Friday, September 21, 2012

Atheism on the Rise

A poll conducted by “The Global Index of Religiosity and Atheism,” seems to show that Atheism is on the rise while Religiosity is not.  The poll shows a drop from 73% in 2005 to 60% in regards to religiosity.  Atheism rose from 1% to 5%.  

The polls seem to show a big difference - or do they?  We must look at certain things first.

  1. One cannot really compare 73% to 1% or 5% to the point of concluding that a dramatic difference is taking place.  73% or even 60% is still larger than 1% or 5%.
  2. Only 50,000 people were interviewed from 57 countries.  This is hardly a big enough sample to make a concise conclusion.  
  3. In the United States, the failure to produce enough signatures to get the White House to intervene on behalf of Atheist Alexander Aan shows that Atheism is not as numerous and powerful as Christianity in America.  

Atheism might be on the rise, but not by much when compared to other religions.  Atheism will never rule the world as the dominate religion.  It does not offer the same substance that other religions such as Christianity offers.  

Atheism offers merely speculative conclusions based on the subjective acceptance of what is empirical evidence and what is not. To date: There is no empirical evidence that indicates the absence of God. This leaves Atheism as merely speculative rhetoric.  An Atheist must take on in 'faith' that there really is no God.  

A recent study conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life  /  U.S. Religious Landscape Survey shows that Atheism has the lowest retention rate of any religion.  In other words, Atheism does not keep its members for long.  Those who call themselves Atheists eventually leave it and embrace other religions.  

Recently Atheist blogger Leah Libresco announced her conversion to Catholicism.  I myself used to be an Atheist and am now aspiring to be a Catholic priest.

Atheism offers nothing but speculative reasoning, or lack of.  It is a premise that claims God and religion as superstition without evidence.  The human mind like the stomach needs something solid, to paraphrase Chesterton.  These slogans such as 'God is a myth' or 'God is dead' just don't work without evidence in a rational mind.    

The only reasons Atheism would be on the rise is due to poor catechesis and anger from disgruntled believers.  Followers of religions who are not 'well fed' will look for food elsewhere.  Moreover, believers who have a 'bad experience' with members of their congregations, clergy or even God will become desensitized and lose faith.  

It is interesting to note that this poll was taken at a time where priests, ministers and nuns were under scrutiny for child abuse - and at a time when Islam became the poster child for violence and terrorism.

This is why it is important that we teach our people Truth and not opinions.  It is important that we live our Christianity and not practice it like a Pharisee.  Scandals hurt the faith of others greatly.  Our lives and behavior might be the only Bible or Catechism another might ever experience.    

Nevertheless, people who left eventually turn back to God and believe as the get older.          




  1. Of course atheism is on the rise. Why do people deny this fact? Anyone with at least a remedial familiarity with Scripture ought not be surprised - nor intimidated.

    1. Well it was on the rise. Things have changed in the last few months.


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