Monday, October 17, 2011

Twitter discussions - Birth Control/Sex

@magnetist Maggie Hornick

@Sacerdotus ...preventing teen pregnancy and STIs. Teens who take abstinence pledges are actually more likely to have sex at younger ages.
@Sacerdotus Guess what really DOESN'T work & should be defunded? Abstinence-only sex ed. Stats show that comprehensive sex ed's better at...
@Sacerdotus I'm not friends with you on facebook, and I don't want to be. Not sure why you'd respond to tweets on there. @MySide_YourSide
@magnetist Maggie Hornick
@Sacerdotus What are you talking about? It DOES work. When used correctly, most major contraceptive methods work over 99% of the time.
@ magnetist Maggie Hornick
@Sacerdotus You're incredibly ignorant, sir. Teen pregnancy began rising again when people began this abstinence-only sex ed BS. #prochoice
@Sacerdotus @surpassthepast @katsworld500 @magnetist Not all parents know enough to teach it.
@Sacerdotus Some people turn to sex work because they feel they have no other options. They would leave the industry if they felt they could
@Sacerdotus The victims and law enforcement officials. Not the church, which has a history of cover ups
@Sacerdotus When did I ever say sex was the "be all end all of life"?
@Sacerdotus How is accurately depicting the life experiences of teens "advocating" for the behavior? "Skins" shows many downsides to it.

Sacerdotus replies:

You do not have to add me as a "friend" to view my facebook. This is a page anyone can view; however, in order to respond you have to "like" the page. Well studies have shown that abstinence does work if enforced. It is no different than a drug rehab program or AA. Peer pressure is there of course, but if teens are surrounded by people who will not push sex onto them, they will succeed. The realization of the consequences of pregnancy and STD also help. When teens are made aware that sex is just not about pleasure, and that there are consequences EVEN with contraception - because it is not 100% safe- they will make a drastic change. Planned parenthood is a business. It is not interested in kids, women or the teen pregnancy rate. Instead of helping fix the problem, it is adding to it. Birth control does not work. If it did, then why does abortion exist? Think about it..

When you present condoms and other forms of birth control to youth, you are giving them the go ahead to have sex. This is not the message that should be given to kids. It is like saying to a suicidal person, "go jump out the window, but have a mattress on the sidewalk to break your fall." We cannot assume that our youth are mindless animals who run on instinct. They are not. They are human beings with conscience and intellect. When teens have an informed conscience, they will make the right decisions. I ran 2 youth groups and know this first hand. Prior to my life in the Church I also was a teen and had teen friends who were caught up in the sex scene. Those that had a good moral foundation were the ones who succeeded, while those that didn't, got pregnant and/or caught an STD.

I am not ignorant on this because I have worked with youth both in my pre Church time and now. Parents are the primary educators. They are the ones who prepare their children for the world. If they can teach kids how to eat, potty train etc, then why not something so personal as sex? My parents when I was a kid told me everything. They did not sugar coat it at all. With the proper tools - which should be available for free- parents can teach their kids about sex.

Sex work is immoral and degrades the persons involved in it. It does not pick up women. A woman must not think that her body is solely a tool for men to use for pleasure. She is a woman, a child of God, a beautiful intelligent creature that does not need to sell her body to make a living. What will she do when she ages and some may find her unattractive? How will she earn a living? It is better to help sex workers get out of that life. Empower them through education so that they can see that with that diploma they can get many jobs that pay more and have health coverage- something which sex work does not give.

From your tweets, you seem to present sex as a hobby. Something that we just have for the heck of it. That is not what sex is for. Biologically speaking it is for reproduction. We cannot replace its natural purpose for a hedonistic one. The consequences of this hedonistic life we are seeing today: teen pregnancy, STD rates out of control, abortion, etc. The program "Skins" depicts the creator's view of kids. Not all kids live the life that's scripted like on that show.

Yes just read the stats states led by religious right have highest teen pregnancies
I have grandaughters that will be teens in a few years, I want them to be able to make choices
My biggest problem with Church-they are unmarried "celebate" men giving rules on marriage&sex
BTW when i was a kid 9-10 years old I wanted to be a Nun, that's when they wore the habits,I thought they were cool, LOL
Didn't believe in the Catholic doctrine & spent years studying religion, decided I didn't believe in any of it
I've been married 37 yrs. That means I could have had 36 kids, do you not know anything abt sex &marriage?

Sacerdotus replies:

Well I am not informed on what state has the highest teen rate and how it relates to religious right, but there is evidence that abstinence programs do work. I know being a grandmother is difficult, there are so many pressures your grand daughters will face. However, you after living your life and seeing what the world is becoming should counsel them to focus on school instead of on boyfriends. There is no need for them to rush. Today's society does not let kids be kids. They are forced to "grow up" too fast and that is not good. Later on in life they will develop depression and regrets for not being able to have enjoyed a youthful experience free from sex and other adult issues.

Well celibacy in the Catholic Church is just a discipline. It can be removed. It is not a part of doctrine. The Church instituted that rule in order to prevent families from trying to take land, property and money from the Church. Also, celibacy helps a priest focus more on the work of God.

Yes, back then the nuns did have "cool" habits. :) They are starting to come back now and surprisingly, the orders that bring them back are the ones growing, while the ones that adopted secular clothing are the ones dying out.

The Catholic Church has 2011 years worth of doctrines so I know it is hard to learn all and make sense of them all. I too had issues accepting certain things, but God's will be done, not mine. I was never married, but grew up as a normal teen in the Bronx. :) So trust me, I am fully aware of sex and marriage.

TX has abstinence-only sex ed, it has the highest teen pregnancy rate in US
yes, but tell me why the same logic does not apply? after all, god himself was very fond of killing
under 13 is pedophilia according to the DSM

Sacerdotus replies:

TX is just one state. What program are they using? Abstinence-only has to be enforced. Teens are susceptible to all kinds of pressures. If they are surrounded by the right people, they will make the right choices. Teens are not stupid.

God does not kill anyone, He takes their life away. How can the artist steal his own work? :) Human life belongs to God. He can give or take. It is referred to as killing to us because mortals do not have the right to take another's life.

The DSM does classify pedophilia as sexual attraction towards those under 13. That is why I stressed that the Church's scandal deals with euphebophilia, not pedophilia.

MySide_YourSide Ryan Young
For the most part, yeah. It's a Christian ascetic they want, abstinence from pleasure.
Why? What makes it immoral?
Absolutely. Total agreement. But that cliff is where the individual having sex determines it is. No one else!

Sacerdotus replies:

Not at all. If you have read Bl. John Paul II's Theology of the Body, he stresses that pleasure is important. However, we must not push for casual sex because it takes away from the conjugal act of sex within a blessed marriage.

Sex work is immoral because it degrades the dignity of the worker. While I understand some might be under the impression that there is not other option, there is. Education is the key. Sex work degrades a woman's character, or a male's. What will the worker do when he she become old and unattractive to clients? It is much better if he/she gets an education. With that piece of paper (diploma) so many doors will open.

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