Monday, August 24, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead

Last year, it was announced that a new spinoff of The Walking Dead drama program was in production. Many wondered what the storyline would be and if it would be as successful as the original.  The premier was set for August 23 with much anticipation.  It's name would be "Fear The Walking Dead."  The show would take place in Los Angeles, California before the outbreak of the virus that causes the dead to reanimate (possibly the flu shot).

The show has just aired and it did not disappoint.  While the play of scene was a bit slow, the show kept the audience interested.  It was very cinematic and felt like an episode of CSI or Law and Order while at the same time having a suspense to it that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  As the storyline progressed, we begin to see the outbreak taking hold. The main character so far is Nick, played by British actor Frank Dillane. He is a young druggie who hangs out at an abandoned church building injecting drugs.  While sleeping there, he wakes up to find his female friend eating another druggy. She notices him and goes after him.  Nick then runs for his life out onto the street where he is hit by a car.  He wakes in the hospital with his parents looking on.  Nick and his family have a broken relationship.

He manages to escape the hospital trying to make sense of what he saw at the abandoned church building. Meanwhile, his parents go to his friend's house Calvin looking for him. His parents work at a school. While at the school, Nick's mom notices another student named Tobias with a knife.  He takes him to her office and interrogates him as to why he had the weapon.  Tobias informs her that he thinks something big is going on in regards to the reports of people attacking others.    Nick contacts Calvin who is played by Keith Powers of "Straight Outta Compton" and sets up a meeting at a diner.  While this is going on, Nick's parents are driving on a freeway where traffic is held up.  They hear gunshots and leave.  Back at the school, they see the news report of what happened on the freeway.  A man is apparently in an accident and being given medical treatment when he grabs the paramedic and bites him on the neck. The man is hit and pushed, but keep walking towards the police who shoot him causing him to fall to his knees.  However, despite the many rounds shot into him, he gets back up until shot in the head.  The media broadcasts this via helicopter video shots and it causes panic.  Schools are let out early and there is a sense that something is about to happen.

Meanwhile, Calvin and Nick meet up and Calvin seems upset.  He tells Nick that his parents were looking for him and said that cannot happen.  Apparently, it was Calvin who was selling or providing drugs to Nick.  When we first see Calvin, he looks like a very handsome, clean-cut African-American; however, we learn in this diner scene that he is a low-key drug dealer.
Calvin takes Nick to a secluded area and goes to the trunk of his car.  He opens the passenger door and asks Nick to come out.  This is when Nick notices a gun.  Calvin is about to execute him but Nick grabs him and they struggle.

During the scuffle, Nick shoots Calvin in the chest killing him.  Nick calls his parents who meet him near the area and he tells them what happened.  They go to see Calvin's body, but it is not there, only his car remained.  As they were going back out through a tunnel, they see Calvin walking in a mangled state.  The parents exit their vehicle to see him thinking Calvin is just hurt, and Nick yells at them to stop, but they cannot hear him.  Calvin launches at NIck's mom biting her on the arm.  She had long sleeves so I assume she did not get an injury from the bite.  Nick then back up the car and hits Calvin who flies and slams on the concrete.  Within a few seconds, Calvin stands up again and walks towards Nick in the truck.  Nick then presses the gas and hits Calvin again carrying him towards the end of the tunnel and launching him where he crashes with force feet away.  Nick and his parents go to see Calvin's body and see him still moving his head with his jaw smashed in.

The show was actually pretty good.  As I stated before, it was a bit slow but keeps your attention.  We are gradually told the story of how the outbreak began. However, we are still not told what exactly cause it.  Was it a virus, bacteria or perhaps even the drugs Calvin gave Nick?  We will hopefully find out. This show will be a big hit just like the original series.  It will bring in the old audience who read the comics as well as a new one.  Both groups will want to get a new experience because this show is something they cannot anticipate since it is a whole new storyline.

The acting was great.  I even congratulated "Calvin" Keith Powers who messaged me back.

I am looking forward to this show as well as the 6th season of the original The Walking Dead AMC series.

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