Monday, November 14, 2011

What is the function of Homosexuality in a Natural world?

In a time where the LGBT movement is aggressively attempting to convince people that they are as normal as everyone else, one question that they seem to avoid is:

What is the function of Homosexuality in a Natural World?  

We all have learned in Biology that Reproduction is a natural and needed function for a species to continue; however, that is not possible with Homosexuality, so what is its function in a natural world?  

Some Evolutionists say Homosexuality exists to control Population Growth, but if that were the case why did we just pass the 7 billion mark?   (R.H. Dennison - University of Wyoming)

So what are your thoughts?  What is the Natural Biological Function of Homosexuality?  Your comment should answer the following:

  • What is the Biological Function?

  • Is this function identical to Heterosexuality and in what way?

  • Provide data that supports any involvement of Genetics/Evolution in this.  


  1. Your entire argument hinges on the suggestion that reproduction is a human's only worthy purpose in life. Yet what of infertile people? Should they be mocked & ridiculed? Should they be banned from marriage considering they can't personally reproduce?

    And what about couples who simply don't want kids? Should those couples be banned from marriage? Should marriage only be for those who can & will produce kids?

  2. The topic does not mention purpose but function. It is not an argument, but a question based on the knowledge humanity has of Biology.

    What is the function of Homosexuality in a Natural World?

    Infertile people etc are beside the point and irrelevant.

  3. As per our twitter conversation: Although I understand you've posed this question specifically for this discussion, it's irrelvant to your key stance: that homosexuality is sinful

    Whether homosexuality plays an evolutionary role or not is a completely moot point - it exists and science (and common sense) HEAVILY supports the fact that it's not a choice but a physiological condition.

    So let me pose you a question: what weight of evidence do YOU require to accept that a persons sexual orientation IS NOT A CHOICE? What can we provide to you that would change your stance?


  5. And another:

  6. Presumably this isn't a satisfactory answer?

  7. Presumably this isn't a satisfactory answer?


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