Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Republican Debate

A debate just took place in Nevada for Republicans who want to become the candidate who will face President Obama in 2012 for the United States of America Presidency.   It was an interesting debate with the typical question and answer; comments, interjections and interruptions.

However, I am still not convinced on who is a good candidate for the office of President of the United States of America.  Obama has obviously failed.  His hopes and dreams were exactly that; hopes and dreams.  They never became a reality.  There are some that claim Obama had 8 yrs of Bush's mess to clean up, but that is unfair.  Obama added to the mess.  Anyone who denies this is just being foolish and adamant.

While I am Catholic and Pro-life and of course want a President who values life, protects it and also values faith, marriage and protects any attempts to trample them; there are other issues that affect all of us that I am concerned with.  The main issue is the economy.

The economy is on life support, so to speak.  The way things are, jobs are disappearing, homes are going down the foreclosure path and things seem hopeless.  Thousands are occupying public spaces in protest in the United States of America and recently worldwide.  What is going on?  Why did it get so bad all of a sudden?

There are many answers to this that I won't get into, but the real question is: what can we do to fix this?   There is no real tangible solution to this mess, but as a believer in God I feel that faith in Divine Providence will restore some sense of order in this world.

I am glad that Newt Gingerich mentioned faith and prayer as being important in the life of a President.  Imagine having President who hates God, religion, morals and believes the majority of Americans (who are believers) are "delusional," "stupid" or "lunatics."

God is trying to get our attention.  The crisis in the world is not an isolated thing.  We must recollect our conscience and realize that the path we have been walking on is not the best path.  We are losing our faith, our humanity - in a word: ourselves.

As Jeremiah 18:8 says:
"and if that nation I warned repents of its evil, then I will relent and not inflict on it the disaster I had planned."

I pray that God will give us the right President who will get us through these trying times.  A man or woman or faith, conviction, honesty, transparency and morals.  



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