Monday, October 17, 2011

No purpose?

What is life without purpose?  What is the point of living if we have no reason to?  

These are questions one may expect from a person with depression or who is suicidal.  However, these are questions we all should ask.

Why are we on Earth?  Why do we exist?  

To the believer, we exist to know, love and serve God and love our neighbor as we love ourselves.  To the atheist, life is just a coincidence of the material universe.  It has no purpose, no end and that is that.  Life is shrunk down to cosmic probability.

Without purpose the existence of human beings is not rational.  The fact that we are on this world orbiting the Sun in a galaxy that is within a vast space we call the universe, have a will, conscience, intellect shows we have a purpose.  We are here for something or someone.

Each human person has a distinct mind, distinct taste, distinct way of seeing things intellectually.  Why?   

How can  non sentient cosmic probability in the universe come out with conscience plurality?  Each life on this planet, human or non human serve a purpose.  Bees pollinate, bacteria and viruses control population, and so on.  The ant is a perfect example.  These tiny creatures live only to serve a "queen."   Without a queen, the ants just perish slowly.   The same happens when we reject God.  We have no purpose.  We are born and just die, nothing special.  This idea opens the door to abortion, euthanasia, violence, eugenics, licentious drug and sexual lifestyles.

  • Who cares if we kill human offspring in the womb?  They don't have purpose.  

  • I am the one that matters since I only live once.  

  • Why allow people who are sick, disabled and old to live?

  • Let's just euthanize them and put them out of their "misery."  

  • Why have peace if it's my life over yours?  

  • We are just here to survive nature nothing more.  

  • Since we have no purpose, why not mess around with genes and make people or animals into our image?  

  • Since we just live and die, why not use all drugs, have all kinds of sex, even sex with our same gender?  

  • There is no one we have to answer to since we just appeared on Earth by "chance."     

Scary huh?   Let us pray for all those who feel they do not have purpose.  May God show them that they were created to love and be loved.  Amen


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