Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sexual Harassment incidents high among Youth

A recent survey conducted by the American Association of University Women has found that sexual harassment is on the rise in schools.  According to them, "Sexual harassment pervades the lives of students in grades 7–12."  The majority of victims say that this has had a negative effect on their lives.  The report goes on listing statistics regarding the harassment.

This comes as no surprise to me.  With the constant push for "sex ed" in schools by some along with the sexual messages the youth receive on a daily basis from the media, it is no wonder why sexual harassment is high.  

From movies to music, Tv programs and books, kids are being exposed to all kinds of pornographic messages.  If that is not bad enough, even at school they are given courses that make premarital sex and promiscuity appealing and necessary in order for them to function as a "normal" person in society.

Some say sex ed is not bad, "kids will find out anyway" they say.  Well with the constant bombardment they receive from music and other media forms, that assertion is unfortunately true.  However, that can change.  If parents monitor what their children watch, read and hear and explain to them that singers, hip hop artists, movie stars, etc are not interested in who they "entertain;"  that they just want their money and can care less what message they put in their minds, then this will assist in the youth's formation.

Supposedly we have something called the "FCC" which monitors the media.  However, they have been asleep at the helm for decades allowing all kinds of garbage to be broadcast and promoted.  Our youth are  fed sexual messages on a daily basis.  We all know the youth are impressionable.  They WILL imitate what they see or hear.

How many young people have imitated the stunts of crazy programs that show men doing stupid things?  The killers of Columbine high school dressed in their favorite rocker's dark attire and carried out his lyrics of violence.

Sex is a strong natural drive.  We are all biologically programmed to reproduce.  However, when the media changes that natural impulse into a drive for pleasure, social acceptance and some sort of rite of passage, then we get into the trouble we see now:  teen pregnancy, STD infections, sexual harassment, abortion and so on.

The media does not care what it feeds the minds of kids.  Parents must step their game up.  Sex education must be taken back by parents which is now in control of progressives who wish to corrupt young minds into accepting their twisted views on reproduction.

This is the reason why sexual harassment is on the rise.  Kids are being taught that sex and pleasure is what it is all about.   That being said, of course they will touch each other, harass each other sexually!  When you have people telling kids how to have sex and encouraging them to do it for their health, then what do you think those impressionable youth will do?   They will of course try the things they were taught.    

It is ironic that the Mayor of NYC wants to put photos of cancer victims on cigarette boxes using scare tactics, but won't put images of STD infections or people who died of AIDS on condoms and sex pamphlets that are given to youth.


Parents take your kids back from the system of moral corruption.  You're the BOSS!     







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