Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Atheist TV

Atheists claim they are not religious but it seems that they are just as zealous with their beliefs as Evangelicals.  On Tuesday, "Atheist TV" launched on the Roku internet streaming service.  This new channel is advertised as being an alternative to what's on regular cable TV. 

It is being promoted as "superstition-free programming."  American Atheist President David Silverman said atheists are tired of having to watch programming that is pro-religion and presents religion as factual. 

However, the launch did not go so well.  "Atheist TV" had major technical difficulties with its streaming and its producers really do not have set programming that will stream on the new channel. They are pretty much playing it by the ear, so to speak.  Those directing the channel are older atheists who have little experience with technology and how to attract younger viewers. During the launch, Silverman seemed annoyed at the first set backs which forced him to have a sort of "constipated" look according to those present.

The channel will most likely not have atheist celebrities on it such as known comedians and scientists, so the channel will have to rely on original content that will hopefully gather an audience and keep it.  Producers of the channel promise original content that fosters "freethinking" and "intellectual thought."  In other words, they will recycle the same sophism of atheists from the 18th century. 

I wonder if they will have an atheist cook "hot 'A's' buns" instead of "hot-crossed buns?"  Moreover,
cartoons promoting dark existentialist ideas to children will be produced.

So no more "fantasy" and "imagination" for kids.  Now, "hey kids, you're nothing special, live your life and do whatever because you will die and disappear forever" will be the new message on Saturday mornings.  Sounds fun right kids?

This whole Atheist TV thing is just silly and I don't think it will gain steam. What can one possibly produce on atheism that is entertaining and enlightening for 24 hours 7 days a week?  Is there such a thing as atheist music or art?  Is there such a thing as atheist recipes or poetry?  Are they going to distort science and make it into a creed for atheism?  This channel is just a failed attempt by the ego maniacs at American Atheists to force their warped views on society.  Only a few will watch it.  As far as money, they will have to rely on gullible people donating.  

In any event, Atheist TV will be good as a source for comedy which can be compared to "Sharknado" or movies that pretend to be serious but are just slap stick, satire and corny.    

My former professor who is an atheist even sees it as an epic fail:





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  1. "Is there such a thing as atheist music or art?"

    Lots of it, actually. John Lennon is only the first that comes to mind. In fact, it could be argued that the only reason there's so much religious music and art is because the church had all the money, and when an artist depends on patrons they'll try to produce what the patrons want.

    I find it curious that you demand the comments be free of ad hominem, and yet this post contains a fair amount of it. It would be nice to see you model the behavior you demand of your commenters.


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