Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jorge Ramos Ejected From Trump Press Conference

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and well-known Mexican-American journalist from Univision, Jorge Ramos got into a big confrontation in Iowa.  Donald Trump was set to give a press conference allowing the press to ask questions one at a time.  However, Jorge Ramos of Univision interjected and interrupted the journalist who was given the floor to speak. Trump told Ramos that he was not chosen yet, but Ramos insisted with his rant. Then Trump told him to "sit down" and "go back to Univision," but Ramos kept going.  Then one of Trump's security guards came and ejected Ramos. Ramos told the guard "don't touch me.. I have a right to ask questions."  Despite this, he was taken out. Twitter exploded with Jorge Ramos trending.  Some were happy he was ejected while others saw his ejection as an attack on Latinos and freedom of the press.  

I personally believe that Trump handled himself well.  My guess is that Jorge Ramos was trying to bait Trump into exploding during a press conference to then make the claim that Trump is anti-Latino, but Trump made him look bad.  Moreover, Ramos disrespected everyone in the room by interrupting another report who had the floor. His behavior was unprofessional and unbecoming of a journalist.  Everyone else waited their turn. He had no right to interject and try to hijack the press conference.  While reporters have freedom of the press, this freedom does not entail trolling or disruption.  Even Obama faced some disrespectful reported and shot back at them (

Jorge Ramos is known for pushing illegal immigration issues.  His network, Univision is constantly airing news reports on illegal immigrants portraying them as victims of an unfair American society.  Univision is run by many Mexicans who push their culture and political views on Latino viewers of all nationalities. Programs from Mexico are aired there despite its diverse audience of Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans and so forth ( Univision for all intent and purpose is a "Mexican" channel based on its programming and target audience. Even the famous night time entertainment program "Sabado Gigante" which aired for 50 years and is about to go off the air after its presenter, Chilean "Don Francisco" announced his retirement, has transitioned into a "Mexican" program.  Before, this show had music talent from Puerto Rico and other places, now mostly Mexican music is presented which may have contributed to its low ratings.

Jorge Ramos has been using his air time to promote illegal immigration which is unfortunate. Instead of using his airtime to call Latinos from other nations to respect our laws and enter legally, he promotes the breaking of our laws and demands that America caters to these illegals.  Ramos himself is Mexican but became a United States citizen in 2008.  He was born in a Catholic household, but is an atheist.  During an interview, he stated that he does not believe in God ("Periodista Jorge Ramos dice no cree en Dios". Revista Cristiana Digital, November 19, 2013. Retrieved August 26, 2015). He has targeted the Catholic Church as well criticizing Pope Francis for canonizing Saint Pope John Paul II claiming the saint promoted child sex abuse (

He is clearly not representative of Latinos nor their views.  Many Catholics, especially Mexicans love Saint Pope John Paul II.  Ramos ignorantly presented his opinion based on poor judgement and lack of facts.  As demonstrated in a recent interview on FoxNews' Sean Hannity, Ramos did a poor job presenting facts to the host, see the video below:

The claim that Jorge Ramos was ejected from the press conference because Donald Trump is racist is unfounded. Trump's statement, "go back to Univision" is not a racist comment. However, a supporter of Trump apparently told Ramos to "get out of my country" after he was ejected (  Despite this, that view is only that of this one supporter and not Trump's campaign.  Nevertheless, I condemn that supporter's comment as ignorant and immature. However, the supporter did have a point when he told Ramos "this is not about you."  He was correct.  Ramos clearly wanted to put the spotlight on himself and his views supporting illegal immigration. Trump did allowed him to return and gave him ample time to ask questions.  However, Ramos' questions clearly were focused on illegal immigration.  What about the real issues  ALL Latinos face?

Coming from the Bronx, New York and having lived in Connecticut and other places, I can tell you that Latinos are not concerned about immigration.  They want equal opportunity in regards to employment, education, respect from law officials, and more attention to local problems.  Again, Ramos is only speaking for illegals and not all Latinos. He is not a real journalist but an activist and demonstrated this on Tuesday.  It is interesting to note that his daughter Paola works for Hillary Clinton's campaign (  Jorge Ramos is fixated on illegal immigrants.  His Twitter account has many tweets related to the issue (   Hopefully, other Latinos will not allow themselves to be fooled by Ramos' agenda.



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  2. Yes, Right Trump can handle himself well. As now he become the new president. He get motivated by his supports. Now matter what haters talk about trump. Still people always start looking
    Trump News

  3. Yes, Right Trump can handle himself well. As now he become the new president. He get motivated by his supports. Now matter what haters talk about trump. Still people always start looking
    Trump News


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