Monday, August 20, 2012

@RosaRubicondior a no show...

Oh Rosa, where art thou???

As expected, @rosarubicondior was a no show to the debate.  As soon as she accepted on Twitter, I created a specific debate blog post for us to write on.  (

She has not showed up.  Someone call the cops! She has gone missing for over 24 hours!  :-)

I even went immediately to her blog and posted the link on the blog she wrote so she would not claim I never sent it:

I understand there is a time zone difference, but enough time has gone by and she should have been able to write something.

Anyhow, this was expected.  She is stalling and trying everything to get out of debating me.  It is sad because I'm only doing this to help our readers learn more about both sides.   I am not doing this to start trouble with her or Atheists.

I asked her because after reading her blog posts, she seems like a good candidate to speak on behalf of Atheism as opposed to other Twitter Atheists who just insult and never debate.    

Instead of arguing on Twitter, insulting and blocking each other, why not have a simple debate on a blog and post reasons for and against God?  

I hope she will reconsider.  


Moreover, to add to the absurdity, she is now stalling even more by attempting to hijack my debate which I  initiated by adding a "referee" and "rules."  This is absurd.  

I have the full say of how it is conducted since it was my idea in the first place.  

How can you invite a person to dinner and then that person goes on and tells you what to cook, who to invite and what drinks to serve?  

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