Friday, August 31, 2012

Republican National Convention

The Republicans are having their National Convention in Tampa, Florida this week.  However, due to hurricane Isaac approaching, the convention was cut down from 4 days to 3.

Many speakers spoke on the Republican view of America and why Americans should vote for Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney's wife, Ann Romney spoke about the love in their relationship.  The speech was needed because many accuse Romney of being out of touch.  Since he is a well to do candidate, Democrats accuse him of not knowing what the non-rich go through and therefore cannot help them.  Ann Romney painted the image of a candidate who worked for what he has and who is a good husband and father to their children.

Governor Chris Christie also spoke.  He gave a fiery speech about respect.  Some criticized his speech as being centered on his own bid for 2016 by mentioning the success he has had in New Jersey.  They were expecting him to use his blunt style to attack Obama and his failed policies.  Others spoke, such as Vice presidential pick Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Clint Eastwood, Condoleezza Rice, Zori Fonalledas, Rick Santorum and Mike Hucklebee.

Finally Mitt Romney gave his speech which presented him as an American who earned his current life.  He got emotional when speaking of his family and was fiery at certain points when recalling the state of America and what America should be.  He promised to work for the family, for the sanctity of life and the institution of marriage.  He promised not to raise taxes on the middle class and to show America's "backbone" to Putin.  Romney also reiterated his support of Israel and the nation's allies.

Romney's speech was well done and I think gave a strong message to all, especially those who voted for Obama and are now upset at the outcome of Obama's presidency.

At the close, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York gave the closing prayer.


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