Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rosa Rubicondior #EPICFAIL

As expected @rosarubicondior has proven to be a disappointment.  Excuse after excuse was given.  She stalled and stalled.  It is obvious she is afraid to debate me.  It is understandable.  She does not possess the intellectual confidence she pretends to have on her blog.

She and her friends tried everything to make this debate collapse on her.  They even tried to claim that I am somehow other accounts that follow me on twitter.  In reality, it has come to my attention that Rosa has another parody account.

The only other twitter account I have is my @rationallyfaithful one which promotes my other debate blog.

Anyhow, this goes to show that Atheism has no substance.  If Dawkins, Rosa and others cannot defend it and resort to all kinds of petulance, then what credit can we give it?

If Atheists are not confident in their reasoning, then why should we even bother with it?  It is fallacious rhetoric aim at appeasing those who are angry with God and religion.

Here is a video I made showing the silliness of @rosarubicondior and her Atheist circus friends.


  1. you are a coward and a liar. you didn't agree to terms of debate. By the way jackass, atheism isn't a proper noun and should not be capitalized.

    1. The debate was my idea. All the information was on this link:


      All parties involved read and agreed. If you fail to see this, then you are foolish.

      I capitalize certain words to give emphasis.

  2. Oh, poor Sacerdotus, you were easily taken to the cleaners by Rosa. As the wise man said, it must be nice for you to live a life unburdened by reality.

    1. I agree. She took me to the cleaners and hung herself out to dry. :) Only an imbecile would believe that someone who ran from a debate did well in it.

      I was looking forward to debating Rosa, but Rosa ran. Her behavior exposed the #atheism social clique on twitter as merely nothing more than a social gathering of individuals who have much to say but lack the intellectual confidence to defend that say.


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