Saturday, November 12, 2011

Clowns with a Frown

Clowns are often used to entertain children or grown ups. They do silly things, say silly things and make us chuckle and laugh.  However, clowns are not limited to people dressed in funny costumes with red noses and make up.  Clowns are everywhere.  Atheism is not immune to this.

Atheists often cite bogus claims that the majority of scientists and inventors are atheist.  That is not true.  It is propaganda used to give the false idea that some how those who reject God are rational and progress scientifically and intellectually.  History shows that the majority of scientific minds were theists.  Modern science and the scientific method was developed by the Catholic Church.  

Yes we can find atheists in science today, but the claim that all or most scientists are atheists is erroneous.  In the book, "Science vs Religion - What Scientists Really Think"  nearly 2,000 scientists were approached and the conclusion was reached that not all were atheists.  A large portion were theists, the others were Apatheists who did not focus on religious tenets personally but try to bridge faith and science in order to better society.  A small minority were apprehensive and hostile towards religion.

Atheism has no exclusive claim over the sciences or intellectualism  Those that do claim this are the Clowns who Frown.  That is to say, they are the ones who go around spewing bigotry in the name of science and rationalism while at the same time entertaining us all with their nonsensical rants.

Here are some I can think of:

George Carlin

If you have not heard of this guy, he was a clown in real life, or a comedian.  He made a living telling crude hateful jokes at the expense of other people.  His only audience was the young rebellious crowd.  Though being Catholic and going to Catholic school, Carlin had deep hatred towards God and religion.

While watching his stand up on Youtube I didn't see humor in his act, but hurt.  He seems to mask some deep hurt by attacking God and religion.  I can only assume that perhaps because he had a rough childhood and attended the strict Catholic school system during the time of his youth, he grew up angry.  Priests, Sisters, Brothers and lay teachers were often heavy disciplinarians and it is understandable why a youth would grow up angry, especially towards God and religion.  He and his mother did not have a great relationship from what I've read. Carlin attended Cardinal Hayes high school for a while, a high school that is rumored to be a breeding ground for dissent from Catholicism.  I've heard complaints that teachers use sexual innuendos to teach subjects and also promote homosexuality and other progressive views.  Carlin is deceased now.  I hope he found God at death again and answers as to why his life was what it was when he finally saw God face to face as he saw the Sun from Earth.  

Penn Jillette 

This guy is another comedian and magician who also calls himself an atheist and uses sarcasm to present his anger towards God and religion.   Ironically he is a graduated of a Clown school.

He strictly believes there is no God.  Despite his strong words in defense of Atheism, Penn supposedly was thankful for a fan who gave him a Gideon Bible.

Bill Maher 

Another comedian who was raised Catholic and had a Jewish mother.  Supposedly his father stopped practicing due to the Catholic Church's teachings on sexuality and procreation.
Maher is often seen on TV bashing religion and making sarcastic remarks about God, prayer and other religious themes.  Just like with Carlin, I also see deep pain in this guy.
Most of his rants are comical and have no intellectual basis.  He pretends to sound intelligent by misrepresenting Christianity, Faith and God with his use of comedy.   He refers himself as an Apatheist, but his words are atheistic in nature.   Like a Clown with a Frown he goes about trying to be funny but spewing hate and anger instead.

Richard Dawkins

This one is probably the most infamous of all Atheists.  He is a trained Biologist and self proclaimed Humanist.    In 2006 he wrote "God delusion," a book that reads more like an outline of why he does not believe, rather than actually explaining or describing God as a delusion.

 Book reviewers have describe the book as using "sloppy logic," incoherent prose with some parts of it showing immaturity and mockery.

Dawkins is vocal about atheism, but not as powerful as Madalyn Murray O' Hair who was always in court trying to make God illegal in America.  His most aggressive attempt to get attention for the Atheism cause was when he attempted to get Pope Benedict XVI arrested for Crimes against Humanity when the Pope visited Britain.   This of course was a failure and backfired on him because there is no way to prosecute a Pope since the Pope answers to no one except God; nor is there evidence that the Catholic Church endorses crimes against humanity.

I applaud all these men for trying to look out for the well being of all humanity; however, their anger and hate is something that is troubling.  As a former Atheist and now Catholic, I know not everyone is going to believe or think as me, nevertheless, I expect rational people to speak their minds in a rational and respectful manner.

Once you spew hate either for Atheism or God, you lose credibility.

  • How can a Christian 'love a neighbor as himself' when he or she shows hate?  

  • How can an Atheist or Humanist be for humanity if he or she shows hate?   

It is time for these Clowns with a Frown to realize that we are all in this world together and must care for one another.  Our minds may not send the same signals in regards to God, but the Theist and Atheist heart beats the same beat of life.  Let's march on to that beat and build a world where we can co-exist in peace and harmony.

Let Theists and Atheists preach Tolerance, Peace and Justice.


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