Friday, August 21, 2015

Trad Cat Knight - Fake Catholic Owned By Sacerdotus

Coward blocks me :) 

The internet can be a fun place.  However, it can also breed delusional folks who pose as atheists, agnostics, professionals, intellectuals and religious folks.  No group is exempt, not even Catholics. While the majority of Catholic profile accounts on social media genuinely espouse Catholic views, there are a few who clearly defect from what it means to be a Catholic. I have just run into one such account who has been following me for years but until recently, messaged me after I criticized one of his tweets.

This account claims to be a "traditional Catholic." While I do not adhere to labels and simply identify as "Catholic," I still listen to other views. Catholics can and often disagree on some issues in regards to how the Church should present herself to the world.  However, there are some who are so extreme that they even believe they are more Catholic than the Pope or do not understand that they do not own Catholicism and that tradition is a "living tradition." As Jaroslav Pelikan put it, "Tradition is the living faith of the dead, traditionalism the dead faith of the living" (quoted from "On the Lord's Appearing: An Essay On Prayer And Tradition," pg 17).

These fanatical people posing as Catholics believe that the Church's Tradition is set in a temporal constraint. They believe the Tridentine Rite is the only official and valid form of Mass.  Nevermind that Jesus never spoke Latin nor the fact that the Novus Ordo rite was a restoration of the first rite in the first centuries of the Catholic Church (The How-To Book of the Mass: Everything You Need to Know but No One Ever Taught You)!  So apparently to these people, there was no "true Mass" until 1570.  It is nonsense and pure ignorance, to say the least.  St. Peter, St. Augustine, St. Jerome never participated in the "Tridentine Mass."

Well, this "traditional Catholic" went off on my mentions on Twitter. He became frustrated and childish even claiming I am not Catholic despite the fact that I am studying for the priesthood and work for the Catholic Church!  He seems to demonstrate signs of Schizotypal Personality disorder due to his delusions, peculiar form of communication and his rambling. Not to forget his endless messages to just one tweet, paranoia, delusions of grandeur and narcissism.  Look at some of his previous tweets showing paranoia, delusions, and irrational ideas:

So there you have it.  One world religion nonsense, anti-semitic rhetoric and even aliens?  Yes, there is certainly some screws missing in this guy's head...

He has attacked other Catholics as well. See:

As stated, he began sending me these tweets making all kinds of accusations against me, using incoherent arguments and making false claims such as the excommunication of a Pope.  I even challenged him to a debate on Catholic Open Mic on Sacerdotus Hangouts and he coward away from it.  He even refused to contact me via the phone and allow me to record our debate so others can listen to it.

I advise Catholics to ignore this individual.  Block or mute him.  Perhaps reporting his abusive behavior to Twitter might help as well to prevent others from being misinformed or deceived by this disturbed individual posing as a catholic.


  1. Funny you should say "Fake". CathInfo caught on to him in early August here:

    Earlier this month he started spamming on the same forum, but was shutdown and had a fit of rage over it here:

    Followed by a devastating presentation that borrowed partly from what CathInfo initially found, namely that Eric buys fake views like and followers through all of his social media outlets as well as believing he's the Great Catholic Monarch of prophecy! Although this new "TradCatKnight Deception" Channel is associated with MHFM, it's worth a look if for no other reason to see him burn. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for the info. The guy is clearly mentally ill. We need to pray for him.


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