Saturday, August 30, 2014

Michael Sam Rammed By Team

Michael Sam got "rammed" hard by his former team today.  The Rams NFL team has just cut him off the roster after picking him as a draft.

Sam made "history" by becoming the first openly gay football player to be drafted by a professional NFL team. He has been surrounded by controvery due to the way he celebrated his selection by kissing another male who happened to be his "partner." This kiss happened on live television.  ESPN received many complaints for airing this kiss because many young children, especially boys, were with their fathers watching the draft selections and were not prepared to see the offensive image of two males kissing.

Moreover, he received the ESPY award which was also met with controversy.  Many believed that the powers that be were once again trying to force the LGBT agenda down America's throat, so to speak.  This guy comes out of nowhere and is treated like an MVP just for being openly gay.  What has America come to?  Recently, an ESPN reporter did a story on Michael Sam's showering habits!  The whole thing just went too far and I believe this was one of the reasons the Rams let him go.

He was becoming a distraction for the team.  It was all about him being gay than football. Sports is not about promoting social engineering.  It is about sports and entertainment. Michael Sam made it a habit of crying for any little thing which made him a media darling, especially with ESPN. The media itself often aligns with leftist views so it is no surprised that it gave his homosexuality so much coverage as if it were something to celebrate. NBC even has an article where the photo shows his "member" swinging in his under armour...  In contrast, football players like Tim Tebow were mocked for praying on the field.  Others were suspended and fined for voicing their opinions on the presentation of the Michael Sam kiss.

I think the Rams did a good thing in cutting Michael Sam. He was a distraction for them and for the NFL.  We want to watch football, not the promotion of gay lifestyles.  In any event, Michael Sam did make history as the first openly gay draftee and the first openly gay to be cut from a team.  Life does have its irony.

Michael Sam tweeted:


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