Saturday, August 15, 2015

Donald Trump - Does He Have a Chance?

Billionaire and fellow New Yorker Donald Trump has been making headlines since he first announced his candidacy for the presidency. So far, he has been first in polls conducted nationwide. This has surprised many political pundits who felt he had no chance in the political world. On the day of his announcement, he made comments which some found offensive. These comments were mainly focused on immigration; particular, Mexicans.  Trump said that Mexico sends it's worse and that these people commit crimes in America.  Those words along with his haughtiness have rubbed some the wrong way.  They see him as narcissistic, prejudice and clownish.

During the first Republican debate, Americans waited to see how he would fair. As expected, Trump simply parroted his catch phrases which he has used since the onset of his campaign. However, some actually believed he won that debate despite not presenting any clear specifics on what he plans to do as president. His response to a question asking if he would support the republican candidate was not taken well.  Trump stated that he would not support such a candidate and would not rule out an independent run. Moreover, he went after one of the moderators, Megyn Kelly who is a popular host on FoxNews. He accused of her not "being nice" to him and later on went on CNN Don Lemon's programs on the phone and stated that she had "blood coming out of her outs.. blood coming out of her whatever.."  Again, his words were interpreted as being misogynistic by referring to Kelly's menstruation cycle.  Women are often accused of being moody during this period.  Despite this, Trump is still in the lead.

Recently, Trump released a plan regarding immigration.  He wants to build a wall to prevent illegal immigrants from coming. Trump even wants to deport illegals already here and wants to take away birthright citizenship which is guaranteed under the Constitution.  His plan was met with ridicule and skepticism. Opponents claim that his plan is not realistic and is unAmerican. Moreover, Trump has upset some Republicans by stating that he would continue to fund Planned Parenthood. So does Donald Trump have what it takes to be the Republican nominee and be elected the next president of the United States?

Well, Donald Trump has some qualities that I like.  He is tough, direct and seems to put action to his words. I guess this are qualities New Yorkers tend to have. We tend to be very blunt, in-your-face, and we get things done. However, Trump can come across as too arrogant, narcissitic and unprepared. He clearly does not have a clear plan for America. His slogans have been popular, but if he does not have a plan to back them up, the if he does win, he will be lost. Trump speaks a lot on illegal immigration, but really has not set down specifics on how to deal with this problem. Millions of illegal immigrants reside in our nation. We do not know who they are, where they are and what they are doing. They are often hired, but do not pay taxes which is not only unfair to the rest of hardworking Americans, but also a loss for the nation in regards to assets. In turn, these illegal immigrants bring along children who they enroll in schools.  Once they get to college, these kids often cannot graduate due to lack of legal status. I have been a big critic of plans that seek to give special treatment to illegals. It is not fair for the rest of us.

These illegal immigrants broke the law upon entering our nation. While here, some have the nerve to demand special treatment or perks.  I have stressed many times how Puerto Ricans who are the only legal American citizens of Hispanic origin are pushed aside by the American system. Many universities and other institutions bend over backward to help illegal immigrants but do nothing for Puerto Ricans who are citizens by birth even if they were born on the island of Puerto Rico.  It is disturbing to see many illegal immigrants give birth constantly to kids they cannot care for and then leech off the welfare system which was meant to help those Americans who really need help. Money is going to these illegal immigrants who have become baby factories as Americans who truly need help starve and struggle to pay bills.

So something definitely has to be done regarding illegal immigrants and their easy access to our nation and resources if we are to be a nation of laws and justice. Our borders must definitely be secured.  If these people can easily access our nation, then so can Isis or some other group that really wants to hurt our nation. Now some may say this is an "unchristian" way of thinking.  However, I am not saying that we should not have immigrations, we should!  Immigration must be legal. People should be able to enter our nation legally with papers. If they wish, they can even become citizens or return home when their visas expire.

Furthermore, Trump needs to defund Planned Parenthood.  The funds saved can be used to provide women with real health care.  Studies show that the number one killer of women is heart disease, not pregnancy or anything related to her vagina. Despite this fact, attention is not given to women in this regard. Planned Parenthood defines women as simply a reproduction system. If this "reproduction system" is not given "healthcare," then women are not "treated equally."  It is hogwash. We must put the money where it is really needed and not waste it on organizations the illegal sell fetal tissue, abort children and promote the woman as a sex toy for men with the promotion of promiscuity via contraception.

Lastly, Donald Trump can possibly win both the Republican nomination and the US presidency, but he has a lot of work to do. His bombastic nature may serve him well as president. Perhaps a new style of president is needed in today's world especially after Obama has turned the presidency into this push-me-over institution. However, Trump needs to work on his communication skills, and truly lay out a logical and practical plan for America.  If he fails to do this, then people will just like him for his personality and attitude and will not vote for him when the time comes.

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