on my blog.  I replied with one of my own on her blog.  Let's see if she has the integrity to post it.  In any case, this was the comment:

Thank you Rosa for showing everyone how bitter you got after you were defeated by me. No one has ever brought you down to this level like I have. :)
I really dissected you before all. Now you feel the need to stalk me, misidentify me and call for massive reporting efforts against me. How immature is that? You are only harming yourself, not me. I can always come back and my blog is promoted via other means. Others are reporting you and your tweets on an hourly basis. It is self evident that your pride was hurt in August and you are retaliating... poor thing. You need anger management. It is not healthy keeping a grudge.
Reporting me and calling for others to do the same is not going to restore your dignity. If you debate me instead of running away, then this will show that you are confident in your agnostic beliefs and might restore the deference you lost after I challenged you and you bowed out like a coward.
The choice is yours: Debate me like I asked and restore some dignity or take on this new role as a bitter vengeful person who only exists on twitter to cyber bully.

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