Monday, August 31, 2015

MTV's VMAs - Praising Drug Use, LGBT Immorality & Trashiness

MTV had its annual Video Music Awards yesterday and once again it has shown itself as a cesspool of immorality, raunchiness, stupidity and lack of talent.  The show was hosted by Miley Cyrus who turned the even into a psychedelic display of LGBT brainwashing mixed with sexual tones and trashy displays.  She even promoted marijuana use.

During the show, when Nicki Minaj went to accept her award, she called out Miley for comments made during an interview. The drama on stage seemed staged though. However, what apparently took the attention was when Kanye West accepted an award from Tylor Swift who he disrespected in a  previous award show by storming the stage and telling her that Beyonce deserved to win.

West spoke for what it seemed like 20 minutes. His speech was irrational.  He even pointed that he "smoked something" before the awards.  At the end of the speech he stated that he will run for president in 2020.  No one is sure if he was serious of if that was just the affect of the drugs he was on.

This show has gone downhill from what I remember. It is overly trashy, hippish, immoral and clearly geared towards the LGBT agenda.  The youth are inundated with the promotion of drug use, trashy behavior, sexual tones and homosexuality.  Then we wonder why our youth is lost in drugs, promiscuity and gender confusion.

Parents need to take back their kids or watch them rot in the cesspool of the "music" industry if I can call it that.  Most of the "music" today is computer generated. The art of music has been lost it seems.  



  1. No wonder I stopped watching television! Heavens, I didn't even know such stuff was going on. LOL. I'm glad young people like yourself are disenchanted. I'm the Baby Boom Generation. Television was my baby sitter when I was growing up. For me to give it up is like someone else abandoning their elderly mother. Susan Fox

    1. It is an ugly world out there... keeps getting worse.


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