Monday, August 27, 2012

@RosaRubicondior turns chicken again

Cluck Cluck Cluck Cluck 

Out of the kindness of my heart I offered @rosarubicondior a second chance to redeem herself.  After her epic fail and stalling tactics, I tried once more to see if she would muster up some courage to debate me; however, with the same outcome:  cowardice.

Her friends even tried to bait me to debate her on another forum HER way:

I posted the following tweet after her Atheist friends were attempting to bait me into entering a debate on HER terms:

To show that I was serious about the debate and that I am considerate of Rosa's concern about going on my blog since she needs a safety blanket, I offered to allow Rosa to be a guest blogger.  I did this because she and her friends claimed that my blog is not neutral.  Rosa seems to be afraid of going some place where she cannot delete or back track.  

And again:

I even asked, what's the excuse now?  If I give someone access to edit and blog on my blog, what excuse is there for it NOT being a neutral place to debate?

If that was not enough I even offered to remove the video and blog posts that detailed @rosarubicondior 's lies, stall tactics, ad hominem, and denial.   Again no response.

So... let us recall the events:

 I offered to allow @rosarubicondior as a guest blogger and offered to remove previous posts showing her stalling tactics.  However, no response other than ad hominem as usual. 

So after waiting to see if she would follow through:

I called times up on @rosarubicondior:  Notice the time.  I gave her more than the 15 hours to respond and she did not.  

Rosa and her Atheist friends have once again made Atheism look bad.  The are dishonest, lie, and stall.  They try everything to avoid debating me.  See

What else do they want me to do?  I already compromised enough to show that my blog is a safe neutral venue even for the intellectually weak.

The problem is not the venue, it is the lack of intellectual confidence on the part of @rosarubicondior.   

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