Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pervert Former Archbishop Dies

Disgraced former archbishop, Jozef Weslowski 67 has died while facing charges on pedophilia at the Vatican.  He was a papal ambassador to the Dominican Republic and had been charged for paying young poor Dominican shoe shining boys for sex acts and to photograph them in sexually suggestive ways.

His trial was set for July but was postponed because he was ill.  No date was set for the trial. Vatican officials claim that he died of natural causes, but his autopsy report has not be released to rule out suicide or any other act.

Weslowski was the topic of controversy not only because of his heinous acts against minors, but because the Vatican had him returned to Rome before local Dominican officials could investigate and arrest him. The Vatican then invoked diplomatic immunity when Dominican officials requested his extradition.  This was a big mistake on the part of the Vatican.  While they quickly defrocked him, they did not report him to local authorities nor allowed him to face charges in the territory where he offended.

Weslowski has evaded justice on Earth, but has faced His maker.  Only God can judge him now.  What he did was evil and no one can justify it. To use young boys for sexual gratification is extremely evil. Children are our treasure as a society.  They deserve our love, respect and care.  Jesus had strong words to whoever offends these innocent creatures:

"But whosoever shall offend one of these little ones who believe in me, it were profitable for him that a great millstone had been hanged upon his neck and he be sunk in the depths of the sea."  - Jesus Christ  (Matthew 18:6)

Hopefully, this will bring the attention of the global community regarding the situation in the Dominican Republic where prostitution is legal and poverty is rampant.  Young children are left to become prey for sick individuals like Weslowski.  Many of them go along with the abuse out of necessity to help their families. One victim of Weslowsky said, "He definitely seduced me with money, I felt very bad. I knew it wasn't the right thing to do, but I needed the money."

I pray for the victims of Mr. Weslowski and also pray for his soul.  May God have mercy on his soul for making a mockery of Christ's priesthood and especially for harming children.


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