Monday, October 17, 2011

God is evil

I recently was messaged by an atheist on twitter who has issues about God and the problem of evil. I explained to him that evil is the absence of Good and that God can bring good out of evil. He then went on his blog and wrote:

<<Sunday, September 11, 2011
Is god able to stop evil but not willing?

I was told last night by a person who claims to be in training for the priesthood that "The absence of good or evil has no bearing on the omnipresence of God" and that "God allows evil to exist so that good can come out of it". I read these statements and it just boggles my mind. How can, in a world supposedly created by god, good and evil(or the absence there of) have no bearing on God? Did he not (according to the bible) create the heavens and earth and all that inhabit them? If god created everything, then he also created evil and is solely responsible for it.

The argument I got to my statement was "He(god) is not bound by the ramifications of evil. He can change it at will." and "guilty by association fallacy". To which I say, there is no fallacy of association, if god created everything he also created evil, you can't have it both ways. God can not create everything, but not be responsible for evil which is a part of his creation. If as I was told, god can change evil at will, then that once again proves my point that god being able to change evil and not doing so is in itself an evil act.

The guilt by association "fallacy" is just plain ignorant. The argument used to support this supposed fallacy was " If you witness a crime, are you evil because you were in the presence of it?". The problem with this argument is that once again, if god created everything, he also created evil and so is inherently associated with said evil and so in turn is evil himself. Or you could say that if God is a witness to evil and has it in his power to stop it and doesn't then he is as guilty of evil as the actual perpetrator is.

Lets go back a minute to this "God allows evil to exist so that good can come out of it", that's like saying I'm going to allow someone to rape you because it will make you a better person down the road. It still boils down to if god allows evil to exist when he has the supposed power to vanquish it, then he is also evil.

How anyone can interpret this any other way is beyond me. Either god is the almighty all knowing creator of heaven and earth and all that is found within, Including evil, or he did none of it and is just another myth from the bronze age.>>

Sacerdotus replies:

You forgot to mention that God will not micromanage humanity because it will intefere with free will. Adam and Eve chose to disobey God by taking of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God kicked them out of paradise where they had everything given to them.

This allegory illustrates humanity's current condition. It is fallen, arrogant, thinks it can do it all without God. It disobeys God, it wants to become God. Will God be a "super hero" to this race? Of course not. Because of sin, humanity is bound to death, evil and sickness.

Evil exists not because God created it or is sadistic. It exists because it is the absence of good and humanity too many times rejects the All good (God). When no good exists, evil appears because what else is there other than good? Evil happening does not have any bearing on God being everywhere. He is not evil because He allowed it. Again, we chose to live on our own. God will not intervene always.

See the parable of the Prodigal Son. The son left the father thinking he can do things on his own, he does not need his dad. What happened? He hung out with the wrong crowd, things went bad and they abandoned him. That is humanity right now. God will not infringe on our free will unless it is His will. Because He will not infringe, He allows evil to take place to bring good out of it. We may not understand why at the moment, but as we grow spiritually we start to see why certain things happened and what affect it had. Haven't you noticed that after every tragedy everyone unites? Despite the evil of the tragedy, good comes out. Even Einstein understood this.
about a month ago


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