Monday, September 24, 2012

Rosa Rubicondior Has Lost It

@Rosarubicondior has hit a new stage of insanity.  Apparently I got the best of her.

After many attempts to attach me to multiple Twitter accounts, now she is claiming I am some person she mentions on her blog comments.

If that is not bad enough, she defames this individual thinking this individual is me!   Poor thing, she has lost her mind.  She also attacks the people of the Bronx by claiming they are illiterate.  

Her paranoia and frustration are visible to all and all can see that she is just comic relief on Twitter.  She makes a mockery of rationalism and atheism.  Anyone who praises her is cut out of the same cookie cutter of delusion.

She is obviously mentally disturbed and even made a parody account of herself in which she says this of herself:

It is wrong for Rosa to mention random people and claim they are me.  She should respect the privacy of others.

A search of Sacerdotus and the name she mentions produces no links showing correlation, so I have no idea how she got this person's name and information, and why this particular individual.

Nevertheless, I made a report to Google and am inviting readers to do the same.  It is wrong to post someone's name, information and defame that someone when that someone is not the intended target.

This person is being defamed on Rosa's blog and probably does not know of it.

Please report Rosa Rubicondior's blog   


She is posting someone's information on her blog who is obviously not her intended target (me).  This person's information cannot be found on Google, so one must wonder where Rosa Rubicondior got this information from.  It is cyber bullying, defamation of character and invasion of privacy.  



  1. you have proven MANY times to be mentally unstable. Why should we take your word for anything?

    1. Mentally unstable for calling out the abuse Rosa is committing against a minor? I think the one that is unstable and out of touch with reality is you. The evidence speaks for itself.

    2. If you really are a minor, then your parents need to pay closer mind to the nonsense you're up to on the internet.

      But I highly doubt you are a minor. You're just a troll.

  2. I see Herr Goebbels aka Rosa Rubicondior Has Lost It and conveniently removed the said offending post, I hope you have a copy Michael? It will be useful evidence in due course. What a vile and despicable person Rubicondior whatever his name is. I know the UK authorities are keeping an eye on his behavior and I reckon it will only be a matter of time before he has a visitation. Insidiously inciting religious and racial hatred has serious follow on consequences, which will be his down fall.


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