Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Rose of Dementia

There is a caricature Twitter account that goes by the designation "Rosa Rubicondior" who has engaged me a few times during the summer.  At first I did not know whether this was a serious person or just some prankster.  Nevertheless, the photo of an elderly woman, the repetitive and incoherent tweets alluded to the possibility that this may be a demented senior citizen.

The caricature seems to want to engage in a discussion, but when engaged begins to adamantly reject any points made by any opposing party.  Mid-way, the caricature then accuses the opposing party of "dishonest" debating.

Now, how can a rebuttal of this caricature's tweets be a dishonest debate attempt?  That is not "dishonest" debate, that is an attempt to mask Allodoxaphobia on the part of Rosa.

It is interesting to note that this caricature then blocks anyone who responds.  This is not a brave move for someone who seems to give off an air of intellectual confidence.

After reading a few blogs from this caricature I've noticed that this individual has a fixation with fundamentalist Christianity which is often found among Protestantism.  Most of the posts are atheist rhetoric geared towards the aforementioned.

The posts often consist of appeals to: Argument from Ignorance, Argumentum Verbosium, Petitio Principii, Fallacy of Continuum, Burden of Proof shifts as well as a host of others.

Nevertheless, they are entertaining to read and present a psychological profile of a grandiose Atheist who is fixated on Christian fundamentalism and whose logic is erratic.

The "Elderly lady" wants to be rational, but unfortunately with the constant misrepresentation of the attributes of God, Christianity, Faith and Science, it is logical to conclude that this Rose is suffering from Intellectual Dementia.   It is time to retire ma'am. :)

Update:  11/15/11

"Rosa Rubicondior"  contacted me via my Contact on my blog stating:

"I note your resort to abuse.
Obviously, when facts, logic and reason are all against you, you have very little choice really.
If you aren't honest, that it.
Does this approach fool many people other than yourself?"

Sacerdotus responds:

This is not a resort to abuse, but just a critique.  Again you are showing your Allodoxaphobia again. :)
All I have done is give a general critique of your caricature Twitter account and its blog.  What you call facts, logic and reason are in reality your own speculative conclusions based on your encounters with Christian Fundamentalists.   In other words, they are your conclusions based on facts, logic and reason which have been filtered through Atheist rhetoric.  In the end, they will not fair well against independent facts, logic and reason.   Now who is the fool? :)


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