Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jah-Know Buu

A random Tweeter @JahKnowBuu sent me the following.  I will answer each here.  His twitter handle suits him well...


 if god is guilty of sin then god is a contradiction. Something you can't wrap your head around.  
Ooh, tricksy! RT  if god punishes people for believing in another god, he is guilty of envy.   via
 and if god approves of half the stuff said about him, say about others, or do in his name, he is guilty of being a idiot.
 if god demands people pay excessive amounts of money to the church, he is guilty of greed.  
 if god always demands more people worship him, commanding his followers to evangelize, he is guilty of gluttony.
 if god demands people dedicate their lives solely to worshiping him and his name, he is guilty of pride.  
 if god punishes people for believing in another god, he is guilty of envy.  
 if god is so obsessed with monitoring peoples sexual relations, he is guilty of lust.  
 if god created the world, then stayed idle for a millenia of human suffering, he is guilty of sloth.  
 If god punishes people for not believing in him he is guilty of wrath.  
 I'll tweet them for you. Up loading from a phone aint working so well.


The above tweets are based on ignorance of God and our understanding of Him based on revelation.

"If God punishes... He is guilty of wrath."

This makes no sense.  God punishes because he is a just God.  This punishment comes upon man by his own abuse of free will and is not intended by God.

"God stayed idle to human suffering... He is guilty of sloth."

God never stayed idle as humanity suffered.  At the fall, man made his choice to do things his own way as opposed to God's way.  His "eyes were opened" and he knew good and evil.  This is not God's fault.  God respects free will and will not intervene in human affairs unless He has a plan to do something with that intervention.  God is not superman.  He is not a hero who appears out of nowhere to rescue people.  God will help those who trust in Him sincerely; however, He will always respect free will.  Everything good or bad has a purpose.

"God is obsessed with monitoring sex lives.. guilty of lust."

I have no idea where he got this from.  God is not obsessed with sex, He designed it!  He wants us to use this gift properly and not merely as a pastime.

"God punishes for believing in other gods .. He is guilty of envy."

While Scripture does say God is a "jealous" god, this does not mean that He literally gets jealous.  The term is an attempt to make God more understandable in human language.  God is often given anthropomorphic qualities in Scripture.  As stated before, man brings punishment upon himself for following other gods.  Since God is good and if man rejects God for another god man created; then what happens when you take away good?  Bad comes.

"God demands people to solely worship and praise His name... guilty of pride."

While we are to worship God: know, love and serve Him, this does not mean that we are meant to be slaves.  God wants us to be His children.  Are children the slaves of their parents?  No, of course not.  Children enjoy love, attention, good things - inheritance from their parents.  This is what is expected of those who stick by God as Father.  If God was really prideful, He would have tortured humanity until it served Him.

"God commands followers to evangelize, He is guilty of gluttony."

This is one of the craziest arguments I've read so far.  How can God commanding His followers to spread the Good News of love to all be gluttony?

"God commands to pay amount to Church, God is guilty of greed."

This is a misunderstanding of the tithe.  God requests 10% of ourselves.  This could be money, time, services or whatever.  The tithe is a representation that God only requests little of us.

"If God approves half of the stuff people say of Him, He is an idiot."

This would depend on what is being said.  If what is being said is what He revealed, then He is not an idiot. The idiot is the one who does not understand the message.

"If God is guilty of sin..."

Sin is a trait only human beings can commit.  Sin is the rejection of grace.  How can God reject Himself?  Only people can sin, not God

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