Wednesday, August 26, 2015

RentBoy - A Gay Business & Front For Male Prostitution

Employees of including its chief executive were arrested after federal authorities raided the offices of the "escort service" site on 14th Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City.  The site was founded in 1996 and portrays itself as a service where others can find companionship for a price.

This companionship is billed as an "escort" service. Basically, if you are lonely or want to draw attention, you can rent a gay guy to spend time with you.  Though lame, it is a popular business in the gay world. However, no smart person would think for one minute that this "paid companionship" is anything other than prostitution. Do you think an old fat guy is going to pay thousands of dollars on a hunky young guy just to have him walk around with him? Let's be realistic.  The pervert clearly wanted this young guy for something else.

Federal agents seized many computer servers from the office of as well as other documentation.  They froze their assets which total over 10 million dollars. The organization is being charged for running a global male prostitution ring.  Male "escorts" would pay subscription fees to advertise on the site.  These men would advertise their services as "escorting," "masseurs" and other things that eventually lead to sexual acts. If convicted, the executives could face up to five years in prison and be fined a quarter of a million dollars.  As it stands, the site and its other social media accounts are still up.

So-called escort services are clearly a front for prostitution.  Anyone who seriously thinks that a business that rents "people's time" is legitimate must be extremely daft. In my opinion, escorting should be illegal.  There is no need for it.  How socially aloof can a gay guy be that he cannot get a friend to hang out with?  Who pays thousands to have a "friend" for a few hours?  However, rentboy is not the only site.  There are social apps such as Craigslist, Grindr, Jack'd, Adam4Adam, and others who bill themselves as "meeting" apps.  However, we all know what goes on in those social networks.  These gays meet up other guys in their area and engage in you know what.  Gay guys, especially muscular "hot" ones will most definitely use these apps to charge other gays for money.  They prey on the "less attractive" older or fat gays by milking them of their money by spending time with them.  It is a sad reality in the gay community and is no wonder why STDs such as HIV is rampant.  When one can meet strangers so easily, have sex or do other nasty things without really knowing that person, then that is an invitation for contagion.  Some religious leaders have also been caught using these "services" including a Catholic bishop a few years ago who claimed he thought the service was to provide guys to help carry luggage.  He was seen at an airport with a handsome young guy.  Others such as a Lutheran pastor was caught on "grindr" a few months ago and a priest n Connecticut had squandered millions on boy toys from escort sites.

Police should start monitoring these apps incognito so as to catch these perverted gays who are so greedy for a buck or "roses"that they sell their butt; not caring about their own health, or the health of the other pervert.  Moreover, this shows the lack of dignity in the gay community that they have to stoop so low so as to sell themselves.  Many gay guys keep a nice physique for this very reason.  They want to remain marketable in the gay world, porn world, escort world and club world as strippers.  It is a selfish, narcissistic and irresponsible sub-culture.


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