Friday, August 28, 2015

'Sometimes you just cant let it go' - My Response

Twitter troll "Ellif_dwulfe" is at it again.  He is now playing the victim despite evidence showing his malice and abuse against myself and others.  Apparently, after I shot back at his poor attempts to defend Esther who blogs as "Rosa Rubicondior" and who was forced by Facebook to change the name "Rosa Rubicondior" because it is a fake name, he took to his blog to lie about me again.   

A friend sent me the text of the blog post which I will respond to on this post. "Ellif" seems to think that I am some villain out to get him, but he has it backwards.  He has targeted me online for no reason other than because I critique and refute atheism strongly and made "Rosa Rubicondior" look bad after she ran from debating me.  Since then, he has taken to task to be some "online lawyer" for "Rosa Rubicondior" defending her every post using lies even when she has been proven to be a fraud. 

"Ellif's" original content will be blue and my replies will be indented: 

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
Sometimes you just can't let it go
It's odd really, and frustrating.

Sacerdotus Replies
Sounds like a textbook psychology definition of "obsession." 
a continual thought, concept, picture, or urge which is experienced as invasive and not proper, and results in significant fear, distress, or discomfort.
Psychology Dictionary: What is OBSESSION? definition of OBSESSION (Psychology Dictionary)
Frustrating?  Yes, distress, anger etc are signs of mental illness ( 

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
A few times I've intended to just stop showing up Sacerdotus lies. His claims about people committing fraud, stealing money donated by others intended for charity or accusing people of posting tweets wanting him dead.

Sacerdotus Replies

What lies?  All "Ellif_dwulfe" has demonstrated is his cognitive bias and misconceptions. Nothing I do online will ever be truthful or honest to him.  He is too caught up in his fantasy world of being as "online atheist" that he is a prisoner of this social script and cannot be objective.  Notice how he never critiques "Rosa Rubicondior's" lies nor even writes about atheist Craig Hicks who killed three young Muslims.  Notice he never condemns "Rosa Rubicondior" for "endangering" "Manuel" but is quick to claim that I endanger others.  Instead, with him, it is all about "Sacerdotus." The claims I have made about atheist fraud, etc are supported by evidence.  To date, no receipts for donations were posted with full information. All we have seen are photoshopped receipts. Without a name, confirmation number and evidence linking the receipt to said blog owner, those images become invalid.  Any receipts posted can be fabricated or even borrowed from someone who actually donated and can passed off as legitimate while using the "I cannot post my full name for privacy reasons" as a front.  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
Well with the threats escalating from Sacerdotus, combined with the claims of knowing my relatives details, then like last time I'll need to consider just how capable of the threats Sacerdotus makes he actually is.

Sacerdotus Replies
How much evidence does he need to know that I am serious about going after trolls?  There is no doubt that I will do what is necessary to end troll abuse.  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
I know that he doesn't know my address, or even my name, since he's never got them right.

Sacerdotus Replies
Oh I surely do.  Hence, his pleas for me to remove it and constant demonstration of anxiety at its revelation.  No one panics over something unless it hit too close to home, no pun intended.  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
I know that he can't prove any of the claims made against him as false because he refuses to do so (for example when "studious atheist / alex atheist" had the "yearbook" proving claims about Sac were false he just posted what appeared to be the cover with my address watermarked on.)

Sacerdotus Replies
All claims were proven as false.  There is no doubt about this.  Even when I go a step further and invite "ellif_dwulfe" and "Rosa Rubicondior" to Sacerdotus Hangouts so we can show each other our passports, both of them slither out of it.  This is because they know that my passport will contradict their lies.  So instead, they prefer to perpetuate their narrative that I am someone they deem I am.  It shows their dishonesty and malicious intent to defame my character and cause confusion among others.  As for a "year book," I have no idea what he is referring to.  I never posted any "year book."  "Studious Atheist" is a young atheist blogger and has nothing to do with me.  He is a friend of a Catholic woman who I also am friends with online.  She can attest to him being someone else since they communicate on a regular basis.  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
But it shows just how desperate he is to be unchallenged, to have his lies appear true. Its odd really if he stuck to promoting catholicsm I likely never would have an issue with him in the first place.

Sacerdotus Replies
This is funny because I am always inviting people to challenge me to a debate.  My own site has a debate tab!  I also started back in March of 2015 "Atheist Open Mic" for the sole reason to give atheists a platform to speak on and challenge me, yet this fool thinks I want to be "unchallenged."  Notice how he prefers that I just "promote Catholicism" as if he has a say of what I do in life. This is because my critiques against atheism bring atheists to think and challenges their cognitive bias.  Therefore, it serves him to desire that I only promote Catholicism and not dissolve the poison of the atheism fallacy.  He knows that I am a threat to atheism.

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
But I've been informed that information he's posted alleging it's mine has led to people getting abuse and harrassment in real life.

Sacerdotus Replies
I would love for him to provide evidence of this.  Perhaps a contact number of the "people getting abuse" so that I can confirm with them.  I doubt he will do this because he is a liar.  If in fact this abuse and harassment is taking place, then he brought it upon them.  But, we all know he is lying. Moreover, he has shown no concern for "Manuel" who may be facing abuse, mockery and other threats from atheists because of "Rosa Rubicondior."  Hypocrisy much?  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
I know he's perfectly willing to post private personal information, that he doesn't care who he hurts whether it's those who disagree with his lies and refute them or the image of his own catholic church.

Sacerdotus Replies
If the posting of it stops a troll from thinking he/she is almighty because he/she thinks he/she is anonymous, then damn skippy I will do so.  Trolls will always use anonymity to post online. This empowers them into thinking they can do anything, even behave in a manner that they do not behave like offline.  They feel they are untraceable and therefore have a false sense of invincibility.  Well, by posting information on where these trolls live etc, this breaks their power trip and hopefully will reduce or completely end their troll hobby.  "Ellif_dwulf" is being dishonest if he thinks the information is posted because the person disagreed with me. That is bloody hogwash!  I welcome disagreement.  My record online shows it.  Information posted is to thwart abusive trolls, not to take revenge against anyone who disagrees with me, that is silly. I have had my public disagreements with fellow Catholics and not once has any of their information been posted.  This is because these fellow Catholics are not trolling or abusing me online. Similarly, I have engaged several atheists in discussions or debates and no information on them was ever posted.  There was no need to because they were civil and did not target me like "Rosa Rubicondior" et all do.  

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
I have a family, and following his showing that he'll post addresses and threats of more, the concerns over how much further he'll take it if I continue I really, really have to stop.

Sacerdotus Replies
Yes he does have a family, a daughter in fact.  He also has offspring with autism.  That being stated, why spend time trolling, defaming and abusing others when it could be spent on time with the family?  Just to be clear, I will take it as far as the law allows me. In fact, I will contact child services in Maidstone to initiate an investigation to see if these children are being neglected due to "ellif_dwulfe's" internet addiction.  (    

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
No doubt this will be turned into a victory for him, that I ran scared, that I knew I couldn't defeat him, that he showed I'm a liar and that he beat the "troll".

Sacerdotus Replies
This is a victory not only for me, but for all those who are harassed online by deranged individuals who hide behind cartoon animals or old lady images believing themselves to be untraceable and powerful. I am truly hoping Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc takes my suggestions seriously in regards to posting IP information in tweets and posts; as well as, preventing the use of VPN on their networks. Today's phone system has caller id. The name and number appears on the recipient's telephone. If this caller id system was implemented on phone lines, then why not on social media?  Granted, some phone line owners may opt to have a private number, but, recipients can also opt to block calls from these private numbers unless they unblock their number.  A system like this on Twitter etc would give a serious blow to trolls from all walks of life.  They will no longer be able to be anonymous. Therefore, they will be forced to behave knowing that a simple tweet or post will show their exact location.

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
To be honest? I don't care. He know's his lies got shown up time and time again. He knows that rather than refute them he had to take steps to intimidate, to release what he hopes is my address.

Sacerdotus Replies

Again, no lies got shown up, just "Ellif_dwulfe's" cognitive bias and misconceptions.  I and many others have refuted "Ellif_dwulfe's" et al claims already. Note, both refuse to go on webcam to further refute the identity they maliciously apply to me in order to discredit me.  This speaks volumes.  Also note that "Ellif_dwulfe" claims the address is not his but uses the word "intimidate" showing subliminally what the revelation of the address is doing to him.  If the address is not his, then he would not be feeling intimidated now to begin with.  If someone spread around that my address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue then I would not feel intimidated.  This is because this address is not mine so I have nothing to feel intimidated about.  So put two and two together: "Ellif_dwulfe" claims the address it not his but he is intimidated by the posting of it.  Yes, that makes perfect sense...

Ellif_dwulfe writes:
So following that and after seeking legal advice I'm stopping.  I'll stop refuting his lies here, and take the legal route instead.
Posted by Wulfwitch at 11:39

Sacerdotus Replies
I hope he is seeking legal advice because he will need it.  He left enough evidence of his stalking, libel and abuse for me to seriously go after him and have him thrown in prison.  Notice how his Twitter went private again.  I do not like to post what my plans are but he will find out soon the hard way.  

Editor's note:  As expected, "Ellif_dwulfe" only allows "Rosa Rubicondior" to comment on his blog.  Any dissenting comments posted, he removes.  He even labels those who disagree with him or try to correct him "Sacerdotus."  "Ellif" is afraid because he knows that no sane person believes his lies and any comment showing truth would hurt his credibility so he has to censor such comments.  Anyhow, "Rosa Rubicondior" posted these comments:

Rosa Rubicondior writes:

Rosa Rubicondior25 August 2015 at 18:48
Good luck with the legal route. If you need anything from me just let me know.

Rosa Rubicondior25 August 2015 at 19:15
I assume the simpleton is still sending abuse to that unfortunate woman in Vancouver he randomly hit on pretending he had discovered my real name and address. I expect the priest in Suffolk was relieved that he stopped harassing him.

Sacerdotus Replies
This imbecile does not realize that her friend Peter screwed up.  Dutch blogger Peter van Montfoort made a page specifically for "Rosa Rubicondior's" blog posts and other atheists on his site (Positief Atheisme).  He writes a bio for each atheist author and adds links to their writings and a photo.  Keep this in mind.  My Catholic friend found this site and informed me about it. The page had the image of "Esther Harrison."  "Rosa Rubicondior" claims this woman is in Vancouver and is not her but things do not add up.  As noted, Peter adds a photo for each atheist writer and naturally would do the same for "Rosa Rubicondior."  He obviously found the photo of "Esther Harrision." The only way he could have done this is by doing a search for "Esther Harrison" because that was the name "Rosa Rubicondior" gave him.  Why else would he post some lady's picture randomly?  He even admitted based on his wording that he was looking for a photo for "Rosa Rubicondior."  Since he admitted this, then that means that "Rosa Rubicondior" told him that her name is "Esther Harrison."  Since she did not provide a photo, Peter took it upon himself to Google one and found it.     See the proof here:

Here is the exchange between my friend "Catholicgadfly" and Peter.  Notice Peter admits to doing a Google search on his part for "Rosa Rubicondior."  Also note that when "CatholicGadfly" presses the issue as to why he would use a photo of "Esther Harrison" to represent "Rosa Rubicondior," he begins to deflect and avoids answering.  

"Catholicgadfly" questions him on why he would link "Esther" with "Rosa" and he never answered.  Note, that "ellif," "rosa" etc went through all lengths to get "CatholicGadfly" suspended.  Nevertheless, he can still see these tweets despite being suspended.  I will ask him for video confirmation of it to show that these tweets still exist on Twitter's servers despite his suspension.    

Here above is the tweet from Peter stating (based on his wording) that he did Google search on "Rosa" that is how he found the photo of "Esther."  This means that he knew that "Rosa Rubicondior's" real name was "Esther Harrison" and took it upon himself to do a Google search for "Rosa" in order to find a photo of her to add to her bio which he wrote on his blog site.  There is no other logical explanation as to why he would Google on his part for "Rosa Rubicondior" and find an image of "Esther Harrison." The only explanation is that he knew her name as "Esther" and searched, found that image and posted it.

So again, all of this is knowable due to Peter van Montfoort 's search for an image of her online using that name. How so? Well when Jeff (Catholicgadfly) inquired about Peter's "mistake," Peter went silent on this matter and began to deflect (sacramental wine comments etc) which speaks volumes to the name Esther Harrison being that of "Rosa Rubicondior."  He was caught and tried to deflect from answering "CatholicGadfly."  Jeff would then get suspended weeks later.  

Peter Van Montfoort clearly was looking for an image of "Rosa Rubicondior" to put on his blog and used the name "Esther Harrison" in order to find one. Why else would he do a Google search for that name (Esther Harrison) since that name produced the image he had posted on his atheist blog linking site?  The name "Esther Harrison" would  has to be connected to "Rosa Rubicondior" otherwise Peter would not have used it to attempt to find an image to post on his blog highlighting the "Rosa Rubicondior" blog.

Search for "Rosa Rubicondior" produced this image on Peter's site, he removed it now

This was how Peter had his bio for "rosa rubicondior" prior to removing the photo after she was exposed

Now if you notice, "Esther Harrison's" You Tube page here ( it has the same botany imagery that "Rosa Rubicondior" loved to use on her Twitter accounts.

If you look at her website which is listed on her Google+ ( you will see that she is an atheist.  See her "about me" here in the screen capture:  

If you look through the "Rosa Rubicondior" blog, she is constantly writing on botany.  See the connection?  The clues are there

  1. Peter searches for a photo of "Rosa" on Google but finds a photo of "Esther Harrison" instead meaning that he searched for that name, not "Rosa Rubicondior."
  2. Why would he search for "Rosa Rubicondior" under the name "Esther Harrison" if it was not her name?  
  3. A search for "Esther Harrison" will produce sites run by her showing images related to botany, just like "Rosa Rubicondior" used on Twitter and writes about on her "Rosa" blog. 
  4. "Esther Harrison" is a former theist and now atheist according to the Phoenix' page "about me." 
  5. "Rosa Rubicondior" got more defensive after I posted "Case of Rosa Rubicondior."  
  6. "CatholicGadfly" was reported and suspended weeks after exposing this information.
  7. "Rosa Rubicondior" is known to lie about her name, Facebook recently forced her to change her name "Rosa Rubicondior."  They do this when they know a name is not real.

In closing, both "Ellif" and "Rosa" are frauds, deceivers and malicious trolls who exist online under the guise of atheism.  They are no such thing.  These are mentally disturbed individuals seeking to have a cheap thrill online by playing a "cat and mouse" game with theists, especially those who are aggressive such as myself. If they were so passionate about atheism then they would not hide using cartoon avatars and fake names.  Like Dan Arel or Richard Dawkins, they would use their real names and photos without issue.  

They both targeted me and they have made a big mistake.  As long as they continue posting lies about me, then I will continue to expose them and seek damages.  However, if they and their friends agree to apologize, recant their lies and remove all content related to "Sacerdotus" which they have written and promoted, then I will consider dropping the matter.  As a Catholic, I am not here to destroy anyone's reputation or put anyone in jail.  My job is about truth, mercy and love.  However, this does not mean that I will sit idle as some jerks seek to discredit me and my work.  I will use the laws and techniques available to put an end to such endeavors and will not stop.  So hopefully "ellif_dwulfe" will convince "Rosa" and his friends to remove all their nonsense and lies, apologize and recant their lies so we can end this once and for all without their lives being destroyed legally.   

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