Thursday, August 23, 2012

Atheist - No life to enjoy?

Atheists on twitter are quick to flood my mentions with all kinds of silly remarks.  Some approach correctly at first with questions and then show their true colors.  They are out to bait and when their questions are answered calmly by me, they find all kinds of excuses to start a fight for whatever reason only God knows.  Perhaps they are lonely, or bipolar?

Take @americatheist for example.  He randomly messaged me asking me questions.  I answered his questions and linked him to my "Evil Bible" blog post which adds more detail:

He instead uses appeal to authority by claiming that he has "read the Bible many times" which I found hard to believe and even questioned this.  Had he read the Bible numerous times, he would have known the answer to his own questions.  Moreover, his questions were based on a fundamentalist reading of the Bible.

In reality, this man had no interest in seeking answers.  He was just attempting to bait me into an argument.  When I did not bite, he got frustrated.  I saw his intention and did not want to entertain his stupidity.

He just doesn't understand that Twitter is not a forum to give lectures with on any topic.  This is why I link people to my blog where they have liberty to post below whatever questions or comments they wish to post without having character limitations - granted they are free of vulgarity and ad hominem.

As you can see below from his own tweets.  He was not interested in listening and only wanted to troll.  He is obviously a young immature individual looking for something to do due to a lack of worthwhile activities in his own personal life.

I was wondering what that "lump" on his head was.  Perhaps he fell and hit his head?  That would explain his silliness  :)

"@Americatheist"   He messages me out  with these tweets:

  I would think one would need to defend absolutes assertions about things easily observed to be wrong.
  for example the Bible says the filament is a solid dome/barrier that the sky and stars are affixed to (cont)-
   did he really think I would read his blog? I've spent countless hours reading the Bible!
    you are a disgrace to your own cause blocked for your inability to defend anything.
  our conversation is over trolling is not debating sir go and read your Bible a lot more please!
  and the Earth is at the center. Both assertions in this biblical statement have been proven wrong.
  absolutely not sir, I spent 17 years as a biblical literalist I know the Bible very very well.

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