Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Journalist Beheaded

James Foley, a freelance journalist was beheaded by ISIS Islamists just about a day ago. Foley went missing in Syria for some years and appeared on video wearing what seems to be an orange jumpsuit. In the video, he blames America for the murders in the Middle Easts, trashes America, says that he wished he had more time to see his family and ultimately renounces America. An ISIS member in black with face covered is next to him and speaks on camera with a British accent. He basically trashed America as well voiced his anger against America airstrikes in Iraq.  Shortly afterwards, he then begins to saw off James Foley's head with a knife.  The decapitated body of James Foley is left laying with head on back. The orange suit/shirt seems to be an indirect message to America because that is what prisoners at Guantanamo wear and what prisoners during the Iraq war wore.

The video is just horrible to watch and shows how mentally disturbed and out of touch these ISIS people are. To be able to cut off another human's head like nothing says much about this individual.  He is a psychopath, feeling nothing. The parents of Foley have been grieving and have pleaded to ISIS to release other prisoners they have which they have promised would face the same fate as Foley.

President Obama spoke on the issue and said that no religion or God justifies this kind of violence against human beings and said that movements like ISIS will fail. Obama fell victim to criticism for returning to play golf after giving the statement. Meanwhile on Twitter, accounts posting the beheading of James Foley have face suspension.  This act on the part of Twitter is odd because they are usually lax about what people post. The NY Post even faced criticism after posting a graphic photo on its cover page.

This whole news is tragic and shows the danger of being in a region where ISIS has control. My prayers and condolences go out to the Foley family. Hopefully this video will wake up other nations to the dangers of ISIS and will bring about a united global response to this evil which is more organized and more well funded than Al Qaida.


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