Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Pigeon Allocution

An Agnostic tweeter @allocutus messaged me a few times in the past.  Recently, he began to message me after the the collapse of @rosarubicondior with her stalling, dishonesty and cowardice during our debate.

@allocutus or Martin has been visiting my rationallyfaithful blog and commenting on the open discussion blog post.  As first, he seemed to be serious about having a discussion, however, his comments began to repeat themselves.  He would re-circulate old arguments and request that I present answers that I already provided.
Martin got stuck in the whirlpool of circular argumentation.

To make matters worse, he is now attempting to bait me into debating him on another venue just as I baited @rosarubicondior when she began to get cold feet on me.  This is obviously an attempt to "pay back" the humiliation that @rosarubicondior received.  In reality, Rosa's humiliation was on her, not me.  I gave her the opportunity to debate me and even allowed her to go first, but she stalled and bowed out.

Martin's attempt to bait me will be futile because I have stated before that my blog is the only venue for debates.  Moreover, I mentioned to him that my content is licensed so I cannot travel to every blog I'm invited to debate on in the world wide web to post my material.  

He is still insisting and I don't know why.  Perhaps it is because he is losing the discussion on my blog?  If this is the case, then having a debate on another venue will not change the outcome.  My intellect will defeat his irrational ideas here, there and anywhere.

A careful reading of our discussion will show that Martin is completely academically aloof and comments just for the sake of commenting.  His reasoning is incoherent and he denies receiving rebuttals to his points.  Denial seems to be a common trend among Atheists.

For a supposed lawyer, his arguing skills are barely mediocre.  

To date he has not provided proof that an "Atheist" civilization existed or exists.  In other words, he has not shown a culture that never had a god as part of their culture.  Moreover, his understanding of, Logic, Scripture and Science is dismal.  This makes it "interesting" to discuss things with him.        

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