Saturday, August 23, 2014

Joe Torre #6 Retired

Joe Torre, Yankees manager 1996-2007

Former Yankees skipper and recent Hall of Fame inductee has just had his number 6 retired at the new Yankee stadium. It will never be worn again by any Yankee player.  A monument and plague will now present for all to see at Monument Park. At the ceremony were fellow hall of famer inductee Tony La Russa, former Yankees Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, David Cone, Hideki Matsui, Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, and Andy Pettite

Torre thanked all present, his family, going one by one acknowledging how each player present effected him. His own sister is a Catholic nun/religious sister.  He even described Bernie Williams as his favorite. Joe Torre turned around a failing franchise which has been known for winning decades before. His leadership and baseball know-how brought 4 world series championships to New York during 1996-2000.  The media in New York criticized his hiring publishing front pages with his image and the words "clueless Joe."  He proved them wrong and became a favorite immediately. In 1998, he managed which was perhaps the best baseball team ever since the 1927 Yankees which has its "Murderers' Row" or line up of powerful batters.

He deserves to have his number retired. The Joe Torre years are especially dear to my heart. They were part of my childhood which I will never forget. Boy how time flies...

I remember watching the Yankees win the world series after so long. One of the most memorable moments was the announcement of mayor Giuliani to all public school students that they can skip school to attend the parade in Manhattan. I remember my school and many other schools literally walking out of the building to take the subway, teachers and students!  MTA workers even let us get on the bus and train for free!  It was just amazing.  New York City was united, we were happy and having fun all as one.  This was the first time I've seen New York City become a community, not a cold city where no one knows each other and don't care for one another.  If only we can return to those days...

Congratulations skipper!  Thanks for the memories!


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