Saturday, August 22, 2015

Atheist Stalkers Lie Again

It seems my stalkers are still at it again after being warned and exposed.  They are now posting defamatory posts about me again.  The posts seemed to be in response to screenshots I posted of "Rosa Rubicondior's" funny trollish tweets. The screenshots were from her account; main one or a back up that she created when she was suspended. The screenshots clearly show the Tweet ID number showing they can be found via a tweet search.  Claims of them being fabricated are based on desperation and an attempt to become relevant again before the eyes of naive atheists and others who buy into their lies.

In any event, they fell for my trap. They are not smart enough to notice the baiting. :)
I will not refute their lies and expound on this situation here:

Fake Accounts Created by Me Claim Refuted:  

The claim was made that I made fake accounts, yet no evidence is given.  In these blog posts, the names of these accounts are listed and my pseudonym is linked to them as belonging to me.  That makes sense right?  I make a list and then add someone and say those listed are accounts made by that someone so it must be true... give me a break.  No idiot would fall for that nonsense.   
No evidence is given showing said accounts were created by me and are/were run by me. I mean seriously.. in order to do that they would have had to be present in my quarters when I allegedly created them!  It is clear that these accounts belong to them and were made as back ups or possibly even made so as to have something to link to me for malicious reasons.
This is not the first time these two have created other accounts, "Rosa Rubicondior" whose real name is Esther Harrison created several which I have logged here and reported them until they got banned, see:

So as you can see, "Rosa Rubicondior" has created more than one account of herself. The one in the tweet screenshots I posted is clearly one of her accounts as well based on her previous behavior of creating multiple serial bulk accounts.

Rosa Rubicondior & Ellif_dwulfe Lie About my Name: 

Futhermore, both "Ellif" and "Rosa" insist on calling me by a name that is not mine despite my academic recorded posted here and another atheist completely destroying their claims using hard evidence.  Both "Ellif" and "Rosa" rely on conjecture to validate their false claims. No actual documents are presented linking me to the person they claim that I am.  Instead, we have screen shots of Myspace profiles that are now defunct as well as newpaper articles that do not even link "Sacerdotus" to any individual at all. Furthermore, an atheist took it upon himself to verify their claims and found them to be bogus.  He contacted the institutions mentioned and learned that no such person attended them.

The young atheist clearly showed that I am not the person both "Ellif" and "Rosa" think I am; however, he seems to think I am a priest in the United Kingdom due to an email posted on a parish website using my moniker.  I am currently trying to contact that priest who is being confused as myself to get a statement from him verifying that he is not me and I am not him.  Nevertheless, the rest of the information this young atheist posted is strong hard evidence showing that both "Ellif" and "Rosa" lied about my identity.

Ellif_dwulfe & Rosa Rubicondior Can't Answer a Skeptic's Questions:

In an interesting twist, this young atheist posted questions for both "Ellif" and "Rosa" like a true skeptic would, neither of them have answered them.. surprise suprise.  This shows that both "Ellif" and "Rosa" are not capable of answering these questions because their stories will not hold under scrutiny.

Ellif_dwulfe & Rosa Rubicondior + Confirming Our Identities on Webcam:

Now, I have even challenged both "Ellif" and "Rosa" to join me on either skype or Sacerdotus Hangouts in order to clarify our identities.  I invited them to join me on live so all can watch us show each other our passports.  This would clear who is who and show that the identity they claim is mine is false.  They along with the viewers would see my identity under the United States government.  As expected, both ignored the invitation.  They did this because they know that once I show my passport to them live and others see it, then they will be outed as liars.  So instead, they continue to play out their defamatory narrative while avoiding any attempt to clear the misidentication via webcam and passports.
See where I invite both to webcam live to clear our identities before the world:

Sacerdotus Expelled From Seminary Lie:

This claim is one of the strangest and was even refuted by a diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of New York.  "Rosa" claims that I was expelled from St. Joseph's Franciscan Seminary.  The problem here is that this seminary closed in the 1970's
"Catholic priests, who came to the area ministering to the 19th century German and Irish immigrants, paved the way for establishment of St. Joseph's Seminary. In 1901, the Order of Friars Minor, Franciscans based in Patterson, New Jersey, bought a large boarding house property overlooking Callicoon Depot. There they built an imposing seminary, the largest native bluestone building in the area. From that time until the 1970s virtually every Franciscan in the Province passed through St. Joseph's Seraphic Seminary, either as student, as teacher, or both. Finally closing due to a drop in student enrollment, the complex was sold to the U.S. Department of Labor, which operates it as a Job Corps Training Center."
Source -

You can contact the Holy Name Province of the Order of Friars Minor in New York for verification of its closing since it was run by them.  
The Order of Friars Minor of the Province of the Most Holy Name
Provincial Office
129 West 31st St., 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10001-3403
Phone: (646) 473-0265
Fax: (646) 201-9620

Not only did the seminary close, but it closed before I was born!  So there is no way I could have attended a seminary that closed decades before I was born!  I would have to be a time traveler to do this.
Furthermore, the claim was made that the seminary was St. Joseph's in Yonkers; however, a Catholic priest who studied there during the time "Rosa" claims I went there verified that no one under the name she gives on her blog went there.

As you can see, a real Catholic diocesan priest stated that there was no seminarian at St. Joseph's seminary in Dunwoodie, Yonkers with the name "Rosa" and "ellif" give in order to misindentify and slander me.

Donations to Sacerdotus:

Now there are claims that I am a fraud and am scamming Catholics in regards to donations.  Again, no evidence is given for this.  I have made it clear that funds being raised are to maintain and expand the evangelization work I do under the moniker "Sacerdotus."  Catholics and others are not kept in the dark about this.  These funds are not to support me or help me in any form other than this evangelization work. Think about it:  How can I or anyone live off of $35,000?  That would be gone within months due to expenses (rent, taxes, food, clothing etc)  if it was to be used to live off of. Therefore, the claims both "Ellif" and "Rosa" are making are irrational and libelous.  My page clearly lists what my plans are for the funds.  Recently, I even added a "wishlist" showing the equipment needed to expand "Sacerdotus Radio" and increase the subscription hours.  
Academic Journals 
"Ellif" claims that there is no reason I should ask for funds for access to academic journals and cites my access to my university system.  He is partially correct.  While I do have access to academic journals via my university system, I do not have access to theological journals since my (alma mater) university in New York City offers no theology degrees and is secular. So while I have no problem getting journals related to science, philosophy, history, or even law; I have no access in regards to theological journals, particular, Catholic ones.  So "Ellif" is misinformed and being malicious.
As for publishing books, everyone knows this is expensive.  Book companies do not pay anything in regards to production so I do not understand where "Ellif" got this false idea from. Book publishing companies pay royalties AFTER a book is published and sells. However, an author is on his or her own in regards to paying for production and so forth especially at the beginner's level.  If book publishing was as easy as "Ellif" ignorantly claims, then everyone would be doing it now to make money.
The Real Honest Person 
Catholics and others donate to my work because they see the fruits, know me personally or have talked to me on the phone or webcam.  They see me at work (evangelization) and know I am the real deal.  I do not sit back and write nosensical posts like "Rosa Rubicondior" does and then herd stupid naive atheists to her site in order to get clicks from ads.  "Rosa" was already outed for fraud by pretending to be a middle man for Oxfam.   
See this post where Oxfam confirms that a donation was just made at the moment of confirmation. "Rosa" had lied and claimed she donated a year before and Oxfam made her look bad and indirectly outed her as a liar. 

The real fraud here is "Rosa Rubicondior" who was using Oxfam to make money; lied about donating it and was directing atheists to click on ads on her blog via Twitter which is prohibited by adsense, see:

My Concerns:
All of this began when I invited "Rosa Rubicondior" to a debate.  She accepted and then began to dilly dally.  Her stalling became abusive leading to her suspension.  Because of this, she has hated me with passion.  "Rosa" had over 7,000 followers on Twitter.  This ia feat that is hard to do.  So, when she got permanently suspended after I contacted Twitter to complain about her abuse, I became public enemy number one to her.  She now spends her time writing libelous posts attempting to discredit me.  If she could, she would probably kill me and possibly even wishes my death.  This is how much this deranged woman hates me.  
Other Trolls: 
"Rosa" is joined by "Ellif" who defends her despite being proven wrong multiple times with hard evidence.   While these people are insignificant, I am concerned that since they love to lie and link people with names that this will hurt the reputation of the people they name as me.  I have ignored their blog posts opting not to ask for their removal out of respect for free speech which is possible, but in light of their continued abuse, then I have no other choice than to have Google, inc et al remove these blog posts as they clearly are in violation of blogger's terms of service. 
"Hate Speech: Our products are platforms for free expression. But we don't support content that promotes or condones violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred on the basis of these core characteristics. This can be a delicate balancing act, but if the primary purpose is to attack a protected group, the content crosses the line. 
Violence: Don't threaten other people on your blog. For example, don't post death threats against another person or group of people and don't post content encouraging your readers to take violent action against another person or group of people
Harassment: Do not harass or bully others. Anyone using Blogger to harass or bully may have the offending content removed or be permanently banned from the site. Online harassment is also illegal in many places and can have serious offline consequences
Copyright: It is our policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. More information about our copyright procedures can be found here. Also, please don't provide links to sites where your readers can obtain unauthorized downloads of other people's content."   Source: 

Both have demonstrated their mental illness publicly and stalking tendencies.  How are they stalking you might ask?  Well, both have blocked me on Twitter and Google +, so in turn I blocked them.  However, as you can see on their blog sites, they still manage to get screenshots of my tweets and google+ posts indicating that they are using other accounts to stalk me.  This is disturbing indeed. Only a sick person would resort to such criminal behavior. 
I have contacted Kent and Oxfordshire police regarding these individuals and will do so again.  There is enough evidence indicating their cyber harassment, defamation, libel, stalking and malicious intent to harm my character and my work.  If they want a fight, then they have one.  I will win this one because the evidence is on my side and I have many witnesses (both theist and atheist) of their abuse, defamation, libel, threats and stalking.     
Please ignore these mentally ill demagogues.  Their only intent is to defame and discredit me using lies and conjecture.  As I have demonstrated above using multiple sources, their claims have been destroyed with hard evidence.  Moreover, I still wait for them to join me live on Sacerdotus Hangouts via You Tube to further destroy their attempt to pin a high school kid's name to me via the display of my US passport.

Block and Report the Trolls:

Here are their accounts on Twitter.  Please block them and report them to Support using their form: 
If you block them, they will have no audience to target.  
TwitterAccounts used by "Rosa Rubicondior"

Google + 

Accounts used by "Ellif_dwulfe"


Google + 

These are other accounts that join them in their stalking and harassment.  Please block and report them as well:

Jeremy Murch: 
@darthnihilus1 - was permanently suspended August 6, 2015

@Curt_ames - he has other accounts as well

@freeatheism - was warned by Twitter in March 2015
Google + 

These accounts engage in targeted abuse which are one-sided as Twitter rules prohibit.  They organize just for the purpose of defaming and harassing me as well as those who befriend me. The individuals behind these accounts create serial bulk accounts for the aforementioned purpose and to stalk my every online action so as to fabricate new stories in order to slander me.

In closing, these individuals are liars and clearly see me as a threat as evident from the length they go through in order to discredit and slander me. Catholics and other Christians know me well, so do many atheists. Unfortunately, there are some atheists who out of a sense to feel as "part of the group," blindly believe these liars. I remind these atheists that skepticism is a staple in the atheist person. Without it, then you are just another "believer" of things without evidence.

Do not jump to believe lies posted about "Sacerdotus." Ask for hard evidence. Notice that none of these trolls do not even have a photo of me, yet they claim to know my full name, schools, seminaries etc. This is a clear red flag that their information is bogus. I warn you though.. any attempt to question these disturbed individuals will bring them to accuse you of being a sock puppet of mine. This is how they protect their lies by claiming that those who challenge the validity of their claims are really me using a different account. They will insist on this lie and will never even go on webcam to prove  the distinct identities of accounts in question in real time. Again, they are liars and will face the consequences for their libel.


  1. I don't have much to say about the main thrust of this post, but your understanding of the publishing industry is wildly inaccurate.
    First of all, it should not be expensive to the author. Unless you are self publishing, you should not pay a dime. The publisher will pay royalties after the book's sale, true, but there's also a thing called an advance, which is paid when the publisher accepts the author's book. This advance is not usually very large for a new author (though it can be; Stephen King's was several hundred thousand dollars. JK Rowling's first advance was less than £2000).
    The author then doesn't receive royalties until they have 'earned out', ie earned enough royalties to cover the advance they've already received. If they don't earn out, they still get to keep the advance.

    1. On the contrary, it is you who are ignorant of the process and assume that I am writing a story book. In the real world, according to financial and business journalist @SuzMcGeeNYC, it can cost over $6,000 to publish a book. First, one has to obtain an ISBN which is the number that identifies books. This can cost from $125-150. Next, editing must be done which costs about $4,000 since an editor will painstakenly look for any error and correct it. Next, the cover or artwork of the book is another expense ranging from $750 to $1,000 depending on the art and the artist. JK Rowling did not have an easy time finding a publisher. In an interview, she stated,

      "It took my agent, Christopher, a year to find a publisher. Many of them turned it down. Then finally in August of 1996, Christopher called to let me know that he had an offer from Bloomsbury. I couldn’t believe my ears. After I had hung up, I screamed and jumped into the air. Jessica, who was sitting in her high chair, enjoying her tea, looked thoroughly scared. And the rest as you may guess is history."

      She just like every other author had to pay publishing fees which can range from $500-2000 depending on the publisher and content. So as demonstrated, you are the one has an inaccurate understanding of how publishing works. Several of my former professors have published books and have made me aware of the process.

    2. I don't care what kind of book you are writing, fiction or non-fiction, if you are paying for it, you are either self-publishing, or being scammed.
      Rowling most definitely did not pay publishing fees, as I mentioned she was payed an advance - "Twelve publishing houses rejected her original Harry Potter manuscripts, but eventually small publisher Bloomsbury gave her a chance with a small advance" -
      It's exactly the same for non fiction, although maybe a little harder, as you usually need what is known as a 'platform' - some basis of expertise in the subject upon which you are writing.


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