Friday, November 18, 2011

Perverts are EVERYWHERE!

Look online, on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Myspace or Twitter.  You will find many mentions of the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal.   These sex abuse scandals can never be condone, however, it is unfair that the media and anti Catholics misrepresent and exaggerate the extent of it.

Reports have found that homosexuality/ephebophilia were the root cause of the sex scandals, not pedophilia.  Nevertheless, the Church will always be maligned by ignorant people who do not understand the Church, hate her or cannot live by her teachings.

The recent scandal at Penn State University reflects the reality that perverts are everywhere.  Pedophilia, ephebophilia is in every institution, even in the family.

Anti-Catholics will try to distort this reality by somehow pretending that sexual child abuse is exclusive to the Catholic Church.

At Penn State we hear of Jerry Sandusky who was a defensive coordinator for the University's team who stands accused of sexual child abuse.  Moreover, the famed coach Joe Paterno knew of the abuse but did not go far enough to report it.  Paterno was recently fired.  If that is not bad enough, assistant coach Mike McQueary saw Sandusky abusing a child in the showers and did nothing to physically stop it.  He also did not call the police which is mandatory.

As the investigation goes on, more is being learned.  The University's president was fired and the cover up is showing its ugly head.  In America, Football is very popular.  College teams are almost as popular as professional ones in the NFL.

These teams are a "cash cow" for Universities, so they will go at any length to keep those programs going.  This apparently was the case at Penn State.  The University covered up the abuse in order to protect the sports program.

Just today, another coach, Bernie Fine of Syracuse was suspended on allegations of sexual child abuse.  He is accused of molesting two ball boys.  If found to be credible, most likely we will hear of another cover up at Syracuse.   Also at Hilltop Baptist School, a principal, pastor and teacher were arrested for child sexual abuse.

All these stories are disgusting to hear and heartbreaking at the same time.  Heartbreaking not for those accused, but for victims.

Hopefully these stories will show Catholic haters that perverts are everywhere.  No psychological testing, no interviews, no resume can prevent them from entering any Church, institution or other places of employment. 

I am disappointed at students from Penn State and others such as actor Ashton Kutcher who gave support to Paterno and those accused.  So far the investigation is credible, so support should go to the victims not the accused.

Anyone reading this, if you were abused, 
PLEASE tell the police!  Don't be afraid.  Priests, nuns, coaches, teachers, deans, principals, relatives or friends etc, are just people.  Don't be afraid of them.  Report it!   

Similarly, if you know of abuse that took place or is taking place; someone told you or you have witnessed it, 
You will be a hero for protecting and saving a minor.  
Do the right thing!  



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